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Is Trump preparing "British Maidan"

Is Trump preparing "British Maidan"

July 13 2018
Tags: Trump, United Kingdom, USA, Politics, Analyst, Theresa May, International Relations, Brexit

As a true gentleman, Trump began his visit to England with a hail of accusations against Teresa May receiving him. And in general: it would be better to be the premier was Boris Johnson, added a transatlantic guest. What is the reason for such a clear hint, which can be taken for the frank desire of the US to arrange a regime change in the UK?

American President Donald Trump, in his characteristic sharp manner, attacked the British domestic policy with a pounce. He subjected the Prime Minister Tereza May to rigid obstruction, to which he just arrived on Friday on a visit, and then completely picked up a replacement for her. Trump criticized May for not listening to his advice on the way the United Kingdom left the European Union, and warned London about the consequences of the soft version of Brexit.

"I would have done it differently. In fact, I told Teresa May how to do it, but she did not listen to me, "Trump told the Sun newspaper. He also said that such behavior May will "kill" the future trade agreement between London and Washington.

However, then he softened his attacks a little, calling the relationship with the head of the British government "very strong." According to him, the leaders may never have reached such a level of relations as during the official dinner at the Blenheim Palace. At the same time, Trump, with a blue eye, suddenly began to assure that his attacks on May were just a fiction of journalists. "No, no, no, I never said anything bad about it, it's a fictional news. I think she's a nice person, I'm very cute with her. The relationship is very, very strong, we have a really good relationship, "Trump said.

We must emphasize: in fact, the interview is genuine. And the US president really publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the British prime minister. It is no coincidence that the press service of the White House does not refute this publication in any way. Just Trump in his usual manner says one thing, then another - depending on the situation.

Trump's and May's relationship did not work out right from the start. The British woman, in very tough language, criticized the future head of the White House during the election campaign. And then the dialogue between them was extremely cold, especially recently. Trump's refusal to hold talks with May was indicative, which was to be held as part of the G7 summit in Quebec.

And so

Trump pounced on the British in one of the most difficult moments for her.

Now Britain is experiencing a political crisis, provoked by the process of secession from the EU. The plan presented by May turned out to be much milder than the Brexit supporters expected, who in this connection severely criticized it and arranged a sort of riot in the government. In connection with this, Mae on Monday dismissed the Minister for EU exit from David Davis. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson accused her of intending to make Britain a "vassal state" of the European Union because of plans to maintain a free trade zone with the EU and himself resigned.

Some British observers do not rule out that in the near future the parliamentary majority can remove May from office.

And here is another demonstration of Trump's statement. In the same scandalous interview with the Sun newspaper, he expressed the opinion that Johnson "could be an excellent prime minister of the United Kingdom." "I have a lot of respect for Boris. Of course, I like him too, he says good things about me, "the American leader said. As the British Guardian writes, the US ambassador in London Robert Wood Johnson did not even rule out that during the visit Trump will meet with Johnson. "Boris Johnson was a friend of the president, he was a friend during the election campaign and he has a warm and intimate relationship with the president," the diplomat said.

As the Washington Post notes, "the spoiled, pointlessly unintelligent son of a millionaire" and "an intelligent British guy educated in Eton and Oxford" unites not only the hairstyle and horrible treatment of women, from which "the hair stands on end". The main thing is different - views on Brexit. Both policies favor a hard option for Britain's divorce with the EU, implying a withdrawal from all EU structures. And that is why Trumpu is very impressed with the idea of ​​throwing May's uncomfortable government to him, and instead of putting his friend Boris.

"It looks like Trump is changing power in the UK. Theresa May undermined her reputation many times, including in her relationship with Trump, "Kirill Koktysh, assistant professor at the Department of Political Theory at MGIMO University (U), told the newspaper VIEW. - That the situation is not so simple, it became clear when Boris Johnson wrote an extremely literary statement on his resignation. Thanks to this, it turned out that he at least pretends to be prime minister. That is, a statement of resignation is a statement for another political course. Therefore, the situation in which Johnson coordinates his actions with Trump is quite natural. It's very similar to the truth, it's reasonable and understandable, "said the political scientist.

"The confrontation reached its apogee. Trump's actions severely weaken the negotiating positions of the British prime minister, "Dmitry Abzalov, president of the Center for Strategic Communications, told VZGLAD and the newspaper. The wrath of Trump because of the actions of May, he called expected. Trump "had very high hopes for her premiership". The US president promised London a new big trade agreement just under the tough Brexit scenario - but May went on a fundamentally different path.

Abzalov predicts that May with great difficulty can "survive" the current crisis. However, in the event of the fall of May's office, despite the compliments of Trump to Johnson, the interlocutor considers "extremely high" the probability of coming to power not from the former Foreign Minister, but, on the contrary, leader of the opposition Labor Party Jeremy Corbin. According to him, the rating of the Labor leader is not inferior to the ratings of May.

"In those days, there was a lot of talk about the no-confidence motion. While it has not reached him, but this issue is constantly in the air, and her opponents are waiting for the right moment, "the general director of the research company Europe Insight, Andrei Kulikov, told the newspaper VIEW.

But with Labor, according to Kulikov, everything is also not easy. "In fact, their victory is unlikely. Labor, though leading in recent polls, but insignificantly. Even if elections are held, they will not be able to form a stable government. And if they can, the discrepancies in the Labor Party itself are so strong that Brezits are now chasing Jeremy Corbin at the premiership, "Kulikov predicted.

That's why the expert does not agree that it is a matter of the British "Maidan". "I do not think that this is a hint of a change of power. Such a statement is in the spirit of Trump's traditional strategy. He maximizes his stakes and forces his opponents to make concessions, achieving the necessary results, "he told the VZGLYAD newspaper. - Trump's statements reflect a big game around the UK's exit from the EU. The US has an obvious interest here amid the serious disagreements between Washington and Brussels over both defense and economic issues. These statements are directed specifically at Theresa May. "

"It is not necessary to attach excessive importance to this. Trump, of course, can try to somehow influence the public mood, but I do not think that he did it. " "Therefore, here is the standard Trump game for the interlocutor, so that he would make some concessions and be more accommodating," Kulikov is sure.

Andrey Rezchikov, Nikita Kovalenko
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