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Residents of the EU were offered to choose whether a translation is needed for summer time

Residents of the EU were offered to choose whether a translation is needed for summer time

July 6 2018
Tags: Europe, Society

The European Commission announcedon conducting an opinion pollWhether to give up the change of time in the EU twice a year. The online questionnaire, available in all EU languages, appeared on the EC website and will be available until August 11th August. In fact, that this will be a vivid discussion, it is not necessary to doubt: just a couple of hours after the questionnaire was downloaded to the site, its servers were overloaded so that accessto the questionnairewith the first click can not be obtained.

The Commission stated that it was interested in collecting the views of European citizens, as well as all interested parties and EU member states on existing agreements and on any possible changes. Union citizens can decide whether they want to adhere to the current directive or choose another development let.

Recall that in 28 European countries that recognize the summer time, the clock is transferred one hour in advance in summer, and in winter - back. Critics argue that the translation of watches leads to an increase in demand for electricity and disrupts the circadian rhythms of a person, leading to health problems.

Earlier this year, Finland collected more than 70 000 signatures of citizens, demanding that Europe cancel the transition to daylight saving time. For this northern country, the translation has no practical meaning. The action did not lead to the Finns' desired results: all EU members should adhere to one glance at the translation of the watch in order to ensure uninterrupted trade in the domestic market.

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