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3 June - the Feast of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

3 June - the Feast of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

3 2018 June LJ cover – 3 июня — празднество Владимирской иконы Божией Матери
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The Vladimir icon of the Mother of God was written by the Evangelist Luke on the board from the table, at which the Savior was showered with the Most Pure Mother and righteous Joseph. When the Mother of God saw this image, she said: "From now on all the generations will blossom me." The grace of the begotten of me and mine with this icon will be. "

In 1131, the icon was sent to Russia from Constantinople to the holy prince Mstislav († 1132, commemorating 15 April) and was staged in the Maiden Monastery of Vyshgorod, the ancient city of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duchess Olga.

The son of Yuri Dolgoruky, Saint Andrew Bogolyubsky, in 1155, brought an icon to Vladimir and placed it in the famous Cathedral of the Assumption which he had built. Since that time the icon has received the name of Vladimirskaya. In 1395, the icon was first brought to Moscow. Thus the spiritual bonds of Byzantium and Rus were consolidated by the blessing of the Mother of God - through Kiev, Vladimir and Moscow.

The Vladimir icon of the Most Holy Theotokos is celebrated several times a year (21 May, 23 June, 26 August). The most solemn celebration takes place on 26 August, established in honor of the meeting of the Vladimir Icon when it was transferred from Vladimir to Moscow. In 1395, the terrible conqueror Khan Tamerlan (Temir-Aksak) reached the limits of the Ryazan, took the town Yelets and, approaching Moscow, approached the banks of the Don. Grand Duke Vasily Dimitrievich left the army to Kolomna and stopped on the banks of the Oka. He prayed to the saints of Moscow and St. Sergius about the deliverance of the Fatherland and wrote to the Metropolitan of Moscow, Saint Cyprian (commemorating 16 September), that the coming Uspensky post was dedicated to diligent prayers for pardon and repentance. In Vladimir, where there was a famous miraculous icon, the clergy were sent. After the liturgy and prayer service on the Feast of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos, the clergy accepted the icon and carried it to Moscow with the procession of the cross. Countless people on both sides of the road, kneeling, prayed: "Mother of God, save the Russian land!" At the very moment when Moscow residents met the icon on the Kuchkov field, Tamerlane was dozing in his tent. Suddenly he saw in a dream a great mountain, from the top of which came the saints with golden wands, and above them in the radiant glow appeared the Majestic Wife. She ordered him to leave Russia. Waking up in awe, Tamerlane asked about the meaning of the vision. The knowing answered that the shining Wife is the Mother of God, the great Protector of Christians. Then Tamerlane ordered the regiments to go back. In memory of the miraculous deliverance of the Russian land from Tamerlane on the Kuchkov field, where the icon was found, the Sretensky Monastery was built, and on 26 August an All-Russian celebration was held in honor of the meeting of the Vladimir Icon of the Blessed Virgin.

Before the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God, the most important events of Russian church history were accomplished: the election and the ordination of St. Iona the Primate of the Autocephalous Russian Church (1448), St. Job, the first Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (1589), His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon ). On the day of the celebration in honor of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, the intimacy of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Pimen was completed - 1917 May / 21 June 3

Historical days 21 May, 23 June and 26 August, associated with this holy icon, have become memorable days of the Russian Orthodox Church.


O All-Merciful Lady of the Theotokos, Heavenly Queen, all-powerful Intercessor, our shameless hope! We thank You for all the good deeds, the Russian people from Thee, the former, from the earliest times and from the miraculous icon of Thine revealed. And now, in offering to the Lady, look at us, sinful and unworthy of Your servants, show us Your mercy and pray for Your Son, the Christ our God, for delivering us from all evil and being saved by the reigning city, to every degree and weight, and to all our country , from death, ruin, coward, flood, fire, sword, foreign invasion and internecine warfare. Keep and wise the shepherds of the Church, which is worthy to shepherd the flock of Christ and the right to rule the word of truth; strengthen the Christ-loving All-Russian army, give the spirit of advice and intelligence to the commander, the mayor and all, Those in power are the essence; Your holy blessing has gone down and all the Orthodox Christians who worship Tee and pray in front of your icon-bound icon. Be with us the Intercessor and the Meddler before the Throne of the Most High, the idea of ​​the vestige. To whom shall we flee, if not to Thee, O Lady? To whom shall we bring tears and sighs, if not to Thee, Most Holy Theotokos? Not Imams of other help, no imams of hope, are you, Heavenly Queen. Under Thy cover we flow in: Through your prayers, peace, health, fruiting lands, air of salvation have been delivered to us, rid of all ills and sorrows, all kinds of diseases and diseases, sudden death and all the anger of enemies visible and invisible. Know and teach, O Merciful Intercessor, the path of this earthly life is sinless to pass away. You weigh our infirmities, our weights and our sins, but also the faith of the weights, and the hope is seen: give us the same correction of sinful life and soften our wicked hearts. Strengthen our right faith in us, put our spirit of fear of God into our hearts, the spirit of piety, the spirit of humility, patience and love, good deeds of prosperity: deliver us from temptations, from harmful soul-based teachings, from disbelief, corruption and eternal perdition. We pray to You, the Most Blessed Lady, and pristapyayusche before your holy icon, we pray: have mercy on us and have mercy on us, on the terrible day of the Court, intercede with intercession and intercession for us at the right hand of your Son, the Christ our God, to Him all glory, honor and worship, with His original Father, and Holy and Blessed and Consubstantial with His Spirit, now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen.

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