Today: February 17 2019
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Merkel urged to resist Trump's attempts to change the world order

Merkel urged to resist Trump's attempts to change the world order

7 2018 June LJ cover – Меркель призвала противостоять попыткам Трампа изменить миропорядок
Tags: Merkel, Politics, Europe, USA, Trump

German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Europe to persevere amid attempts by US President Donald Trump to change the established world order.

The Chancellor, in particular, noted the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and the current situation around the trade duties imposed by Washington on other countries, RT reports with reference to Bloomberg.

The newspaper VZGLYAD earlier described in detail about the "exceptionally generous offer" to get rid of the US, which made Europe Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

President Vladimir Putin also said that he was not disappointed in the American leader Donald Trampe, with whom it is possible to negotiate and seek compromises, unlike the unpredictable American system.

Anton Nikitin
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