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In Poland, there was an increase in interest in the Russian language

In Poland, there was an increase in interest in the Russian language

July 11 2018 LJ cover – В Польше отметили рост интереса к русскому языку
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Russian became the second most popular foreign language in Poland and is among the three most popular languages ​​among Polish students, the country's Foreign Ministry reported.

The Polish Foreign Ministry said that the popularity of the Russian language has recently been growing not only in the country, but also in principle in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe. His knowledge, in particular, gives an advantage in finding a job, Izvestia writes

Since 1990-th Russian language is not included in the number of compulsory subjects in local schools, but is still in demand among students and schoolchildren. In the top of the most popular languages ​​for teaching, it is only ahead of English and German, noted the foreign ministry.

"From the geographical point of view, Russian is more popular in the eastern voivodships that border on the former USSR countries - Russia, Belarus and Ukraine," said the head of the Russian department of the Eastern Department of the Polish Foreign Ministry Michal Grodzki.

In general, according to recent polls, almost half of Russian citizens know Russian (49%).

"The Russian language is attractive to young people both for private and professional reasons. They are interested in visiting attractive post-Soviet countries that are attractive from a tourist point of view. In addition, the culture of Russia is very popular in Poland. In addition, in connection with the growth of trade relations between Poland and the post-Soviet countries, there is a demand in the labor market for specialists who speak Russian, "the Foreign Ministry added.

The publication notes that the growth of interest in the Russian language is recorded in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. So, in 2016, in the Czech Republic, an increase in the number of pupils of grammar schools studying Russian was registered. Compared to the 2011-12 school year, they were twice as large (51 thousand people).

A research fellow at the University of Comenius in Bratislava, Branislav Fabri, noted that interest in the Russian language is also growing in neighboring Slovakia.

"Knowledge of one English is not enough. And Russian is one of the main languages ​​of the UN and other international organizations, "he acknowledged.

We note that a complex relationship with the Russian on the post-Soviet space is preserved in Ukraine. Despite the fact that even under the current regime, according to Ukrainian sociologists (KIIS, "Rating", SOCIS, Razumkov Center), 24% of Ukrainian citizens interviewed admitted that they use Russian for everyday communication. The same amount is said in an equal degree in Russian and Ukrainian.

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