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Turkey threatened to close the Injirlik airbase for the United States

Turkey threatened to close the Injirlik airbase for the United States

30 May 2018 LJ cover – Турция пригрозила закрыть для США авиабазу Инджирлик
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Ankara can close the Incirlik air base for the US because of the unfriendly policy of Washington, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said.

"We are trying to establish relations with the US In order for them to normalize, the US should take steps on the issue of Manbage, the issuance of Gulen, there are other problems." When it comes to this, our people say: "Close the Ingirlik, Kurejik bases." there are other trump cards: the US should not lose such an ally as we are, we expect that the US will step back from its erroneous steps, "Cavusoglu said in an interview with A Haber.

Он отметил, что Турция рассчитывает на решение проблемы Манбиджа с помощью дорожной карты, согласованной с Соединенными Штатами.

"But if hope is exhausted, Turkey will be able to show its strength, we are an independent country and will take any steps at our discretion," the minister added.

Disagreements between Ankara and Washington

Relations between Turkey and the US are in crisis because of the support provided by the US to the self-defense forces of the Syrian Kurds (YPG), whom Ankara regards as a terrorist group associated with the Kurdistan Workers Party banned in Turkey.

Washington explains the Kurds' help in their struggle against the IG *. Also, Turkey has repeatedly accused the US that they did not keep their promises to withdraw YPG from Manbije after the Kurdish formations liberated the city from the IG * in June of 2016.

In addition, Ankara requires Washington to extradite an opposition preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of organizing a coup attempt in July of 2016.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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