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Germany summed up the controversy over the Northern Stream-2

Germany summed up the controversy over the Northern Stream-2

February 14 2018 LJ cover – Германия подвела черту в спорах по «Северному потоку-2»
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The German National Association of Gas Transmission System Operators FNB Gas has approved a plan for the development of the German gas network at 2018-2028. It included the Eugal gas pipeline, through which Russian gas from the Nord Stream-2 gas transmission system will flow to the EU countries, Neftegaz Info informs.

EUGAL will have to connect the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline and the gas node to Olbernhau, located on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic.

The German party plans to submit the whole project proposal till 2 March 2018 year, and in the second half of this year it is planned to start the project implementation. The length of the Eugal gas pipeline will be 485 kilometers, investment is estimated at 7 billion euros, a stake in 50,05% will be acquired by WIGA JV, owned by Gazprom and Wintershall.

Experts note that the plans for the Eugal gas pipeline make it clear to opponents in Europe and overseas that Germany is determined to participate in the Nord Stream-2 project, which will give Berlin a lucrative opportunity to become a blue fuel transporter, which, however, corresponds to the original agreements and laws of the European Union.

"It is logical that Germany in this matter intends to move further, complying with the European legislation, which states that if the supplier undertakes to deliver certain volumes of gas to a certain point of the EU, the EU must bring to this place and build a gas pipeline," the expert of the publication Economy today "analyst of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Igor Yushkov.

By its decision Berlin draws a line under the controversy over the fate of the Nord Stream-2, letting the opponents of the gas pipeline in the US and Europe understand that the decision to build the gas pipeline is final. Moreover, the first batch of pipes for the project has already been shipped and delivered to storage sites in Lubmin, Dregeheide and Prenzlau.

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