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French fighter of the NDP: Europe can only be saved by the Russian world

French fighter of the NDP: Europe can only be saved by the Russian world

30 2018 June
Tags: France, Interview, Donbass, War, West, Russia

Eruan Castel(callsign "Alavata") - French volunteer in the ranks of the armed forces of the DNR, personally met with Ernst Junger and Alain de Benoit. The sniper of the international brigade "Pyatnashka", almost constantly staying at the front, and in his spare time from war writing articles and books about the Donbass. But this is just one of his lives. In the past, he is the captain of the French army, more precisely, the famous 13 parachute-dragoon regiment, who for many years spied on Soviet bases in Eastern Europe, defended the interests of France in Africa, trained French legionnaires in Corsica, who fought in Burma (Myanmar) on the side of the local militia. Then - wrestler, performer of folk Breton songs and fighter for the independence of Celtic Brittany. His next life is the life of a hermit in the small village of a small Indian tribe in French Guiana. Here he organized the scientific and tourist expeditions of the Amazon for more than ten years, until finally he decided to come to the Donbass. As Alawat himself says (his callsign is related to the Guiana period of his life - the so-called Amazonian red monkeys who, according to Eruan, "live on wood and are constantly singing"), he came here with a metapolitical purpose. We talked about this goal, the war in the Donbass, the role of Russia in the world and about many other things with Erwan, having got acquainted and starting our conversation directly in the Avdeevsk industrial zone, where there are heavy fights and where a French soldier can be found more often than anywhere else .

Please tell us about yourself. What did you do before coming to Donbass?

I lived several lives. One of them is the life of a French officer in the NATO army ... I was born in France, in a military family 55 years ago. Very early he became acquainted with the craft of his father and followed in his footsteps, finishing the high military school of Inter Arm, which belongs to the school of Saint-Cyr (a graduate of Saint-Cyr was, in particular, Charles de Gaulle - approx.EADaily) in the specialty of "intelligence officer". Then I became a paratrooper in the 13 parachute-dragoon regiment. This is French special forces. For a long time served in intelligence, participated in the observation of Soviet bases in Czechoslovakia, Poland and East Germany ...

Oh, it's very curious, could we talk about this in more detail?

This is the period of the 80, the end of the Cold War. My regiment was a regiment of strategic intelligence. The Russian military spied on us, and we spied on the Warsaw Pact military. In war, the best weapons are given to the best units. And the best units are imprisoned for attack in the first days of confrontation. If you know where the best weapons are, the best military materials, ammunition, then you know where the elite unit is located, which will go first to attack. My regiment's specialization consisted in finding and finding elite military materials of the Warsaw Treaty countries (we are talking about military intelligence from open sources, in particular, determining the presence of elite units of a potential adversary on the basis of data on the material support of a foreign army - approx.EADaily). In the event of war, my landing regiment was to be dropped far into the rear of the potential enemy.

Was there a psychological willingness to fight the Russians, given the previous negative experience?

A military man is a person who obeys the orders of his commander. Existential historical questions turn out to be secondary. Of course, I mean the moment of the battle itself.

If we talk about the current French army, then, in my opinion, it has preserved the features of the colonial African heritage. France was an empire, the French army defended primarily the territory of the empire. The French army is almost everywhere present in Africa. But it no longer protects the empire, it protects industrial concerns. That is, today the French army has become just a weapon in the hands of traders. This is one of the reasons why I left the service.

Immediately comes to mind Libya ... What were the goals of France?

France is now an advanced battalion of mondialism (ideology and the project of creating a single world governance -EADaily), for which Libya was a big danger. Of course, oil interests were involved here, but not only. HaveMuammar GaddafiThere were far-reaching plans to establish for the whole of Africa own currency, provided with gold.

It is worth noting that the French colonial power has disappeared politically from the political point of view, but it still remains in the economic one. And although France recognized the independence of African countries, it left them in the franc system. These francs are printed in France, and with their help the entire economy of the continent is controlled. Gaddafi wanted Africa to have its own gold and foreign exchange reserves, and this would destroy the European colonial system. Gaddafi ruled the country from the position of the policy of non-alignment, existence outside the dollar zone. In his fall, several powerful players were interested at once. The USA - because of oil. France - for financial reasons. Israel - for ideological reasons. And as a result, France sent its soldiers to the service of imperialism against Gaddafi.

Do you know the history of the Golem or Frankenstein? When does a scientist create a monster, and then the monster returns to its creator? When Western countries play with world terrorism, he returns to them, just as it was with the Golem from Prague or with the Frankenstein monster. To overthrow Gaddafi, France armed jihadists. After the overthrow of Gaddafi, the French rebels attacked the north of Mali.

In Saharan Africa - the same problem as in Ukraine. This is a problem of boundaries. The boundaries were divided by economic zones or by the results of military agreements. They did not take into account either linguistic or ethnic features. The Tuareg insurgents, armed with French weapons, invaded Mali. The war in Libya was under Sarkozy, and the war in Mali began already at Holland. Hollande said that France is invading Mali to save women who are being beaten by Muslim husbands. It was a lie. Of course, cases of violence against women took place. But France decided to invade Mali, because the jihadist insurgents threatened uranium deposits controlled by the French company Areva.

I can say that in all cases, whether it concerns Africa, the Donbass, or any other region, mondialism rests on the propaganda of war. This propaganda war uses five pillars. The first is the art of hiding the real goals of intervention. You can talk about anything - about human rights, about combating terrorism, about democracy ... And all just for the sake of attacking countries rich in oil and gas deposits.

The second support is the devil's enemy to justify the invasion. There was a time when Gaddafi was declared Pope in the world of terrorism. Earlier the same status was grantedBin Laden andSaddam Hussein.

This Manichean worldview has a third prop - angelization, self-sacrifice, victimization. Now we can observe these processes on the example of hysterical Russophobia. Whatever happens, in the West they say that it is Putin's fault. On the one hand, they are devilizing Russia, on the other hand, they are positioning themselves as a victim.

The fourth pillar is contempt for history, ignoring history. Recently we talked about colonialism in Africa. I personally participated in a military operation in Chad. Being present in Chad, we never took into account its historical characteristics. Chad can not exist in the boundaries now outlined, because these are colonial boundaries. In the north live Arab nomads - former slave owners. And in the south live Africans - former slaves of these Arabs and Christians. Neither the history nor the social life of these parts of the country is the same. There is an incompatibility when it is impossible to distribute power fairly.

That is why the western mass media will always refuse to talk about the history of the Crimea peninsula, about how it got to Ukraine. This contempt for history allows them to view this or that historical phenomenon as part of their ideology. We notice that in modern society, in the society of the spectacle, the mass media become the real power, and vice versa. Mondialism pays for large campaigns in the press. In France, almost all the official media, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, belong to five billionaires who invest in both armament and industry. These people are active agents of the mondialist system, and they can put their conditions to the people ... These were my small brackets about the five pillars of mondialism. But they are important in order to understand what is happening in the Donbass.

So what are the goals of the West here in the Donbass?

Donbass is bordered by Russia and is one of the most economically developed regions. But the "Maydan" in Ukraine, as a result of which the Western henchmen came to power, did not meet all expectations of Washington. Crimea returned home, and Donbas rebelled. However, NATO is not led by idiots. When the uprising took place in the Donbas, they decided to unleash a long war, opened a second front, constantly supporting a small smoldering fire, in order to begin an escalation at the right moment for them.

When can this moment come, for which strategically the West needs a constant smoldering conflict?

There is a saying - when a monster drowns, it raises a big wave. The economic system imposed by the West dies, it survives only through wars, feeds on its own crises. If we turn to history, we will see that signs of the disease of the system took place on the eve of the First and on the eve of the Second World War. And after these conflicts, on the contrary, the heyday came. The war made it possible to write off debts, encourage the development of the economy ...

If the first reason I described is economic, then the second one is ideological. The system of mondialism is a system of imperialism, it needs the capture of new territories. And this system enters the stage of war, when one or another people, this or that territory gives it resistance, renounces commercial slavery, from life on credit. In Western media, such states are called "non-aligned."

After the defeat in the Cold War, is Russia a non-aligned country?

For me, the choice of words is important. I think that it is necessary to distinguish between the West and Europe. Just as it is necessary to distinguish between Russia and the USSR, even if they are related to each other. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia had to disappear. But Putin came and managed to defend it. Now we can say with confidence that Russia is a non-aligned country. It, however, has always been a country that does not join the domination of the West.

And this domination can be viewed in different aspects. I think that one of them is the hegemony of a single thought. Because the hegemony of the West was originally religious. Christianity, settled in Rome, invented the concept of a single aggressive thinking, derived the principles of religious warfare. Then the same single thinking manifested itself in economic imperialism. With the opening of the New World in the XV century, trading companies gained more power than politicians. This marked the beginning of liberalism, along with which the common thinking passed into the political plane. Its highest point was the emergence of colonialism in the XIX century. Then it penetrated into the culture. Now we all wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, eat the same food.

But in Russia, essentially the same neo-liberal policy is being pursued economically. Economically, Russia is playing according to the rules established by the West ...

I did not analyze Russian economic policy. However, I think that Russia maintains its inherent historical principles. I mean the state of mind, mentality. When the West-European pagans were crushed and destroyed by the Roman Church, here, in Russia, Orthodoxy, Islam and pagan beliefs coexisted peacefully.

That is, can Russia play a reconciling role in the world because of these qualities?

Yes, the Russian mentality is a mentality of the future for all mankind. As I said, a unipolar system came with Catholicism. But for survival, adaptation is necessary, and for adaptation - diversity. This is not conducive to ideology, which forces you to take up arms and shoot everyone who does not agree with you. This is the mentality of the vampire, and he is very popular because the vampire needs blood. In Russia, everything is completely different. Russia is tolerant in the true sense of the word, it does not have an aggressive colonialist policy.

So you support the idea of ​​a multipolar world?

Yes for me, multipolarity is diversity, above all, a variety of people.

Share your personal impressions of the Donbass?

I came to the Donbass with a metapolitical purpose. Before, I had not been to Russia, and when I got here, I realized it was an amazing country. I'm from Brittany, but my father told me a lot about the history of Europe. Both in German and in French the concepts of the fatherland and the homeland are divided. For me, the fatherland, the country of the fathers, Fatherland - Brittany. A homeland in the broadest sense - the whole of Europe. Because all people, and I, and you are one and the same civilization.

Here, in the Donbass, I discovered people with the values ​​of my mother, my grandfathers and great-grandparents, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. For me, the inhabitants of Donbass are real heroes of Europe. I lived in the poorest zone in October, because I wanted to be in the epicenter of events. This is a frontline area, but there are a lot of people left there - women with children, old people. They, despite everything, continued to live in this zone - in 500 meters from the airport under regular shelling. For me it was incredible. Once near Maryinka, I went to a pizzeria with my friend from France, and soon very close arrivals began. But the cashier girl continued to work. I asked: "Are not you afraid?". She says: "No, it's okay." I presented a similar situation in France - 80 percent of people would immediately disappear.

Well, why? In the Second World War in France there was a strong resistance ...

I'm sorry, but it's just a beautiful legend. Only one percent of the population of France joined the ranks of resistance. Of course, these are heroic Frenchmen, but only one percent.

What were the ideas about Russia before coming?

As I said, the first part of my life I was, as they say, on the other side of the barricades, and my ideas about Russia were formed on the basis of NATO propaganda. I 15 years worked in this environment, and in my mind Russia has always been an enemy. After the end of the Cold War, I began to follow the geopolitical situation, the wars in Serbia and Africa, and then I discovered the truth. I found that I was on the side of evil for many years. When I arrived in Donbass, my analysis was only confirmed. Now I understand that European civilization can only be saved by Russia, the Russian world.

French fighter of the NDP: Europe can only be saved by the Russian world

What is the Russian world in your understanding? Does it have geographic boundaries?

I can explain the phenomenon of the Russian world on the example of ethology - the science of animal behavior. The father of ethology is the Austrian zoopsychologist Konrad Lorenz. His work is very exciting. In his opinion, in order to survive, you need to be able to adapt. And for adaptation, diversity is necessary. Mankind, its political, economic, state organization is losing its diversity today. And this is dangerous for the whole human race. I think that Russia has managed to preserve diversity in this world. I share the belief that in European civilization there is a place for the Bretons, and the French, for the English, for the Germans, for the Poles, and for the Russians. On engravings found in caves from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Atlantic to the Urals, general images can be traced which prove that, despite the difference of all ethnic groups, it is still one civilization, one identity. And this civilization has created our values. For example, the cult of ancestors, the cult of the family, love of the Fatherland, great legends and myths. All this heritage of civilization today disappears under the yoke of commercial dictatorship. However, in Russia it still lives in the hearts of people. We recently celebrated 9 in May. I admire with admiration that in the Russian world this day is not just a standard ceremony, but a real expression of the heart feelings of every person. And the most vivid manifestation of Russian patriotism that I have ever seen in my life is the Immortal Regiment. This action is a clear manifestation of the Russian commitment to our common values, the heritage of our common European civilization.

When I arrived here, I was surprised by the beauty of women, children and men. These are three different types of beauty. The beauty of children is in their purity and innocence. Men are masculine. And women's beauty is in grace and elegance. I thought that this people is no different from the French or Bretons. In the West, men are also courageous, women are elegant, and children are innocent. But there they are all flooded with a stream of American culture, wear the same clothes in the style of unisex. They disappear. And here men remained similar to men, children to children, and women to women.

In French, ethics and aesthetics are similar in sound to words. In my opinion, the concept of civilization rests on a double foundation, ethical and aesthetic. In the philosophy of ancient Greece, the search for beauty was also a search for truth. In the art of ancient civilizations of antiquity there is a cult of the body and the cult of beauty. While the current Western civilization supports the cult of ugliness. Abnormal things, exceptions to the rules, become correct. I'm a pagan in my convictions, for me the natural order of things is important. And the natural order of things presupposes the existence of males and females. I'm not homophobic, I'm against the persecution of homosexuals. But I'm just as opposed to homosexuality becoming a social norm. Society should first of all recognize the value of the family, and family values ​​are the father and mother.

The West tried to protect minorities, and it really is a duty of the state. But I am sure that it is necessary to protect minorities, without disdaining the majority. Today's policy of state power in the West turns out to be destructive for the values ​​created earlier by the same West, while Russia remains an example of a balanced society that preserves its roots while accepting diversity. Of course, this harmony must be preserved, and in order to preserve it, strong power is needed. You can blameVladimir Putin, orBashar al-Assad, or Gaddafi in authoritarianism. Perhaps, in some respects they can even be called dictators. But it's better to be a dictator, defending your people, than a democrat destroying defensive walls.

We already talk a lot about the Donbass, but so far we have not figured out how you, the officer of the French army in the past, decided to come here?

After retirement from the army, I returned to Brittany, this is the Celtic region in France. My native language is Breton. I finally returned to my roots. At that time I read a lot, mostly opposition Western philosophers - Nietzsche, Heidegger, Karl Schmidt, re-read the great authors of Antiquity, departed from the Catholic heritage and began to orientate to pagan religions, because these religions take into account the natural nature of things. This period has changed me a lot. Then I began to identify myself with the direction of free thought. At that time, I had many classes. I worked as a wrestler at the festivities, where I showed fighting techniques, I was a singer - I played folk songs from Breton. Politically, during this period I fought for the independence of Brittany. So I'm also a separatist. Because of this, I started having problems with the French authorities. The French Republic did not like the fact that the military of the French army with a certain fighting experience became a separatist.

After seven years in Brittany, I went to French Guiana. This is a former colony, which received the status of the overseas department. 80% of the territory is the Amazonian jungle. There I 15 years was a guide, accompanied scientific and tourist groups, travelers, lived in a small Indian village Tuenke tribe of Wyana on the river Maroni with a population of no more than 50 people. But even in the jungle, I continued to observe the world from a small window, a bit like the screen of my laptop. And from this window I saw disgusting manifestations of mondialist military propaganda. The war in Georgia 2008 years, the Arab Spring. All this interested me and worried me. When the "Maidan" began in 2013, I realized that this was not a Ukrainian revolution, but a Western coup. I saw that Western media support Ukrainian oppositionists, and do not show a complete picture of what is happening. Then I decided to open a blog in support of the Donbas uprising. For four years I wrote thousands of articles.

During the 2014 year, the Ukrainian crisis turned into a civil war. During this time, there were events that shocked me. The final decision to come to war I took when I learned about the massacre in Odessa. 48 deaths - this is a drama not only for Ukraine, but for the whole of European history. What really amazed me is the silence of the Western media. They generally did not want to cover this tragedy in any way, which once again proves their conspiracy, and confirms the participation of the West in this massacre. At this time I already contacted people from Donbass, corresponded with the inhabitant of Lugansk Inna. 2 June Lugansk was bombed, and this woman was then wounded in the legs. Let me remind you that the last case, when the country bombed its own people in Europe, occurred during the war in Spain between the Republicans and Franco.

After that I met in the Donbass. As I mentioned, at that time I was in charge of my company, and it was hard for me to leave immediately. I had certain obligations with the expeditions until November 2014. In November of 2014 I came to France, but at that time my father died, and for a while I stayed at home to support my mother. As a result, I arrived in Russia only at the end of January.

Then I first set foot on Russian soil, realizing that I, a retired officer who worked for NATO, suddenly found myself in the east. I was struck by the greatness of Moscow, where I spent about five days. The big streets and buildings, the sublime metro, beautiful women ... I walked around the museums, walked around Red Square, looked at what I had seen only on postcards. Then through Rostov I came to Donetsk, discovering a city of exceptional beauty. I arrived at night, finding transportation was difficult, and I had to use the hitchhiking. True, I managed to stop only the army "Ural". So I immediately met with the military. At this time, just fighting for Debaltsevo, and two days later a detachment of Cossacks sent me somewhere on the outskirts of Uglegorsk. This was the end of Debaltsev's entourage, and for ten days I participated in this battle. So my first baptism of fire in the Donbass was epic enough. Then I returned to Donetsk, and with a few Frenchmen we entered the fourth battalion of the Republican Guard. We occupied positions near Marinka in the west of the city, participated in the battles for Maryinka in June 2015. Then I served in the reconnaissance division of the tank battalion, then I was in the Fifth Brigade, where we fought to the south of Donetsk in the area of ​​Dokuchaevsk. In 2016, I fought on Spartacus, in the airport area, and the following year I entered the "Fifty". And I still serve here, we are now holding positions under the Avdeevskaya industrial zone.

You have seen many wars, you know many military men from different countries. Is the legendary Russian soldier different?

There are many differences, but also many similarities. When I took part in the military operations of the French army, I sometimes had to work with the militia. For example, in Lebanon. As a volunteer, I fought in Burma on the side of the Karen folk militia in 1994-1995. In the Donbass, I also fight in the militia. I think that Donbas militia is the biggest adventure I've ever taken part in.

Communicating with militiamen, I fully disclose for myself the Russian mentality. I understand why earlier Donetsk was called Stalin. Because the local guys have strong heads (smiles, tapping himself on the head). I think that the Russian soldier is close to nature, he is rural, he can do without comfort, tolerate poor supplies, serve both day and night. Its unpretentiousness is impressive. And his courage in battle sometimes borders on recklessness. A Russian soldier does not consider himself at risk.

With humor, but with respect to the local militia, I can give him a description of only four Russian words. True, one of them can not be pronounced with the ladies. The first word is "tomorrow". "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow." The second is to wait, you have to wait. After that, "come on, come on, come on." Then - "Hurray." And the last is [the end, the long-awaited completion]. This is the very rhythm of the four words that, when formulated, I finally managed to understand the Russian mentality.

I also noticed that Donbas militia has no conscious hatred and will to total destruction of the enemy. There is sadness from the fact that we have to sink into the civil war, but there is no cruel and irreconcilable hatred that results in bad treatment and tortures of prisoners of war, which can be observed in the Ukrainian side. The militia of Donbass lacks the fanatical spirit of the crusaders.

Of course, the losses during the war forever separated the Donbass from Ukraine. My friend in October knows several languages ​​- English, French, Russian and Ukrainian. But she can not speak Ukrainian - she starts to cry. I see the suffering and pain of the Donbas people, but I still see his dignity and nobility. This pain never grows into hatred.

How will this war end for Ukraine, in your opinion?

I think that Ukraine will return to its natural state. This originally Slavic land, the cradle of Russia, was divided by artificial boundaries. Lenin handed over Donbass to Ukraine, the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement annexed western lands belonging to the Catholic Polish tradition to Ukraine. Later, Khrushchev gave the Crimea. The Ukrainian crisis showed what the natural state of the country should be like. Crimea has already returned to the homeland. We see that today other pieces of artificially sewn to Ukraine begin to fall off. I think that gradually Ukraine will diminish or disappear completely either under the influence of a new, this time a real people's revolution, either because of a war with Russia that has not yet existed, or because of the loss of support from the West and the economic recession. No country can withstand the gravity of a positional war forever. Even if everyone is interested in this war.

Who's everyone"?

The war in the Donbas is not only a civil war, it is also the US war against Russia. Washington is pleased with this war, because it is an ulcer close to Russia. NATO is profitable to quickly militarize Ukraine with the help of its bases. We see that military exercises are held almost every month, despite the fact that "Minsk" prohibits it. During these exercises, NATO is increasingly asserting its influence on the territory of Ukraine.

Kiev is also interested in this war. While there is a war, he can write off all his economic failures. In the war, and interested in Moscow - while the war continues, the Kiev government is weakening.

This war interests the local authorities, too, because it forms a sacred alliance around the government. I'm not going to judge either one or the other. I just state that today everyone is trying to find their own benefit in this war.

However, I think that Ukraine now can not seize the Donbas by military means. But she can try to increase the pressure and provoke the arrival of the "blue helmets". Kiev wants to get into the Donbass 30 - 40 thousand "blue helmets" that would take control of the border. After that, Kiev intends to carry out the operation under the Yugoslav scenario, having begun ethnic cleansing with the connivance of "peacekeepers". But I believe that today Russia will not allow this scenario to be realized.

Maybe you want to say something important, which I forgot to ask?

I arrived here, guided by different motives. Because of my desire to participate in the information war, I even became a writer. For me, four adventures - military, life, metapolitical and adventure of the writer - have been intertwined in the Donbas. But there is also an inner adventure, an inner adventure. It is still only beginning in me. Maybe I will have a fifth life when I leave Donbass. Donbass for me is the laboratory of the European society of tomorrow. The Republic, despite all their shortcomings, gives serious hopes. I want to find the very flame of Novorossia. The concept of Novorossia is a metapolitical concept. Here the historical reality of the new European ideal is born. I would like the borders of states to be destroyed, so that Europe was built on natural principles, and the new European Federation would live in harmony with the Russian Federation.

Kristina Melnikova
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