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The USA transferred to Europe a group of long-range heavy bombers V-1V

The USA transferred to Europe a group of long-range heavy bombers V-1V

30 May 2018 LJ cover – США перебросили в Европу группу дальних тяжелых бомбардировщиков В-1В
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Three long-range heavy bomber US Air Force B-1V on Wednesday after a transatlantic flight landed at the forward airbase Fairford in the UK, according to Western aviation resources.

According to their information, the terms of the stay of B-1B bombers in England, as well as the purposes of their transfer to Europe, are still unknown. At the same time, according to aviation sources, it is expected that strategic bombers B-52 will arrive at Fairford airbase after them.

Before flying to England, these long-distance US supersonic bombers with variable wing sweeps departing from Duis Air Base (Texas) landed for refueling in Bangor, Maine, on the Atlantic coast of the United States.

American bombers landed in England in the 12 area: 30 Moscow time. It is noted that the unfavorable weather conditions during the flight over the Atlantic almost forced them to change course.

The Fairford airbase in Gloucestershire, England, is an advanced base for operations in the European theater of operations for heavy B-1B bombers, B-52 strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, and strategic high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft U-2.

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