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In Spain, the couple invited 200 to the wedding and disappeared without paying

In Spain, the couple invited 200 to the wedding and disappeared without paying

29 May 2018 LJ cover – В Испании пара пригласила на свадьбу 200 человек и исчезла, не заплатив
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The newlyweds celebrated a wedding in one of the restaurants in the Spanish municipality of Vivero (Lugo province, Galicia autonomous community), inviting 200 to it, but when the owners of the establishment showed an account, it turned out that there was nobody to pay.

The amount of debt was more than eight thousand euros, according to Spanish media.

Widely noted wedding in a restaurant decided Romanian gypsies, they made a pledge (1,5 thousand euros), provided documents, signed a contract and gave telephones for communication.

Entertained guests famous Romanian singer Nicolae Guta, who arrived in Spain in a private plane, the bride was a chic dress embroidered with Swarovski crystals, guests were treated with a lamb and lamb chops and drank wine and whiskey.

When it was time to pay, the owners were told that the groom's father, who must pay the bill, "is now unable to" and they will be paid later. However, the next day, none of the members of the family, despite all attempts, did not find, on the phone numbers left, no one answered. A few days later I managed to get in touch with the wife of the groom's brother. The woman first reported that her husband was in an accident, and then that he went to Romania for money.

The owners of the restaurant turned to the police. The Gypsy family has been living in Vivero for a long time in the Romanian community, there is no information about sources of income or a registered place of residence with the police. Law enforcement agencies can not find newlyweds or close relatives yet, they do not exclude that the family went to Romania, and appealed to the authorities of this country for help.

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