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German politicians "were horrified" from the instructions of the US ambassador

German politicians "were horrified" from the instructions of the US ambassador

6 2018 June LJ cover – Немецкие политики «пришли в ужас» от указаний американского посла
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The biggest scandal in a few years arose between the US and Germany: in Germany they are outraged by the statements of the American ambassador. Richard Grenell allowed himself to hint what kind of political forces, from the point of view of the United States, should lead Europe. A number of German politicians are indignant at Washington's direct intervention in EU affairs, but will this scandal affect the pro-American attitude of the German elites?

Американцы решили сделать хорошую мину при плохой игре. Видящий на каждом шагу мнимые российские вмешательства в дела США Госдепартамент вдруг не заметил никаких попыток повлиять на внутреннюю политику Германии в высказываниях своего посла в Берлине Ричарда Гренелла. Официальный представитель Госдепа Хизер Науэрт отметила, что американские послы имеют право выражать свое личное мнение, нравится это кому-то или нет, апеллируя также к свободе слова.

"I think Ambassador Grenell stressed that there are some parties and candidates in Europe who are doing well," Nauert said.

Напомним, в интервью американца порталу Breitbart он одобрительно отозвался о росте популярности консерваторов в Европе в результате «неудавшейся политики левых», а также победы Дональда Трампа в США. При этом посол добавил, что этот успех необходимо закрепить: «Я совершенно точно хочу вдохновить и других консерваторов по всей Европе, других лидеров».

Такое высказывание Гренелла вызвало шквал критики со стороны немецких политиков. Посла США в Берлине обвинили во вмешательстве во внутригерманские дела. Глава внешнеполитического ведомства ФРГ Хайко Маас пригласил его на встречу, на которой будет затронут вопрос о высказываниях дипломата.

Эксперт по внешнеполитическим вопросам консервативной фракции ХДС/ХСС в Бундестаге Юрген Хардт выразил надежду, что Гренелл посвятит свою энергию укреплению диалога между Берлином и Вашингтоном. По мнению зампредседателя фракции Социал-демократической партии Германии (СДПГ) в парламенте Рольфа Мютцени, высказывания Гренелла нарушают Венскую конвенцию 1961 года, согласно которой дипломаты «обязаны не вмешиваться во внутренние дела государства пребывания», передает Deutsche Welle. А в партии «Союз-90 – зеленые» послу США предложили выступать от лица целого государства, а не только от придерживающихся правых взглядов групп.

Экс-глава СДПГ и видный европейский политик Мартин Шульц пошел еще дальше, выразив надежду на то, что «пребывание господина Гренелла в качестве посла станет коротким», передает агентство DPA. Схожей риторики придерживается лидер фракции «Левые» в Бундестаге Сара Вагенкнехт. «Тот, кто, как и американский посол Ричард Гренелл, считает, что может по-барски решать, кто управляет в Европе, не может и дальше оставаться в Германии как дипломат», – приводит слова Вагенкнехт РИА «Новости».

Любопытно, что, в отличие от официального Госдепа, экс-посол США в России Майкл Макфол раскритиковал своего бывшего коллегу. Макфол обратил внимание на результаты социологического опроса в Германии, согласно которым 36% немцев считают Россию надежным партнером, в то время как в США надежного партнера видят лишь 14% немцев. «Какой ужас. Может быть, наш посол в Германии должен работать над изменением этих цифр, а не давать интервью Breitbart», – написал Макфол в своем Twitter.

However, Grenell himself denied the charges, calling them ridiculous. He continues to hold the view that the society "is experiencing the awakening of a silent majority" that opposes traditional political elites and supports candidates who raise the themes of migration, taxes and bureaucracy from "consistently conservative" positions.

Such sharp resentment of the behavior of Americans was observed in Germany except after it became known about the "wiretapping" by the US special services of the highest officials of the FRG, including Chancellor Angela Merkel herself. The ambassador's current statements, and even with the unwillingness of American diplomacy to admit his mistake, again provoked outrage among the usually reserved Germans.

"The American ambassador constantly violates diplomatic etiquette and protocol," German political scientist Alexander Rahr told the newspaper. "The Germans are a very law-abiding people, and they are horrified at how this young American behaves: not as a diplomat, but as a governor who came and tells Germany his place." And he does it on behalf of the American president, "who actually behaves the same way," the political scientist added.

According to him, the Germans "do not believe their ears," they are used to the fact that Americans talk to them, even "a little bit down", but friendly, with a smile. "And this one always gives out commands," the interlocutor remarked. Most of all the indignation was caused by the Ambassador's statement that he came here to support conservative parties, "in fact some sort of" orange revolution "in Germany," Rar pointed out. He recalled that right-wing parties all understand first of all the "Alternative for Germany" (AdG), which for the parties in the government is the number one enemy.

Although the State Department's arrogant response only added fuel to the fire, Rahr noted that he was pleased with the State Department's statement. "So, Americans look at the world with such eyes as their US ambassador. Thank God that they are frank, now we in Europe know what awaits us. Everyone thought that Americans pretend or do not look down on Europeans, now it turns out different, "he stressed.

However, European diplomats, including Germans, often behave in the same way in Eastern Europe, as well as in Russia and Ukraine: they give instructions on who to choose and express their preferences. "It's good that they will see how unpleasant it is for the country and for the people living in it," Rar pointed out. He expressed the hope that, perhaps, now they will reconsider their statements when they act "in the role of the elder brother."

"The highest diplomat can express his opinion, but he must be cautious. And it's one thing to express your opinion in a restaurant or during some informal meetings, and another is to make such statements in an interview with the media. Therefore, according to the Germans, he crossed the border of what is permitted.

If the Russian or Chinese ambassador even hinted something like this - then they would have raised a howl and a loud scandal. And in the case of the American ambassador, there is only indignation for the time being, "Rar said.

Nevertheless, despite the indignation of most of the German political elite, Germany's strategy toward the United States will not change, Rar assured. In his opinion, the Germans are not ready for a tough response line. Europe is strong economically, but "no longer in military terms" Germany, plus "more or less France." Italy, Spain, as well as other EU countries have nothing to boast about. "The Americans know this. They just show the Europeans their place, "Rahr believes.

"With the current elites, who are either raised in America or are connected with America, who believe that without America they are afraid to live in this world, it is difficult to find any other orientations. However, it is possible that some European states somehow autonomously from the EU will try to look for some other forms of foreign policy that would be in the interests of Europe, "the political scientist said. "In Germany, with the exception of the current opposition, most of the elite are pro-American. And they do not even want to think in such categories as opposition to America. While this is empty talk and resentment, which is heard in the mouth of the German elite: "How so, Americans, whom we love so much, offend us so much?" - ironically Rahr.

Marina Baltacheva, Alexey Nechaev
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