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Theresa May tries to divert the attention of her subjects from the scandal with thousands of children raped by migrants

Theresa May tries to divert the attention of her subjects from the scandal with thousands of children raped by migrants

March 15 2018 LJ cover – Тереза Мэй пытается отвлечь внимание своих подданных от скандала с тысячами детей, изнасилованных мигрантами
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Operation "Skripal", an intra-British context

As the new western joke says: if you do not know what to do, blame something on the Russians. It was this strategy guided by Theresa May, concocting together with colleagues from intelligence poisoning the runaway traitor Skripal and his daughter. In addition to the obvious foreign policy order, which consisted in the need to try to pinch Russia before the elections, Ms. May, as it turned out, covered up with her scandal her internal problem - namely, the revealed facts of the mass rape of English children by migrants.

On the eve of the poisoning of the violin, May's position began to stagger immediately for three reasons: her consent to give the EU compensation 52 billion euros, when in the budget there was a hole, the biggest strike in the history of teachers and the largest group of pedophiles who were raped, involved in child prostitution and put on drugs over a thousand little girls in 170-thousandth Telford.

Касательно отступных как раз ясно: сейчас Мэй попробует, как минимум, первый взнос выплатить за счет наших олигархов. И если ранее про подобный сценарий говорили вполголоса, ожидая обвинения в конспирологии, то сегодня пишут практически все. Еще 12 марта «Форбс» сообщил, что Британия начала арестовывать имущество неясного происхождения в рамках борьбы с криминальными доходами. Благодаря новому закону для проведения проверки в отношении «политически значимых лиц» не нужно предъявления обвинений в коррупционных или иных преступлениях. А сегодня «Царьград» уже открыто говорит: "The statement of British Prime Minister Theresa May, which allowed the arrest of Russian state assets in the country, is connected with the financial requirements of the European Union to the UK". Of course, she will not find all 60 billion, but with the Usmanovs on the thread - and the British shirt.

However, some Russian oligarchs can not close a hole in the budget, so May decided on pension reform in education and received a mass exclusion of the level of protests of miners against Margaret Thatcher. After it became clear that as a result of the reform, teachers of the most prestigious universities lose 10 thousand pounds a year, at the end of February their unions announced a general strike that swept the 64 leading universities of the country, including Oxford, Manchester University and many others. The worst thing for May is that the main competitor Mei-Corbin stood up for Universities. And now, after two weeks of protests, exactly on the day when the Skrypal hysteria began, long-awaited negotiations between officials and professors were held, the parties concluded an interim agreement on which all university employees must pay increased pension contributions for three years to fill a budget shortfall amounting to £ 6 billion.

However, after reading the new conditions, the teachers were more vicious than before: now they are offered to pay 19,3% of their salary to the pension fund, which is almost 1,5% more than before, and besides they were offered 3,9% for retirement, they were paid 8,7% of their salaries. "This is not the contract for which I left students and studies. Not for this, we went on strike and spent hours in a snowstorm ", - archaeologist Donna Yates wrote in her "Twitter". In the end, now threatened with a strike 240 from 250 universities in Britain, which is an absolute record of Britain, in fact paralyzing higher education in the country. And in the most prestigious of them - Oxford - it came to hand-to-hand between the teachers and the university's management, which, in order to coordinate May's decision, applied the 1400 law of the year, allowing to conduct decisions with 21 "For", even if all the other "Against". Worst of all, the professors, unlike the miners, will not go to the porch, but simply scatter to the place where they will be paid and do not interfere with science.

Meanwhile, while teachers went on strikes, students, who demanded to compensate for four weeks of the absence of the educational process, put forward their demands. 12 February, the University of London's student community posted a petition calling for a fee equal to the cost of canceled classes. This was followed by the appearance of more 30 similar petitions from students from other universities. The administration of the University of City University of London refused to give money, arguing that it was not she who arranged a strike. However, the prime minister could still survive the brain drain and student riots, but she would not have forgiven the hyperscandal in the small town of Telford, simply because what has happened over the past dozens of years has been burying all European values ​​about which May croaked along with sexual scandals about "I put my hand on my knee." As the journalists, together with the deputy of the Telford Conservative Party, Lucy Allan, dug out the journalists, a gang of local migrants from Pakistan and other countries of Asia massively raped, killed, involved in prostitution and put on drugs thousands of local girls about 11 years old. Moreover, history has already reached the international level. A deputy of the European Parliament from the city of Rotherham Jane Collins also spoke in favor of an investigation into harassment of children in Telford. Collins stressed that it is necessary to name by name and bring to justice the West Midlands County Police Commissioner and 9 advisers who wrote to the Minister of the Interior that the investigation "is not necessary."

"The Telford story, during which up to 1 000 children were exposed to drugs, harassed and raped, could become the" worst "scandal in the history of Britain. The authorities in Telford, Shropshire, have repeatedly failed in their attempts to put an end to the network of perverts and pedophiles, which began operating as expected in the 1980. Experts believe that as a result of harassment, up to 1000 children were affected, so the number of injured per capita was higher than in similar scandals in the cities of Rochdale and Rotherham. It is alleged that harassment began in the 1980-ies. Social workers report that they knew about the crimes since 1990-ies, but the police began to deal with the case only after ten years.

The case materials are supposed to prove that the local administration officials examined children who were harassed and who were the subject of tenders, like prostitutes, and not as victims. The authorities were unable to collect data on the asylum-seekers from the fear of being accused of racism.

It is alleged that three people were killed, and two died as a result of the tragedies associated with the scandal, and the information remained without the reaction of the authorities. Even statements that girls aged 11 years were exposed to drugs, beaten and raped. There are complaints that similar incidents continue in the region. Among the population there are growing demands for an investigation ", - wrote the authoritative local newspaper The Sun.

It also tells several stories of the victims. "In the course of the acclaimed story: Lucy Law was 16 years old, when the corrupt agent Azhar Ali Mehmud, 26 years, set her house on fire, killing her, her mother Eileen and her sister 17-year-old Sarah. The tragedy happened in 2000-th year. Lucy, he chose the first time as a victim in 1997-th year. She was 14 years old when she gave birth to his daughter. As a result, he was still convicted of murder - but he was never charged with sexual harassment.

In 2002, another 13 summer schoolgirl, Becky Watson, was killed during an unclear road accident in the city of Shropshire. Despite the fact that the cause of the accident was called "overindulgence" that went too far, it later became clear that the girl was harassed by the Asian gang since she was 11 years old. Becky's mother, who died at the age of 13 years, says that the authorities "to such girls as Becky were treated as criminals". "A girl of 13 is not a criminal from the fact that she was raped and subjected to harassment - she is a victim." Criminals are vile perverts who subjected her to sexual violence, "she said ...

According to a police investigation called Operation Chelis, some criminals were brought to justice, and 7 men were sent to prison in 2013. Mubarek Ali, 34 year, and his brother Ahdel Ali, 27 years, both were convicted of sexual harassment, trafficking in teenagers and pimping. Mubarek sold adolescent girls, some of whom were 13 years old, for sex in an Indian restaurant in Telford, Shropshire, after preparing them for this activity. Akhdel received an 26-year sentence after the couple harassed, engaged in human trafficking and pimping for 4 teenagers, "British journalists said.

"A woman who only knows the name" Holly ", told about what she had to go through on the TV show" Good Morning Britain ". According to her, she was a victim of harassment from the age of 14 to 18 years, and tried to commit suicide. "I hated what was happening, I got goose bumps from what the corrupters did to me, but I was told that if I told someone, they would tell my younger sisters and my mom that I'm a prostitute," she said, that her phone number was sold to pedophiles. "" Night after night, I was forced to have sex with many men in disgusting eateries and dirty houses. "I twice (at least) visited contraceptive clinics twice a week, but no one asked me a single question I was twice pregnant and Two abortions. A few hours after my second termination of pregnancy, several men raped me at once.

The most terrible moment happened right after my 16 birthday, when I injected a drug and was raped by five women. A few days later, the instigator appeared on the threshold of my house and said that he would burn it if I talked about what had happened. "The Sunday Mirror publication cites victims who claimed that the police and social workers did not provide any emotional support, and the authorities actively impeded the investigation, - the terrible details of the case are reported by another edition of Breitbart.

Worst of all, this town is the second in England, where a gang of migrant pedophiles operated. The number of victims in Rotherham exceeded 1500 children. At the same time, Mei very quickly recalled her recent past with the patronage of pedophiles. In the post of Minister of the Interior in 2014, Teresa Mei "lost" 114 folders with information about high-ranking pedophiles. The network of pedophiles included the heavyweights of big politics. They were at least twenty, said a former employee of the British child protection service Peter McKelvey. He made this sensational exposure in an interview with the BBC. According to McKelvey, the crimes of deputies and members of the government knew in Westminster, Scotland Yard, MI-5 (counterintelligence), but were silent. As reported by RIA "Katyusha", among the "lovers of children" was and former Prime Minister Edward Heath. As well as the main advocate for children's rights of the UN and UNICEF, the author Peter Newell, the author of the concept of the necessity of banning domestic violence and all UN standards, beloved by our "fifth column" in the government, the Public Chamber and the State Duma.

So pedophile networks for Britain are by no means a private matter, but a problem of the state level, and maybe even a kind of element of the local "elite" policy.

What was May's reaction when she had a crowd of angry parents at her doorstep? Correctly, May at this time made a new statement regarding Russia's intervention in the British elections, commented on Putin's speech, took care of the chemical attack of Assad, which was advertised in the US, and continued to pretend that the country is blossoming and smelling of multiculturalism, tolerance and European values ​​for which she demanded to fight until the last Briton. And now it became clear - it was not a turn of speech. Total before the poisoning of the Violin May had: after the loud Brexit and the request for independence - a big minus in foreign policy, where it was considered at the level of Ukraine, a hole in the economy because of concessions by the EU; within the country - a crisis in higher education, which threatened with the loss of scientific potential; and as cherry on the cake - a scandal of unprecedented proportions with migrant pedophiles, which buries as all programs of multiculturalism, and juvenile justice, which for 30 years patronized the rapists. All this she was not just threatened, but guaranteed not just resignation, but departure from the chair with shame. And then someone very much began to poison already long uncovered their secrets of the runaway Russian traitor, and then to arrange such a hysterics that all other troubles have sharply moved to the background. Which pedophiles - the Kingdom is in danger, the Russians are coming. Moreover, there is a roll on the leading investigations of the media, which have already been accused, unofficially, of assisting Russia by diverting attention from the poisoning of Skripal with lamentations about a thousand girls there.

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