Today: February 22 2019
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New metro stations in Athens

New metro stations in Athens

1 2018 June LJ cover – Новые станции метро в Афинах
Tags: Greece, Transport, Construction

The active development of the existing transport infrastructure continues in the capital of Greece, and in June 2019 plans to open three new stations of the Athens subway.

These new stations are located on the blue metro line, and will connect the airport Eleftherios Venizelos and the municipality of Piraeus.

The metro line under construction is planned to be commissioned in parts, and the first three stations will be Agia Varvara, Platia Eleftherias in the area of ​​Corydalis and Agios Nikolaos in the Nicaea area.

For the current period, work has been completed on laying the subway tunnel on the entire length of the section to Piraeus.

Metro map of Athens will have an updated look after the completion of construction work to 2019 year.

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