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The EU will change the rules for granting citizenship

The EU will change the rules for granting citizenship

August 8 2018
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The European Commission is concerned that Cyprus, Malta and Greece issue many so-called "golden passports" to individuals from China, Russia and other former Soviet republics.

The European Commission intends in September to publish new rules on the granting of citizenship by EU member states. This was said by the European Commissioner for Justice Vera Yurova,mirroron Tuesday, 7 August.

She urged the EU countries to be more restrained when granting citizenship to immigrants from third countries.

"The European Commission is following the development of the situation with the so-called" gold passports "with great concern," Yurova said.

According to the European Commissioner, in recent years, the number of passports of EU countries, obtained solely on the basis of investments in the economy of the country or as a result of the acquisition of expensive real estate, has increased.

Yurova mentioned Cyprus, Malta and Greece, which issue many long-term residence permits (so-called "golden visas") or full citizenship to individuals from China, Russia and other former Soviet republics.

"We do not want any Trojan horses in the European Union, some member states should make great efforts to prevent their citizens from getting criminals who can damage the security of Europe or launder money," Yurova said.

Recall from 2013 year, Cypriot citizenship is granted to individuals who have invested a minimum of 2 million euros in real estate, or 2,5 million euros in government securities or Cyprus companies. However, such a holder of a Cypriot passport must not take any language tests or permanently reside on the island.

Earlier it became known thatEU toughen entry procedure for third-country nationals. Deputies of the European Parliament approved the filling of a special electronic form for third-country nationals who do not need a visa to enter the EU.

AlsoThe European Parliament approved a new systemauthorization and travel information for trips to the Schengen area.

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