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Why the Germans were disappointed in Merkel

Why the Germans were disappointed in Merkel

26 2018 June LJ cover – Почему немцы разочаровались в Меркель
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Despite the efforts of the Chancellor of Germany, the emergency meeting of the European Union on the problem of refugees ended in failure, and under the Angela Merkel the chair swayed. Her migration policy is now rejected not only by the EU, but also by the German society, which replaced the slogan "Welcome!" To "Get out!". But what made the Germans change their minds and become disillusioned with their chancellor?

In 2015, Germany experienced a peak of hospitality with regard to illegal immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, which fell on the German soil. They were politically correct as refugees, regardless of whether they officially or not. Throughout the country, demonstrations were held in support of those who sought salvation from wars and poverty through the acquisition of a new homeland.

Someone supplied refugees with money, some things, there were those who settled strangers in their houses and apartments. The population of Germany was a standard of philanthropy and tolerance - numerous opinion polls conducted by orders of non-governmental organizations and the media, showed that only 7% of the inhabitants of the Teutonic state advocate that outsiders be forcibly expelled to where they came from.

Three years of coexistence with guests, many of whom initially did not want to adapt to the conditions of life in their new homeland and respect (at least neutral) their traditions and cultural order, made a real revolution in the heads of the Germans. The latest survey conducted by the French Institute of Applied Sciences, INSA, commissioned by Bild, shows that now 86% of the population of the country agree that it is necessary to deport the "come in" and 65% believe that the state should be closed at all - not the "Iron Curtain" , of course, but reviving border control with vehicle inspection and document verification. In 2015, there were only 16% of such respondents.

Such a measure would actually put an end to the Schengen agreements on free movement in Europe. But the resolution of the refugee problem is so important to the Germans that they are prepared to suffer difficulties with travel to France, Austria, Poland or Switzerland.

The mood of the society was passed on to many media. In October 2015-th German newspapers choked with delight, talking about the decision of a certain Laura (to indicate her name, just in case forgot) to host the Syrian refugee Khalila Sekhya in her home. Next to this news, there were usually reports about the organization of free courses of the Goethe and Schiller language for migrants or about the charitable sale of cakes by volunteers, the proceeds of which are directed to the already adapted Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, so that they sent these funds to their families still in " a world of horror and poverty. " The ultimate goal of all this was the reunification of the cells of the Arab, Ethiopian, Eritrean and other societies on German soil.

"This is a question of humanity, and I can give an example of manifestation of solidarity to my children. I can show that in our power to do something to improve this world, "- said volunteers in television cameras.
Everything went, it would seem, well, until "Christmas in Cologne" came. In the first days of January of the year 2016, information was leaked in the media that Cologne townspeople are subject to harassment by migrants. Initially, it was suggested about such a description of the situation, which contains a solution to the problem: "Do not go in mini-skirts and provoke Arab men who have not had sex for many months." But then it came to be understood that the problem was too large: no matter how hard the law enforcement bodies tried to keep silent about statistics, in order not to cast a shadow on the government's migration policy, the press managed to count at least 1,000 cases of sexual harassment, attacks and rape of Cologne women for one New Year's holiday.

For the sake of justice, we note that it was rather difficult for the police to catch criminals by the hand at the time they committed the crime. Immigrants worked in packs: two or three dozen illegal immigrants surrounded a single victim with a dense ring, several of them started to "have fun", and to see anything from outside through a dense wall of human figures is quite problematic.

So began to come to an end the period when conscientious ignorance and unscrupulous non-observance of what was happening allowed foreign guests to avoid consequences. And then the terrible happened: 20 December of the same year, the Pakistani refugee Anis Amri rammed one of Berlin's Christmas markets with a truck, killing 12 people and injuring another fifty. As it turned out later, Amri planned in the same way "ride" on Alexanderplatz and the park Lustgarten - the sights of the German capital, where people are always crowded.

This terrorist attack finally forced the authorities to agree that among the one and a half million migrants awaiting their "officialization" in Germany, "there may be people who penetrated the territory of the country with perverse intentions." But many before knew that a huge number of illegal immigrants entered the country at all without any documents, so it was difficult to establish their true identity, in most cases it is impossible.

Shortly thereafter, according to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Europol found on social networks several hundred accounts of people who issued documents for refugees - the passport of a German citizen could be issued from them for 500 euro. And, it was not about fake documents, but about real ones - someone was earning on a procedure for which the state did not charge money. For the organizers of this kind of business, the avalanche of refugees was manna from heaven - and, of course, they wanted a "continuation of the banquet." Even in spite of the fact that, as an anonymous source, close to law enforcement agencies, witnessed, "the incoming material was with a large share of foul-mongers."

The police counted 554 cases of "issuing passports for illegal compensation" for the entire 2016 year. How many actually there were such episodes, no one knows. In such cases, law enforcement officers usually recognize that the cases identified are "only the tip of the iceberg".

But it is known for sure that in the only Bremen office for work with foreigners it was approved to issue 1200 passports to persons who did not meet the established requirements, but the officials closed their eyes for additional compensation.

The last straw that filled the German patience was the Suzanne case, an 14-year-old girl who was raped and strangled by a refugee from Iraq, who later fled to her country with her parents and five brothers and sisters.

After that, too many people in German society understood how they were bred, playing on a noble feeling of caring for the humiliated and insulted. In the country, they stopped looking at rallies and demonstrations against the reception of refugees as an undesirable phenomenon. And even the authorities had to admit: something went wrong.

The head of the Interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer, presented Angela Merkel with an ultimatum, giving 15 days to review the policy on refugees. Otherwise, the ruling coalition threatened to disintegrate, whereas the new national elections by no means guarantee Merkel the post of the Chancellor. At least, almost half of the country wants her resignation, and the information background for new elections can hardly be called appropriate.

In Candel, the trial of an Afghan refugee, which the German society took at a minor age, ended, supported the state allowance, taught the profession free of charge, but never waited until he came to work. The Afghan killed 15-year-old girl for refusing to maintain a sentimental relationship with him. But unlike the well-known case of 13-year-old Lisa - the daughter of Russian Germans, it was not possible to delay the investigation - the situation in Germany is not the same. Now in the top the slogan "Refugees, get out!", And the slogan "Welcome!" Is recognized as erroneous.

Vladimir Dobrynin
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