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Why are the "Russians" for the West - barbarians, and Russia - "not Europe"

Why are the "Russians" for the West - barbarians, and Russia - "not Europe"

July 23 2018 LJ cover – Почему «русские» для Запада – варвары, а Россия – «не Европа»
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It's time for Moscow to intercept leadership in naming political symbols, phenomena and signs.

Recently, from various political forces in the EU, we are increasingly hearing the talk that "Russia must be accepted as an integral part of Europe." The liberals rejoice, the opposition rejoices, but are these words so friendly? After all, this sentence has an implicit continuation: "Let's return this barbaric power to the bosom of a real civilization." In other words, even the most sensible political forces in the EU believe by default that they are doing a favor by "reaching out to this uncivilized state." At the same time, they do not even have an idea about whether Russia itself wants to be a part of the current European culture and considers itself to be an "uncivilized" society. Europeans are confident in this a priori.

Centuries have passed, and in the minds of the inhabitants of the European continent, even under the masks of political prudence, the idea still remains that the whole world is a colony, and they are a metropolis that has the right to teach and rob. Even the most thinking of the Western political class are implicitly convinced of this.

Yes, the national forces of Europe really see the artificiality of the current anti-Russian actions, and to their credit, do not be afraid to openly state it, but from the human point of view even such people perceive Russia as an uncivilized state. "Barbarian" in their understanding, a country.

In the opinion of the EU, Russia and our orders are too different from that closed society in which the Europeans themselves exist. But they do not realize that right now they themselves are the object of cooking in a "multicultural boiler."

By mixing races and peoples, certain forces systematically strive for the collapse of national statehood, the erosion of traditional values ​​and the destruction of self-identity among people. The current Europe is only a social experiment in this direction. Europeans were immersed in it very slowly, and therefore EU citizens simply do not notice the total changes in themselves. Meanwhile, in the cook's "boiler" for decades, scary ingredients were added. A pinch of tolerance, a handful of political correctness, a bunch of Eastern European limitrophs, a whole proletarian of migrants, a bondage to the crediting of leading European banks, and full dependence of politicians on elites. As a result, the brew turned out to be ready, and today it is enough just to apply pressure to the lid to instantly feel that this boiler is ready to burst at any moment.

Tolerance, as a medical term, was the point of this methodology, and meaning "not resistance", worked as intended from beginning to end. Accustomed to the fear of not violating anyone's rules and regulations, modern Europeans are completely deprived of the imperative of protection. As soon as people with different mentality were launched in the EU, the whole idea of ​​such processing came to the surface. Moreover, to consolidate and verify the results of the experiment in Germany was arranged Cologne. His apotheosis was an amazing story leaked into the German media. In it, a young German - a husband whose wife was seized by two migrants, all the time glaring events stood two meters away from her and intensively dialed on his mobile phone the police number. He listened to the music of the answering machine, because the line that night was overloaded, he went through the instructions and rules in his head, but never for a moment thought about trying to resist or save her personally.

The migrants were unarmed, they had only the audacity and confidence that everything in this country is allowed to them, and people will not dare to defend themselves. And it justified itself. The experiment confirmed its effectiveness. To date, thanks to the introduced social viruses, the "Petri dish" in the face of Europe is completely devoid of the core of resistance. Only two or three generations, and the result was achieved. Then it was only necessary to continue the wave of artificial emigration, and through the media to do everything so that the authorities did not react to it in any way. Sooner or later, such an approach would work, but Moscow unexpectedly interfered in Syria ...

Therefore, we are "barbarians", and they are "civilized" people. Europeans tried to solve problems tolerantly, and we "hard" methods. Because Russia is not Europe, but they are graciously ready to re-educate us ...

When Europeans urge our country to become the same, it is important to understand what exactly they mean. First of all, they talk about spreading their values ​​to us. And to confirm this it is enough to conduct a mental experiment: let's imagine that we have equalized all our payments and raised the standard of living of citizens to Austrian, will the world consider us Europe at the same time? Of course not. Europe in the eyes of the Western world will only become Russia when it completely accepts and dissolves in "universal" values, delegates its sovereignty, renounces its own opinion and obeys.

Meanwhile, now we are witnessing the spiritual and cultural degradation of the EU, a situation that will eventually lead to the complete physical disappearance of the indigenous Europeans. In 30 years, according to official statistical forecasts, in Europe there will be 75 million immigrant Muslims, or 14% of the population. And let these figures not deceive you, because while the basis of all social, political and even economic life of the EU has become "gender ideology" and "tolerance", emigrants dictate their rules now.

In the small town of Luneburg, at Christmas 2017 all Christmas holidays and events were postponed. The reason for this was the demand of a single Muslim schoolgirl who stated that "the singing of Christmas chorals is incompatible with her faith." Throughout Europe, the phrase "Christmas" since last year was also found to be politically incorrect, and even on the main Christmas tree for all Catholics of St. Peter in the Vatican, "religious or Christian symbols" will no longer appear.

All this, according to the official version, is done in order to, by destroying one's own identity, to win the trust of the settlers. But in practice, immigrants despise modern European culture, implicated in the recognition of same-sex marriages and other legislatively fixed liberal "values." And with full cultural and spiritual insecurity of the EU countries, they also feel their strength. In other words, very soon, amid the amorphous and incapable of protecting Europeans, the EU's masters will be quite different peoples.

For comparison, it is enough to recall the events that occurred in Russia at the peak of the migration crisis. Then in 2016 58 "refugees", deported from Norway "for bad behavior", were forced to return home through the Murmansk region. And since during the time spent in the EU they are used to behaving in a peculiar way, then in Russia they decided to relax as well. As a result, trying to molest the Russian girls of the guests of the country, the Russian police were forced to confiscate "already cooled", that is, directly from the nearby drifts and "apartments" of the local hospital. It is not known why, but the refugees preferred not to file documents for a residence permit, but again, but by another route, to try to get back to the EU again.

The Europeans considered us barbarians for centuries. And even when in Catholic Europe it was not customary to wash, and silk came into use only because they did not start a louse, in Russia, where they bathed in the bath at least once a week, "barbarians" still lived. After all, they did not understand how the flea man, who fell out of the magnificent European hairstyles, dropped off by the crest on the shoulder of a flea man sitting next to him could be a sign of women's interest in European ladies ... For Europe this was just another sign that the Russians do not understand anything in the "right" traditions "Not barbaric" light.

Europe was convinced of this then and is sure today, only the occasions and times change. So, for example, when in the 14 century the wandering De Tannon knight returned to Europe after the study of the ancient "Russia", his recording caused a furore. Of course, his task was to create logistic maps before the "crusade" invasion, and he also described Russia as it is - dirty, barbarous and arrogant. But how else, if even from the loudest of his stories, it follows that the Slavs sold their wives and daughters as slaves. "These barbarians do not deserve leniency," - among other things, the following Teuton campaign was justified.

This description of the "Russian tradition" was held in Europe for decades until it became clear that the knight simply saw a playful ritual traditional for any Russian wedding - the bride's ransom. The groom, bargaining, offered symbolic money, and relatives demanded more and did not smile. Nevertheless, "slave order" in Russia for many years were considered universally recognized, because they completely fell into the canvas of denigrating Russia.

In fact, throughout the whole of world history it was the West that showed all the signs of savagery and sadism. At all times, "enlightened Europeans" justified their atrocities in India, Latin America, Africa, the "values" of the aborigines, different from themselves.

Washington, as in the Middle Ages the Roman Pope, continues to do so today. The only difference is that earlier the West presented it as excommunication from the church, and the modern "hail on the Hill" excommunicates peoples from "democracy". In the distant past, this meant that such nations were simply declared outcasts by the Holy See, and they were allowed to rob anyone who was not lazy. Now only the name has changed, the essence remained exactly the same. As well as centuries ago, if such a country is not as strong as Russia, it is destroyed. Rob and divided by the principle of the "master's table".

With Russia, the situation is fundamentally the opposite. In the military field, we are inviolable for any enemy. About these during the time of the colonialists the West said as follows: "Despite the fact that these people are unworthy of equality, their threat can not be underestimated. It's a pity, but while they have to reckon with ... "

That is why the first thing that Russia did after the dark period of the 90-ies, it all the forces built impenetrable defense, restored the country and created an economic pillow. Moscow knew that the greed of the West would sooner or later overpower the blurring, which happened. And in this case, history advises one thing: the only way for independence and equality is not to dissolve in other people's values, but to strengthen sovereignty and preserve one's own.

Ruslan Khubiev
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