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Argumented warnings: preparations for a large-scale civil war in Europe are in full swing

Argumented warnings: preparations for a large-scale civil war in Europe are in full swing

August 1 2018 LJ cover – Аргументированные предостережения: подготовка к масштабной гражданской войне в Европе идет полным ходом
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Preparations for a large-scale civil war in Europe are in full swing, and not much time will pass when real combat operations and military operations begin, "warns military analyst Yaroslav Stefets. The French will have to reconquer hundreds of square kilometers of their own land. Stefets also doubts that there are no migrants in the Czech Republic. "Someone is lying," he said in this connection in an interview with Parlamentní But on this his warnings do not end.

Parlamentní The most discussed topic abroad is the meeting of US President Donald Trump with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Trump is very criticized for not being well prepared, or for behaving too peacefully. Others argue that Trump is generally characterized by such a policy: first to show rigidity, and in the end to soften their steps. What do you think?

Jaroslav Stefets: I believe that Donald Trump is a very pragmatic person who knows exactly what he wants. These his several theatrical activities are explained by his habit of doing so in the American environment. Of course, he is a little too kinky, and sometimes his behavior resembles a theater. On the Europeans, in any case, his actions produce exactly this impression. Americans look at them differently. However, Trump is undoubtedly the man who knows what he wants.

- You say: he knows what he wants. What are the goals he pursues with such behavior, say, in relations with Putin?

"Trump definitely gets what he promised during the campaign, when he said he wants to strengthen the US position in the world." He wants to return the work to the Americans, wants production in the United States to grow and that they again become a country that gives jobs to their citizens. His slogan "America in the first place" sounds absolutely clear, and Trump understands that if he hides behind ideology, he will never achieve his goal. He knows that he must proceed from the real state of affairs in the modern world and can not hide behind the fact that somehow deforms or distorts reality. Otherwise, he will lead the US to war, but, apparently, Trump does not want it.

- Perhaps, that is why Trump so peacefully (according to some estimates) communicates with Putin?

- Nonsense. He did not communicate peacefully with Vladimir Putin. Who claims this?

- American media ...

- This is confirmed by our media, although this is stupid, because Donald Trump did not behave with Putin gently. They clearly identified their interests and established rules. And you are talking about a completely idiotic perception of meeting two world-class statesmen, which the American press tries to belittle, since Trump is in almost the same position as Milos Zeman in our country. He was attacked by the media, and completely groundless. The media claim that Trump too softly behaved with Putin. However, the meeting clearly marked the boundaries of interests, and it was clearly stated: here - yours, and here - ours. Were defined areas in which you need to establish clear rules, and it succeeded, which is very important. In general, this meeting is of great importance, because now both sides (both the United States and the Russian Federation) have enough money to destroy each other. But there are still a lot of things around them, completely uninteresting for both of them.

"What you say coincides with the opinions of other analysts who maintain that the whole world, including the media, should rejoice that the heads of such large states have met and want to agree. Do you think that the media in this case only harm the process?

- Of course. Once upon a time, the media might have been the fourth power, but they have long been out of the hands of democracy. Indeed, in this case, the American media play into the hands of the establishment, which exists at least 30 - 40 years. After the Second World War, certain groups of people's interests formed, which suited the fact that the United States earned in the Second World War, in post-war development. Investments in Germany brought them incredible profits. But it's not just about Germany, but about all of Europe. These people managed to return the money home. And they would very much like to see the situation repeated. Preparations for a large-scale civil war in Europe (if there is no nuclear war there) are in full swing, and not much time will pass when real combat operations and military operations begin.

- Do you mean places like "forbidden areas"?

- No, not only them. Perhaps, everything will begin there, since in France it is constantly being said that the French will have to regain their own land again, because they have really lost it. We are talking about hundreds of square kilometers in the vicinity of Marseille. And the same places appear in the Czech Republic. We are told that in the Czech Republic is almost no migrant, although Germany, especially Bavaria, is outraged by the fact that more and more immigrants coming to Germany, it is through the Czech border. Something's not right. Someone is lying.

The situation in the refugee camp in Calais, France
The situation in the refugee camp in Calais, France

Let's go back to Trump. Having met, Trump and Putin irrefutably proved that the forces that would like to start a real full-scale war are still divorced from reality, as the world has regrouped. The United States is no longer the only hegemon. Russia and China (although in history, on the one hand, they always depicted friendship, and on the other, needed each other) entered into a kind of friendship of necessity, and their combined forces would be able to defeat the United States in the war. In general, the United States does not have enough military means to defeat Russia, despite the large number of bases. The only chance for the US to defeat Russia is to completely destroy its territory with nuclear strikes, but the United States does not have a real chance of winning a war similar to World War II. As there is no them and NATO. Thus, now the US, even as an ally of the forces of the North Atlantic alliance, has no chance.

- This is a very serious statement. I suppose that Russia was helped by military successes in Syria, where Russia had the opportunity to try out new technologies and weapons ...

- Of course, Russia was able to test its weapons there, but that's not the case. Rather, it is about verifying how the weapons and systems of the United States, which are also involved in Syria, react to it. Of course, Russia can test weapons at home: for this, it has huge territories. There, strategic missiles are tested. It is important to test the system in combat, but it is not so necessary. On the other hand, it is more important to find out how the enemy reacts, than he can answer, whether he will have time to react and so on. Therefore, the verification of the fight - the concept is somewhat deceptive.

Putin is pursuing an open policy that is radically different from that of the Soviet Union. Putin makes it clear: "Look, we have such and such a weapon, and now you can not oppose it, so if you try to attack us ..." This is a clear warning. Putin warns that he is showing these weapons. He warns other states, primarily the United States and the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, which would join the United States. It is not necessary to talk about NATO as such, because NATO is primarily the United States. Thus, Putin warns the American forces who want to unleash a world war, about what awaits them. He warns that the territory of the United States will be destroyed in the same way as the territory of Russia.

- So Vladimir Putin is always so concerned when such states as Ukraine, for example, are going to join, say, the European Union? Because of the construction of military bases near the borders and other things. The reason, I suppose, in this ...

- Of course. I do not know how the United States would react to the fact that Russia will begin building a military base with nuclear missiles in Mexico. The Russian Federation would have agreed with Mexico (this is not so incredible), as cooperation may be attractive to Mexicans. Also, for example, the question arises of the future base in Cuba, as it showed interest in a new agreement with the Russian Federation, wants to establish contacts and discuss military cooperation. The question is, how would the United States react to this and what steps would they take? The border of Russia, of course, is huge, and if Russia does not have a buffer zone, which was Ukraine ...

Air Defense Complex C-400
Air Defense Complex S-400 "Triumph" took up combat duty in Sevastopol

Absolutely impudently and brazenly now preparing a coup in Belarus on the model of the Ukrainian. The situation is gradually heating up, and in Belarus they really plan the Maidan in the Ukrainian spirit. The leadership of the Russian Federation knows this, as well as the leadership of Belarus. This is known to the Belarusian president. But I do not think he is fully aware of his situation. His seemingly erratic actions, which he is undertaking in recent times, confirm: he feels the imminent threat. On the one hand, he talks about friendship with America, and on the other hand, a statement was made that if the Belarusian citizens want, they will be able to unite with another big country (although the president did not say what). Lukashenko is trying to threaten the Americans and says, they say, do not muddy the water here, I do not want disorders and I want to preserve my power. He's cunning. He would like to be Putin, but he does not pull Putin, and he can not lead a whole state. Belarus has long lived on investments from Russia, as well as from the United States and Western countries, and suddenly Lukashenka realized that it was time to decide something. Either Belarus will remain a state, even in an alliance with Russia, or with Belarus, the same will happen as with Ukraine, and there will essentially begin a civil war there. Now a big chess game is played around Belarus. A new move is connected with Belarus. I think that Putin and Trump also discussed this situation, clarifying their positions on this matter and their vision of the future.

Jaroslav Štefec
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