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Here it is a new Europe: you wanted it, eat it for health

Here it is a new Europe: you wanted it, eat it for health

24 May 2018 LJ cover – Вот она новая Европа: вы этого хотели, кушайте на здоровье
Tags: United Kingdom, Politics, Mayor, Migration, Refugees

The old Europe began to die with the USSR. There are still many settlers from third world countries settled in it, but only after the destruction of the Soviet Union did the total disintegration of European society begin and the replacement of some values ​​with others. Today, this process has already gone so far that it is already pointless to save the European civilization. A good example of these changes is the new Lord Mayor of one of the largest British cities in Sheffield Magid Magid.

I understand that this 28 summer refugee from Somalia and the family as such did not exist at home, but because when his mother, along with his five brothers and sisters, reached his UK and recorded Magid Magid.

Lord Mayor of one of the largest British cities Sheffield Magid Magid

At first everything was like that of all his comrades. Life on benefits and all that sort of thing (but not a thief is caught). And then someone invited the kid to the Hunted show on Channel 4. Well than not Hunted (the persecuted). In general, the youngster liked the viewers and his British dream began to quickly turn into reality. The guy then he was intelligent and realized that instant luck should be quickly transformed into money. Well, not Semen Semenchenko or Mustafa Nayem British spill (although before Nayem to him as from 100 meter hill to the Himalayas). But in Britain, and such will come down. In general, in 2014, a guy who got tired of gopnichat decided to go to politics. According to his confessions from then, like the Cossack Gavrilyuk did not understand anything in politics. From the word absolutely. For example, I did not understand the difference between right and left. But he firmly knew that environmental pollution, homophobia and racism are bad, and Eurosceptics are enemies of the people.

Literally he was immediately invited as a commentator on the Daily Daily show, and in 2016 he was elected to the city council of Sheffield. And now his colleagues (it is not clear for what merits) honored the great honor of being the Lord Mayor of one of the largest British cities. Probably because of political correctness. Until now, in Britain, no refugee from Somalia has been awarded any posts.

By the way, if he had been elected 25 years ago, he would have already been knighted. For now, he is only a candidate, but the British press finds him: "insanely beautiful, sexually attractive, fashionable guy with excellent taste."

Lord Mayor of one of the largest British cities Sheffield Magid Magid

By the way, about tastes. Magid Magid does not break ties with his homeland, and therefore, during breaks between sessions, he suggests arranging competitions for rap musicians, poets and ... magicians.

As it is on the modern. I can not help congratulating the British. You are on the right road comrades. Good luck in this and new successes. Although, you already achieved a lot already:

The mayor of London is Pakistani Pashtun Sadiq Aman Khan, an Islamist laborer and professional human rights activist (associated with terrorists from Hizb ut-Tahrir *, supported by the Muslim Civil Committee of Great Britain and the English Trotskyists), vigorously defending the rights of fellow tribesmen, same-sex marriages and the most severe persecution for denying the Holocaust . The Ministry of the Interior is led by Pakistani Sajid Javid, a banker, a Thatcher hawk and a fanatical pro-Israel lobbyist. Pakistani Sayyida Hussein Varsi (Baroness Varsi), Pakistani Tariq Mahmoud Ahmad (Baron Ahmad), Pakistani Zahid Parvin Mansour (Baroness Mansour), Pakistani Shaista Ahmad Shihan (Baroness Shihan), Pakistani Kurban Hussain (Baron Hussein), Sushanta Bengali Kumar Bhattacharya (Baron Bhattacharya), Pakistan Noshina Shahin Mobarik (Baroness Mobarik), Jamaican negroes Dorin Lawrence (Baroness Lawrence) and Bill Morris (Baron Morris), a Negro from Trinidad and Tobago Floella Benjamin (Baroness Benjamin), Ugandan Hindus gu (Baron Poper), Shri Vader (Baroness Wader) and Rumi Vergi (Baron Vergi), the Kenyan Indian Usha Kumari Prashar (Baroness Prashar), the Tanzanian Hindu Ismailite Amirali Alibhai Bhatia (Baron Bhatia), Bengali Sharmishta Chakrabarti (Baroness) Chakrabarty) and Manzila Paul Uddin (baroness Uddin), Sikhi Ranbir Singh Suri (Baron Suri) and Indarjit Singh (Baron Singh), the parasite Zoroastrian from Indian Hyderabad Karan Faridun Bilimoria (Baron Bilimoria), Pakistani Nazir Ahmed (Baron Ahmed), Tanzanian Hindu Guja (Baron Patel), a descendant of the Indo-Trinidadians and Indo-Guyanese Wahid Ali (Baron Ali), the black Guyanka Valerie Ann Amos (Baroness Amos), the Dominican-Antiguan Negro Patricia Janet Scotland (Baroness Scotland), Gujarat Meghnad Jagdishchandra Desai (Baron Desai), Hindu-Shiite Khalid Hamid (Baron Hamid), Pakistani Mohamed Sheikh (Baron Sheikh), and others. In the House of Commons, the Pakistani Afzal Khan, Naz Shah, Imran Hussein, Mohammad Yasin, Khalid Mahmud, Feisal Rashid, Yasmin Qureshi, Shabana Mahmud, Sikh natives of India Tanmangjit Singh Desi and Prith Gill, the representative of the Dravidian Kannar Rishi Sunak (author of last year's delirium about Russian submarines preparing to cut off underwater cables to deprive the NATO country of the Internet), black Guyanese David Lyndon Lammy, Bengal Tulip Rizwan Siddiq, Rupa Asha Hak and Rushanar Ali, Kashmiris Rehman Chishti and Nus Gani, Jamaican negresses Dawn Petula Butler and Diane Julia Abbott, Ugandan Hindus of Gujarati origin Priti Sushil Patel and Shailes Vara, Yemeni Indians of Goan origin Kate Waz and Valerie Vaz, Kenyan-Mauritian Indian of Goan origin Sewell Cassian Braverman, Muslim of Polish-Pakistani origin Rosena Allin-Khan et al. . In the European Parliament, Great Britain is represented by the Pakistanis Sajjad Haydar Karim, Amjad Mahmud Bashir, Wajid Khan, Indo-Guyanese Sayed Kamall, Lankan Rajasthan descent Nirj Dev. Lord Chancellor of the same Sheffield relatively recently was Pakistani Talib Hussein. Another Pakistani, Chaudhry Abdul Rashid, ten years ago was Lord Chancellor of the four millionth Birmingham.

Yuri Podolyaka - Yurasumy
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