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May counts on cooperation with Erdogan in Syria and Cyprus

May counts on cooperation with Erdogan in Syria and Cyprus

26 2018 June LJ cover – Мэй рассчитывает на сотрудничество с Эрдоганом по Сирии и по Кипру
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British Prime Minister Teresa Mei expects to continue working with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in the areas of security, trade and investment, as well as to resolve the situation in Syria and support a political settlement in Cyprus.

Erdogan won the election of the head of state with the result of 52,6% according to the processing of 99,9% of ballots, his main rival Inge scored 30,6%, Demirtash - 8,4%, Akshener - 7,3%, Karamollaoglu - 0,9%, Perinchek - 0,2%.
"The Prime Minister called the Turkish President Erdogan tonight to congratulate him on winning the presidential election in Turkey," the official spokesman for the Prime Minister's office said.

"The Prime Minister stressed the importance of bilateral relations between Britain and Turkey and expressed her desire to continue to work in partnership with President Erdogan and his government over our common priorities, including to cooperate in security, trade and investment, and work on the situation in Syria and over support for a political settlement in Cyprus, "the statement said.

May also thanked Erdogan for supporting the special session on the chemical weapons convention. The leaders also stated that they are looking forward to meeting at the NATO summit next month.

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