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EC threatened Hungary with sanctions because of the package of laws "Stop Soros"

EC threatened Hungary with sanctions because of the package of laws "Stop Soros"

July 19 2018 LJ cover – ЕК пригрозила Венгрии санкциями из-за пакета законов «Стоп Сорос»
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The European Commission (EC) is going to start the sanction procedure on Thursday because of the package of laws "Stop Soros", which provides for criminal punishment for organizations supporting illegal immigration, according to the Hungarian parliament, Daily News Hungary reported.

The source of the publication in Brussels argues that the sanction procedure will begin with an official notification to Hungary about the "problematic" package of laws "Stop Soros", Tass reports.

If, within two months, the Hungarian government does not take measures against new laws that violate EU asylum laws, the EC will consider the possibility of referring the case to the European Court, after which Budapest may be deprived of the right to vote in the Council of the EU, the publication asserts.

Recall, in mid-May, the US-owned billionaire George Soros Fund "Open Society" ceased its activities in the territory of Hungary after new restrictions on the bill "Stop Soros."

The newspaper VZGLYAD similarly analyzed the situation around the activities of Soros in Hungary, and also talked about the list of deputies of the European Parliament actively lobbying the interests of the billionaire in the EU.

Anton Nikitin
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