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Erdogan turns Turkey east

Erdogan turns Turkey east

August 1 2018
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The West finally loses Turkey. Erdogan began nationalization of the Turkish central bank and renounced the policy of the IMF, intends to join the BRICS, draws closer to Iran and prepares for the sanction war. The US attacked the Turkish economy, threatened to impose sanctions and think what to do with the collapse of NATO.

The National Security Council of Turkey stated that the language of threats against the US is unacceptable."The language of threats used by the US against Turkey is disrespect for bilateral relations and is absolutely unacceptable,Says the council statement. As noted in the statement, the decisions and statements of the United States linking projects in the defense sphere, within which Turkey fulfills all its obligations, with conditions that are contrary to international agreements, will irreparably damage strategic partnership and trust between the two countries.

Officially, the scandal began because of American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was detained in Turkish territory on suspicion of involvement in the coup of 2016 and links with the Kurdish Workers' Party. However, there was need for any reason, and there would not be a pastor, there would be someone else - the US tried to intimidate Erdogan and disrupt Turkey's entry into the BRICS, as well as to prevent the rapprochement between Ankara and Tehran and the nationalization of the central bank.

So, just before the start of the BRICS summit, where Erdogan was invited, Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence announced last Thursday about the possibility of imposing economic sanctions against Turkey unless immediate steps are taken to release the US pastor.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara does not intend to tolerate US threats and US interference in the country's policy. Erdogan himself spoke no less harshly."In my opinion, this is all a psychological war. We will not back down because of sanctions,"The Turkish leader said. He added that the United States should not forget that they can lose an ally in the person of Turkey."We are not tied to the US, they should not forget that if they do not change their attitude, they will lose ... an ally,- summed up the President of Turkey.

However, the United States, and more precisely the West, has lost an ally. At least with Erdogan, they will not be in the forefront of dialogue. It's not that he arrested someone there, the fact is that he did something that even Putin did not dare to do-he encroached on the "sacred" for the US owners - on nationalizing the central bank and the "right" of the IMF. Unfortunately, in this respect, Russia continues the colonial Yeltsin policy

After his re-election and the country's transition to the presidential form of government, Erdogan immediately began to oust the IMF. Two weeks ago, the Turkish leader gave himself powers to directively appoint the head of the central bank and members of the monetary policy committee. He had long been in conflict with the Central Bank, demanding a softening of the money terms and arguing that high rates are accelerating the price increase. Such a West does not forgive anyone and last week the international rating agency Fitch downgraded the sovereign rating of Turkey to "BB" from "BB +" and upheld the "negative" forecast. Then the financial horror was promised to Erdogan by the American bank Goldman Sachs. And then a number of transatlantic corporations began to withdraw funds from the country, which provoked the flight of capital and another sharp drop in the national currency rate which, since the beginning of 2018, declined by 22%. In the country, inflation is growing, although the economy is growing, moreover, by 7,4% of GDP.

In general, how the crises are made by currency speculators, we need not tell, it is enough to recall December 2014 year, when the West paired the ruble rate several times with the home-grown seekers. Approximately the same scheme "punish" and the Turks. In this place, according to the plans of the West, as any "civilized European" Erdogan was supposed to prostrate himself before the "masters" and beg for mercy. The problem is that Erdogan is not Merkel, and no one is going to beg for anything. But look for new allies - it's please. Moreover, even Turkey's crisis goods are expensive. She is a member of NATO, whose withdrawal, if not bury the alliance, will cause him serious damage, a member of the Big 20, whose voice will be taken into account in making the final decision, a participant in the Syrian process, on which much depends in the region. In addition, she is the holder, in the truest sense of the word, of the millions of refugees who were planning to go to Europe and arrange another migrant crisis there. And this is so, on the surface. And who, if not Erdogan, can present the goods to a person, and even bargain. With this, to the howl and hooting of the United States, he went to South Africa for the BRICS summit.

And I guess with the mood. The Chinese came to the summit angry at the Americans for the trade war, the Russians - for the failure of the Helsinki initiatives and new sanctions, the Hindus - for the introduction of duties on steel. And then the Turks arrived with their complaints about the "partners". In short, talk to them about what it was.

During the event, the head of Turkey held a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. As a result of this conversation, the President of Russia noted that relations between Moscow and Ankara are experiencing an upsurge, and cooperation between countries is developing in different spheres."Our relations are bilateral, are on the rise. This is quite obvious in the area of ​​overcoming crises (I mean the Syrian crisis), and in the economic sphere. According to the plan, all of our major projects are being implemented,- said Vladimir Putin. Commented on the meeting and Erdogan."Comprehensive cooperation between Russia and Turkey causes some people a sense of jealousy,Said the Turkish leader. Whom he here has kicked, it is not difficult to guess.

The Turkish leader warmly met with Comrade Si, who supported the idea of ​​joining the BRICS."The Chinese especially stressed that they approve of the expansion. I saw that they are considering the possibility of joining other countries to this platform, they do not mind,"Added the Turkish president. And why should they be against it, if Erdogan joins the "New Silk Road", and even helps them to eat Trump, then the Chinese only with two hands "for"

And after all, we ate. As it became known today, Turkey demonstratively spit from the minaret on anti-Iranian sanctions and has signed with the Persians an agreement on the use of national currencies for conducting international trade operations. Abandoning the dollar. And even the denial of the dollar is important, Erdogan stressed that Turkey has already reached an appropriate agreement with Russia and China, and now the heads of central banks and finance ministers are "very focused" on this topic, namely, that the agreement with Iran was reached in the peak of anti-Iranian hysteria by the United States.

It is clear that the quarrel with the Americans is not a matter of two weeks. Erdogan never forgave the US for a coup attempt in 2016. RIA "Katyusha" noted that last year the Turkish media sharply changed the direction toward Eurasian projects and friendship with Russia and China, preparing the population, and now, having received the full power, the country's leadership has started implementing these ideas. Involuntarily you start to envy: here we would like.

It is not clear here that the US is not just losing one of the leading regional powers, with a large army, influence and economy, they are also setting it up against itself. Who else can scare American sanctions, especially if the Turks join the BRICS partnership? Iran and Russia calmly exist under these sanctions, China, too, has not fallen from the trade war to poverty and Turkey will not be lost. And if sanctions do not have the proper effect, then why should they be introduced? And they introduce them to at least someone to show that they are still a hegemon. On the one hand, Trump and the IMF could not tolerate an open slap from some kind of Turkey, and on the other hand they can not do anything with them, except how to threaten with a finger, arrange a speculative crisis and impose sanctions. The funniest thing is if these sanctions are forced to support the EU - Erdogan's response to the ocean may not go very far, but the Europeans will get to the full.

Americans, of course, can save the situation, but for this they will have to offer something very expensive for Erdogan, such as draining Kurds or issuing an organizer of the putsch 2016 - Gulen. Perhaps Trump would have done so, but neither will the Senate, once again accusing him of betrayal, allow him. So it remains for him to swear on Twitter, draw sanctions, and watch as another important in the doctrine of "Strangulation of the Anaconda" NATO outpost at all times goes to competitors.

Although, if true, as economists say, this year the world crisis will await us, then soon Trump will no longer be up to the Erdogans.

Ruslan Lyapin
RIA Katyusha

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