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Assad said how to force Americans to leave Syria

Assad said how to force Americans to leave Syria

31 May 2018 LJ cover – Асад сказал, как заставить американцев уйти из Сирии
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The United States is used for the presence in Syria of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDS); Damascus intends to negotiate with the movement, but in case of failure they are ready to use force. Under any of these options, Americans must leave Syrian territory, said the president of the SAR Bashar Assad.

After the liberation of Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zor, Homs and Damascus, "there are fewer maps in the US deck," Assad said in an interview with RT television.

If Washington's "trump card" was the "Front of An-Nusra", which, as it turned out, was "Al-Qaeda", now the United States has chosen the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDS) as the new "card"; as the government troops advance and neutralize terrorists, "they are the only problem in the country (...)."

"We intend to solve this problem in one of two ways. First, we are open for negotiations. After all, most SDS supporters are Syrians. And we believe that they too love their country and do not want to be puppets of foreign forces. So we have common positions. We all do not trust the Americans, not for the first decade, not because of the war, but because they lie at every turn. All the time they say one thing, but they do something else. So one of the options - to live together with each other, like the Syrians with the Syrians, "- explained the Syrian leader.

The second option, which can be used in case of failure of negotiations, is the liberation of territories with the use of force.

"We simply do not have any other options, irrespective of the American presence. This is our land, and to liberate it is our right and duty. And the Americans must leave, and sooner or later it will happen. They invaded Iraq without any legal basis, and see what came out of it. They must draw conclusions. Iraq is not an exception, and Syria, too. The peoples of our region will no longer tolerate foreign interference, "Assad said.

He also noted that Washington and its "puppets in the West" interfere with the political settlement of the crisis in Syria, "supporting terrorist groups, helping their fresh forces penetrate into the UAR."

Therefore, one of the main tasks of Damascus at the present time is to act faster than the West.

"And I think that we are doing well in this," the president added.

Assad said that the United States considered a version of a powerful integrated strike across Syria, but Russia's counter-statements could stop them.

"Then the Russians openly declared that they were ready to destroy the launching points of missiles. According to our information (there is no evidence, only information, but reliable), they considered the option of applying a comprehensive strike across Syria. And it was this threat that forced the West to take much more modest measures, "Assad said.

Thus, Russia and the United States are "pretty close" to the conflict in the UAR, but thanks to Moscow's wisdom, this did not happen, the Syrian leader believes.

He said that in order to stabilize the situation in Syria, Russia needs support. At the same time, "it is necessary to avoid stupid actions on the part of Americans."

Assad also said that Russia helped make the Syrian air defense system stronger, as confirmed by "recent raids by Israel, the United States, Britain and France." The authorities of the republic intend to further strengthen anti-aircraft defense.

It is noted that at the beginning of the crisis militants first attacked air defense facilities and "put out a significant part of them," which, in his opinion, confirms Israel's involvement in fueling the conflict in Syria.

The head of the UAR added that it is impossible to rule out new US strikes against Syria, as Washington daily violates the norms of international law "in different areas and for various reasons." Therefore, "any country in the world can become the object of such an attack."

"What are the legal grounds for this strike? And for the fact that their planes fly here? What are the legal grounds for the actions of their so-called "anti-terrorist coalition", which in reality supports terrorists? None. And for strikes in Yemen, Afghanistan, on the Pakistani border and so on? It's also not there, "Assad said.

Concerning the topic of chemical weapons, the Syrian leader once again stressed the lack of such weapons in the republic and added that his application would be meaningless, since Damascus managed to win the battle for the hearts and minds of the civilian population.

"We would not use it (chemical weapons - a comment VZGLYAD) against our own people (...). How can you use chemical weapons against the civilian population, whose support do you achieve? "Assad said.

He drew attention to logical inconsistencies in reports about the use of chemical weapons, and also that local residents denied the facts of attacks.

For example, one of the chemicals allegedly occurred after the victory of the Syrian troops in East Gut.

"In this area there was a high density of military, militants and civilians. When using chemical weapons, everyone inevitably had to suffer, but this was not, "the head of the republic noted.

He expressed the opinion that "this story" was invented "as a pretext for attacking Syria".

Currently, in the liberated territories, most of the citizens, who opposed the government at the beginning of the crisis, are supported by the country's leadership, because they "see the difference between the presence of power (...) and chaos."

Assad said that if the terrorists had not received outside assistance, the Syrian authorities could have dealt with them in a year, but for the time being the exact timing of the end of the war is "difficult to name."

"However, we are approaching this, it is obvious," he added.

Thus, the Syrian leadership intends to release all the country's territory from terrorists, including the province of Idlib.

The president stressed that the militants from different parts of Syria made their own decision to go to Idlib.

"Our plan was to, on the contrary, collect them in one, two, three districts. It is better to fight in two, three or four directions than ten or even more than 100 at a time. Militarily it is more profitable. They made a choice, but, from a military point of view, it's even better for us, "Assad added.

Recall, after the announcement of the alleged use of 4 April chemical weapons in the city of the Duma, the United States, Britain and France struck a missile strike on objects in Syria, without waiting for an investigation by the OPCW, but based on videos published by loyal armed opposition online resources.

In May, Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked the positions of the Syrian army at the foot of the Golan Heights. Simultaneously, the militants attacked the Syrian city of El Baas at the base of the Golan Heights, using Israeli air strikes on the territory of Syria, and also, according to unconfirmed information, "under the cover" of the Israeli tanks Merkava.

In the meantime, Syrian government forces managed to free all the suburbs of Damascus, liquidate the "Rastan cauldron" - an important transport hub of militants, located north of Homs, on the road Damascus - Aleppo.

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