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Why Putin's chivalry turned into an "insult" in Germany

Why Putin's chivalry turned into an "insult" in Germany

22 May 2018 LJ cover – Почему галантность Путина превратилась в Германии в «оскорбление»
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Claims to the bouquet of flowers donated by Putin Merkel, expressed by the German press, seem absurd only to the Russian reader. A significant part of the German elite simply can not imagine the real reasons for this gesture of respect and sympathy made by the Russian leader towards the German. Why, in the Federal Republic of Germany, an innocent bouquet was considered an insult?

The tabloid "Bild" took a new bar of pathophobia - seeing an insult where it was impossible to even guess. By the way Ralph Shuler called his article on the negotiations between the Russian and German leaders, everything was clear: "Meeting in Sochi: Why flowers presented by Putin Merkel are an insult." In the text itself, the question: "A bouquet of flowers - a charming gift or a political signal?" - was given an unambiguous answer.

"What looks like a gesture of politeness, in fact an insult. Among high-ranking politicians, it is customary to shake hands rather than give flowers. This is what the cadres were supposed to symbolize: a powerful man welcomes the merciful lady. "

The fact that Bild described the press conference and the visit itself as "a real exchange of blows" is not surprising - but why did the German newspaper quarrel with Putin's bouquet? The fact that, meeting Merkel on the threshold of his Sochi residence "Bocharov Stream", Putin gave her a large bouquet of flowers, there was no subtext. But he was seen there - why?

We must immediately note that Putin, of course, does not give Merkel flowers at every meeting. For almost 13 years they have met dozens of times. And although Angela, as it became known recently, sometimes brings Vladimir Dresden beer, Vladimir, their relationship is still extremely businesslike.

But this time the reason for chivalry was - Putin used it.

The fact is that in the beginning of spring Merkel for the fourth time, after months of torment and negotiations, formed a government - which, most likely, was for Putin the occasion to congratulate her and give a bouquet of flowers. Remind about the new office of the Angels was not only a bouquet, but also Prime Minister Medvedev, who left the presidential residence after Putin's approval of the personal composition of the new government, let the Russian. Merkel, if surprised by Putin's gift, it's only nice - it was evident from the expression on her face. So why does "Bild" invent?

Firstly, because it is necessary to get to something in the relations between Russia and Germany. In them, and so everything is difficult and not free - but on the representation of those in Germany who are against the settlement, tension must always be felt and in everything. Berlin must constantly press on Moscow, reminding her how she is wrong in everything and everywhere, and even criminal, starting from Syria and Ukraine, ending with Fiction and freedom of speech. Talking with the "bloody Putin", the chancellor should not smile - and then such a mess. It is necessary to correct - putting on the appearance of both the Angel and the "Russian dictator." Reminding her, in what atmosphere and at what time she came to Sochi:

"Because of the tight schedule of the Russian leader, the chancellor had to shake hands with which Putin literally the day before congratulated the gas killer" (this is about President Bashar Assad, who visited the Russian president the day before). And more recently Putin opened the Crimean bridge, and the situation in the Donbass has become aggravated, but all this did not prevent Angela Merkel from making a visit to Russia. Yes, here she "did not specifically go to the Russian capital to minimize the hype surrounding her visit" - but in Sochi, Putin found an opportunity to show her who is the master of the house.

But such a motivation - to keep Russian-German relations under scrutiny - only partially explains the fantasies of the Bild newspaper. Much more important is another.

Ralph Shuler writes that Putin demonstrated his strength by showing that he is the owner not only in his summer residence, but also "on the world political arena". That's what makes Germany angry - it's not even the boss in her house. And it's not about the migrants that Merkel herself has sheltered in millions. And the fact that the probability of a trade war between the United States and Germany being discussed now is due precisely to the fact that America completely ignores European interests. And in Germany itself, they are afraid that Merkel will have enough strength and spirit to resist American pressure. Her visit to Putin amid the rupture of the Trump of the Iranian deal is just important in order to determine the position of Germany in particular and of Europe in general - how firmly Berlin and Paris are ready to defend their interests.

So - and this is the second reason - the Germans have a huge complex of geopolitical inferiority. He is not connected with the personality of Merkel, but with the fact that everyone understands how limited German sovereignty is in matters of geopolitics. Germany is still not a full-fledged independent world power. At critical moments, especially against the background of Russia, Berlin's dependence on the Atlanticists and the United States becomes particularly noticeable.

The third factor is the systemic moral and value crisis in which Europe has turned out (more precisely, its elite). No, for the present there it is not forbidden to give flowers to women and let them go forward, but everything goes exactly to this. Feminism has finally become an instrument of not just the destruction of family and marriage, attacks on all institutions, from church to state. He turned into a fight against the human nature. From the very unhealthy struggle for "equalizing the sexes", we went on to inventing a multitude of genders (that is, blurring the masculine and feminine in the chaos of nonsense), to inventing all new causes for insults. In this theater of absurdity the "Putin bouquet" will soon be included in the list of forbidden things. In contrast, by the way, from the kisses of the camouflaged "blue" Macron: those who are in step with the times are allowed to kiss at least with Trump, even with Merkel.

And, of course, "insult to a bouquet" is a worthy continuation of another, also invented Putin's mockery of Merkel. It is about what happened in the same Sochi residence 11 with superfluous years ago. Then Merkel was chancellor for a little more than a year, they had already met in Moscow and Tomsk, together walked along Dresden - and now the turn of the Black Sea came. By the way, a couple of weeks later, Putin was to travel to Munich to speak with that most important speech.

Но в январе 2007-го они с Меркель в присутствии прессы начинали встречу в «Бочаровом ручье». Путину захотелось познакомить канцлера с лабрадором Кони, но когда собака вошла в зал, журналисты заметили, что фрау нервничает. «Сейчас журналистов будет кушать», – сказала канцлер. И хотя Путин успокоил ее, сказав, что Кони не кусается, было видно, что она замирает каждый раз, когда собака приближается к ней. Чтобы приструнить игравшего пса, Путин даже взял его за поводок.

In this story there would be nothing outstanding if the German press did not then start to write about the fact that Putin thus wanted to frighten Merkel. As it turned out, for 11 years before, the neighbor's hunting dog had clung to her leg when she was riding a bicycle near her country house - and since then, Merkel began to fear dogs. It is clear that Putin did not know about this story. But part of the German press began to give everything as if he not only could not have been unaware, but also arranged everything to play on Merkel's fear, frighten and humiliate her.

Эта бредовая версия стала повторяться еще чаще после 2014 года – как подтверждение извечной коварности. Пару лет назад в одном из интервью президент даже рассказал о том, что когда он узнал о страхе Меркель, то «объяснился с ней и извинился за это». Однако эту историю продолжают подавать все в том же ключе – коварный Путин все специально подстроил.

And now, when Kony has long been dead, a new evidence has appeared - a bouquet of cream roses and freesias. It's frightening to even imagine that the enemies of progress, cynical Russians, are still in reserve.

Peter Akopov
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