Today: 24 September 2018
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Automobile bridge collapsed in the north of Italy, there are victims

Automobile bridge collapsed in the north of Italy, there are victims

August 14 2018
Tags: Italy, Incidents, Victims, Bridges, Transport

Victims of the collapse of the motor bridge in Genoa were at least seven people, said on the air of the channel Rainews24 deputy head of the Italian Ministry of Transport Edoardo Rixi. Earlier, doctors reported about "dozens of dead."

"The side flights still hold, there are numerous victims and, fortunately, several survivors, I was informed about four rescued and at least seven victims, 20 cars involved." Now rescuers are evacuating nearby houses, "he said.

Rescuers and dog training teams work at the scene. The analysis of debris is conducted by forty people.

The wreckage of the bridge fell on the buildings below. As a result of the destruction of the bridge down, several cars also fell, Rainews24 reported.

Movement on the bridge is impossible. The cause of the accident, according to preliminary data, could be drawdown of structures.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister of Italy Danilo Toninelli, who went to the crash site, called the event "a monstrous tragedy."

Anna Insarov
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