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Britain meets Trump with sophisticated Russian mat

Britain meets Trump with sophisticated Russian mat

July 12 2018 LJ cover – Британия встречает Трампа изощренным русским матом
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The secular axis of Washington - London fell to one side. Feeling his impotence before the pressure of Trump, the British authorities remain only to take revenge. For a guest from the United States prepared a wide range of humiliations, which should be embodied by a pre-heated crowd. For example, at night Trump will listen to loud children's crying. What other "creative surprises" await him in London?

"So I will have NATO, I will have England, which is in some instability, and I will have Putin. Honestly, I think that it will be easier with Putin. Who would have thought! "- this is how Donald Trump formulated the plan for his European tour.

Саммит НАТО закончился для него предъявлением ультиматума европейским членам альянса – ничего подобного в истории еще не было. Тем не менее самым трудным пунктом маршрута Трампа обещает стать Лондон. Там президенту США заранее приготовили «теплую» встречу.

The British newspapers are spreading rumors that Trump allegedly demanded that he organize a gala trip through the streets of London, along with the queen. This is possible, but only with a state visit. Trump also comes with a "working trip". Therefore, he will be able to drink tea with Elizabeth II only on Friday, and the first night in Britain he and Melanya will be held at the London residence of the American ambassador.

However, it is unlikely that Trump will be able to sleep peacefully. In the evening on Thursday and in the morning on Friday on the streets of the English capital, plan to leave from fifty to two hundred thousand people. They will noisily criticize the US president for violating the rights of minorities, national and sexual, for combating illegal immigration and for refusing the Paris agreement on climate. English journalists have already called this a "carnival of resistance."

In this regard, "some instability" is expected. Therefore, ten thousand policemen will be guarding the US president in London. And the US embassy advised US citizens residing in the British capital to behave quietly and not participate in demonstrations during Trump's visit.

Creativity of the planned shares makes an impression. For example, the participants in the rallies plan to include children's crying records at full volume - they will express their protest against the fact that Trump separates the families of illegal migrants on the border of the US and Mexico.

The Trumpeters vs. Trump group intends to arrange a cat's concert on wind instruments under the windows of the residence of the American ambassador.

The mini-gay parade will be held by representatives of the Queer Alliance, outraged by discrimination against sex-minority and transgender people in America. Thus in the sky above London the six-meter balloon which represents the president of the USA in the form of the naked ugly baby in a diaper will fly up.

And on the wheat field next to Teresa May's country residence, the unknown person was not too lazy to cut a circle with a diameter of two hundred meters, and in the circle to make an inscription in a mixture of Russian and English - "B ... ь Trump". When Trump will fly by helicopter to meet with May, the inscription will be clearly visible from the porthole.

Of course, all this fun could not be organized independently. Moreover, the support of protest activity on the part of the authorities is visible to the naked eye. The mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khan, a Pakistani by birth, and Labor in conviction, personally endorsed the decision of the leadership of Greater London to launch into the sky over the capital of the Trump in the Pampers. The journalists asked him if he would allow him to run a balloon with a naked baby Obama. "Why not? - the mayor replied unperturbedly. "I'm not a censor."

All activists received strong support in the press and social networks. "Carnival of resistance" was advertised for many days in a row and eventually captured thousands of people who are going to personally express their claims to Trump. Those who can not take to the streets, protest in social networks, and very peculiar.

Accurate for the visit of the US president to the first place in the English top-charts show the song "American idiot", recorded by the group Green Day in 2004.

Хорошо срежиссированный гнев народных масс выражает, прежде всего, глубокую обиду официального Лондона. Дональд Трамп уже полтора года разрушает миф об «особенных отношениях» США и Великобритании. Он не приехал в Лондон после своей инаугурации. Он отменил свой запланированный визит в январе 2018 года на открытие нового здания американского посольства, хуже того, грубо заметил, что Обама зря продал старое здание посольства «за горсть арахиса».

Президент США с удовольствием наступает на все больные мозоли британских властей. Он однозначно поддерживает «Брексит» на фоне болезненного раскола в британских верхах по этому поводу. Он отказался от переговоров с Мэй на саммите G7, обозвав ее «школьной училкой», а с мэром Лондона активно перебранивался в твиттере по вопросам терроризма и нелегальной миграции. Очередная порция его критики прозвучала особенно неприятно после того, как Англию потряс ряд исламистских терактов.

И даже когда в Британии разразился полноценный правительственный кризис, Трамп не стал выражать поддержку Мэй как премьер-министру. Вместо этого он произнес хвалебную речь о своем старом друге Борисе Джонсоне, подавшем в отставку из-за того, что правительство Ее Величества по факту «сливает «Брексит». Хозяин Белого дома уже успел намекнуть, что не прочь встретиться с Джонсоном во время своего визита в Великобританию поперек всякого протокола. Учитывая, что Джонсона после его скандальной отставки прочат на место Мэй, это выглядит так, будто президент США откровенно поддерживает политического противника действующего премьер-министра.

But the main sadness of London is that it has no real leverage to influence its powerful partner.

To difficult negotiations with Trump, Britain is in a state of grave political crisis. Just a week ago, May admitted that pushing "Brexit" on the terms of the UK is not possible. Now the government either has to fulfill all the ruinous conditions of Brussels and ruin the economy of the country, or stay in the EU after cosmetic cleansing of some agreements and agreements, thus going against the will of voters.

In protest of this compromising position, the Secretary of State for Brexit David David and the already mentioned Boris Johnson have resigned. And the population, feeling that in the matter of the referendum on leaving the EU the authorities are ready to "throw" it, is extremely irritated.

May was initially opposed to Britain's withdrawal from the EU, but when she became prime minister, she pronounced the historical phrase "Brexit is Brexit." Voters believed that she would fight for normal conditions of the deal with Brussels. Now they see how the prime minister actually refuses his promises and frankly ignores the will of the people. Meanwhile, according to public opinion polls, the number of supporters of Brexit is now growing.

In general, so weak a position in the negotiations with the US president from London was not long ago. All that remains for the British authorities is to organize a psychic attack on Trump. "Carnival of resistance" is another noisy and meaningless provocation, to which virtually all of London's policy has been reduced in recent years.

Victoria Nikiforov
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