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Candidate for the Presidency of Turkey announced withdrawal from NATO in case of his victory

Candidate for the Presidency of Turkey announced withdrawal from NATO in case of his victory

22 May 2018
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Threats against Turkey and Russia come from the same source, therefore Ankara should strengthen military cooperation with Moscow, the candidate for the presidency of Turkey, the leader of the party "Rodina" (Vatan) Dogu Perincek. In an interview with RIA Novosti, the contender for the post of head of state, whose elections will be held June 24, also said that if elected, Turkey will leave NATO.

The Rodina Party is a left-wing movement that stands on the positions of the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, has an anti-Western and anti-American orientation. She considers herself to be the legal successor of the Socialist Party of Workers and Peasants, established in 1919. The party is not represented in the Turkish parliament, nevertheless it is an influential force in the country, it includes about 160 thousand people.

-How in the event of your election as President will the Russian-Turkish relations, in particular, major energy projects, develop? What will change in the cooperation of Russia and Turkey on Syria?

"In case of my election as president, the Russian-Turkish relations will remain at the level of a strategic partnership, this includes the military sphere, the economy, and a new phase of true friendship between our countries will begin, which was laid under Ataturk. Turkey has very serious problems in the energy sphere, so the development of nuclear power for Turkey is an inevitable condition, it is a clean and reliable energy. And it is very right to develop this sphere with the help of Russia.

Russian-Turkish friendship is the key to solving the Syrian conflict. After becoming president, I will invite the President of Syria Bashar Assad to Turkey the next day, I will send a plane for him and personally meet him at the Ankara airport. Thus, we will resolutely restore relations between Turkey and Syria and at the same time strengthen relations with Russia on the Ankara axis - Damascus - Moscow.

-Erdogan recently said that the issue of a deal with Russia on S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems was closed down on the backdrop of US threats to impose sanctions against Turkey in this regard. Will Ankara keep the same position if you are elected president of the country?

- In the sphere of security, we must also act in the region in conjunction with Russia, because the threats against our countries are the same. Threats against Russia in connection with the annexation of the Crimea, towards Turkey - from the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and from the southern borders - are managed by the same forces. Therefore, strategic cooperation between Turkey and Russia is necessary, including in the military sphere. Turkey will not be able to defend itself with the weapons of NATO countries, it is necessary to cooperate with Russia, China, and I will take these steps when I become president. We will buy from Russia and China not only S-400, but also MiG-series aircraft, other weapons.

-How do you see the relationship between Turkey and the US in connection with Washington's actions in Syria, the refusal to issue a preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of organizing a coup attempt in July 2016?

- The US, Israel, Greece and Cyprus with the participation of the US Sixth Fleet conducted military exercises against Turkey in March in the Eastern Mediterranean. I regard this as a great danger for Turkey, and in this regard, our friendship with Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq seems to be a priority.

On the one hand, a united front was formed from the Aegean Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, which includes the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Greece, Cyprus and Kurdish separatist groups. On the other hand - Turkey, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine. The whole process is very dangerous, because the US began to threaten Iran, withdrew from the nuclear deal and threatened with sanctions. There is a fear that the United States, after fanning a fire over Jerusalem, will take on Iran, will be bombed.

The US threat to Iran is more aimed at Turkey, the main goal of the United States is us. Why is America nervous? Turkey got out of American control, moved towards Eurasia, acts in concert with Russia and Iran, which changed the alignment of forces throughout the Middle East region, shattered US dominance. Therefore, they are trying to create threats to keep Turkey from an alliance with Iran and Russia. But the US will not do anything, because now the turn of Turkey to the Atlantic is impossible, its present place is Eurasia, together with Russia, Iran, China, India, the countries of Central Asia.

-Will Turkey continue to join the EU if you are elected president? Will relations with NATO continue?

"As soon as I become President, we will immediately leave the Customs Agreement with the EU, because this cooperation causes great economic damage to Turkey, it is a blow to our production." NATO sees Turkey as an enemy, although Turkey is its member. But more recently, the alliance conducted exercises where Ataturk and the incumbent president of Turkey were listed as a combat target. The US is helping the terrorist Kurdish factions, supplying them with weapons, so Turkey and America are already in an unfriendly relationship. When our party comes to power, Turkey will leave NATO, American planes from Injirlik airbase will fly home, and the base itself will completely pass under the control of the Turkish military. And there will be no US military presence in Turkey.

-Is the presidential system good for Turkey? Will you seek a return to the parliamentary system?

- Our party spoke at a referendum in April last year against the presidential system. This is a mafia system. There is a president, he is surrounded by a very narrow group, all parliamentary powers completely disappear. Therefore, becoming president, I will make efforts to return to the parliamentary system. But to change the constitution, it is necessary to collect a majority in the parliament. It is unlikely that I will get back to the old system completely, but I, as president, will take certain steps to balance the situation, renew the constitution.

-Western countries criticize Turkey for the constant extension of the state of emergency in the country. Will you seek its cancellation in case of your election?

- Why does the West criticize the regime of emergency imposed in Turkey? Because he is against cleaning his pawns in Turkey, members of terrorist organizations - FETO (Gulen organization), PKK (Workers' Party of Kurdistan). And to save them, they criticize Ankara for the introduction of emergency, which helps them get rid of. The desire of the US and EU countries to cancel it does not meet our national interests. We will abolish it when we completely get rid of both external threats and terrorist ones.

At the same time, we are against the PE regime being used to the detriment, with excess of authority, for political pressure on dissenters and opposition. We are against this today and will be against tomorrow. Of course, completely eliminating terrorism is not so simple, but the state of emergency must last until the moment when the terrorist threat is minimized.

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