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Austrian logs in the wheels of a western bicycle

Austrian logs in the wheels of a western bicycle

1 2018 June LJ cover – Австрийские бревна в колесах западного велосипеда
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The West is becoming more and more irritated by the behavior of Vienna, which is increasingly and increasingly active, divorced from the "collective". Austria has already been hinted, from London and Washington, on the "thick" circumstances, passing a fiery, in a literal sense, "hello."

This is when in December 2017 the Central European gas hub exploded in color, as was reported in detail earlier. After all, it is very picturesquely located in the Austrian town of Baumgarten at the border of Slovakia and is one of the three largest in Europe. But before Vienna, apparently and did not get it, or she was not afraid of blackmail and pressure.

It should be noted that Austria, currently managed by a very promising young politician, the chancellor (head of government) Sebastian Kurtz, who is known for his good attitude towards Russia. In addition, he inherent sanity in general, which he regularly proves.

However, here already and grants - "public men" have started to include Austria in different "bad" lists. Look and think! When spacecraft are plowing the expanses of near space, and the entire "civilized" West is fighting an unequal battle with piles of "fakes" from Russia - Austria and other "traitors" allow themselves to resist the "party line". It's outrageous!

Strange EU not supporting the propaganda of fakes from Russia

This is confirmed by the "research" (picture above) of the center of European Values, which is touching El Pais. Greece and Cyprus, not embarrassed to be called "Collaborators of the Kremlin", and Austria, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Luxembourg - brazenly and cynically deny the threat of "fake" from Russia. At the same time, Slovenia, Belgium, Ireland and Croatia - do not take concrete measures in confronting Moscow's "disinformation". In short, it is not difficult to guess that among the Russophobes only the "chosen" remained (highlighted in dark blue). But we are distracted, so we return to Austria, which ignored the "study".

But Austria has decided to limit social payments to greedy migrants, including refugees. Vienna was already frankly obtained by their incessant "pilgrimages." Therefore, soon, the monthly payment of "ponoha" from the European Union and third countries will be € 563 ($ 655; £ 492). It certainly can be increased up to € 863 (such a minimum amount is received by the Austrians), but only if the immigrant manages to pass the test in German. But they will be able to receive payments only after five years of stay in the country.

Это значит, что тот, кто владеет недостаточными языковыми навыками, не сможет претендовать на полную минимальную помощь, – логично заявил Себастьян Курц.

The Chancellor's statement immediately aroused indignation among the "human rights defenders" and EU officials. Therefore, the next step was made by Austrian vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strähe. He questioned the right to freely choose where to live and work within the European Union, which is the cornerstone of the rights and freedoms of "civilized".

Now you can go to the "sweet". This can be the last straw of patience in the liberal elites of the West, in relation to the "heretics" from small Austria.

29 May 2018, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz warmly talked on the phone, on the initiative of the Austrian side. Moreover, Kurtz invited Lukashenka to visit Austria. After that, Lukashenka invited Kurtz to come to Belarus accompanied by representatives of business circles.

And probably this historic, no doubt, historic visit of Lukashenka to Austria will take place. Which will be his first visit to the West, over the past few years. By the way, Kurtz before that, met with Lukashenka in Minsk, in 2015 and 2017 years, when he worked as the Foreign Minister of Austria.

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