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In Serbia, they will discuss a suit against NATO countries for the bombings of 1999

In Serbia, they will discuss a suit against NATO countries for the bombings of 1999

19 2018 June LJ cover – В Сербии обсудят иск к странам НАТО за бомбардировки 1999 года
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The conference on the consequences of Serbia's bombing of NATO in 1999 is designed to prepare materials for filing a lawsuit against the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, one of the organizers, lawyer Srdjan Aleksich, told RIA Novosti.

The international conference "Consequences of the bombing of the Union Republic of Yugoslavia by depleted uranium in 1999 year" opened on Monday in Nis in the south of Serbia and will last on Tuesday.

"The first day of the conference was a success, we have three academicians here, ten professors from Russia, China, Germany, Switzerland, France, Cyprus, and domestic scientists and lawyers, 30 scientific papers are being considered, and 10 speakers presenting depleted uranium and damage to human health and the environment.From all these works it follows that truth and justice are on the side of the Serbian people and citizens of Serbia, "Alexic told the agency.

"We must begin the procedure, unite all energy and forces with domestic and foreign lawyers and specialists and file a claim for compensation of material and non-material damage as a result of the bombardment of depleted uranium." On Serbia it was dropped over 15 tons, primarily to the south of the country. people are sick with oncological diseases and they have the right to demand compensation for damage, "he stressed.

Among the participants of the event, the former pilot of the Italian Air Force, Domenico Lugeri, who participated in successful litigation of cancer with Italian soldiers as a result of contact with weapons with depleted uranium.

On Tuesday, according to the organizers of the conference, final conclusions will be formulated, including on the possibilities of preparing and filing a lawsuit against NATO member countries.

The Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia in mid-May approved the composition of the commission, which is designed to determine the consequences of NATO bombing for the population of the country. Earlier, President Alexander Vučić said that the use of NATO-supplied missiles with depleted uranium by the North Atlantic Alliance is the cause of the growth of cancer in the country.

In 1999, an armed confrontation between Albanian separatists from the Kosovo Liberation Army, the Serbian army and police led to the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) (at that time consisting of Serbia and Montenegro) by NATO forces. NATO air strikes continued from 24 March on 10 June 1999.

The exact number of victims is unknown. According to the authorities of Serbia, during the bombing killed about 2,5 thousand people, including 89 children. 12,5 thousand people got injuries. Material damage, according to various sources, is estimated at an amount from 30 to 100 billion dollars.

The military operation was undertaken without the approval of the UN Security Council and on the basis of the approval of Western countries that the authorities of the FRY carried out ethnic cleansing in the Kosovo autonomy and provoked a humanitarian catastrophe there.

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