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Thank you!

29 May 2018 LJ cover – Благодарю!
Tags: Religion, Christianity

If you read this, it means that you have solved your basic problems to a certain extent. I will give you an example.

Now you do not strain yourself to earn money, now, at this moment, you do not suffer and do not scream from the terrible and intolerable pain, because when you experience such pain, you can not read any more. At this moment you are calm, you sit somewhere in your room, office, in a place where you can calmly and read. Let's say God for this: thank you!

How many gifts do you have! You can hear, talk, think, speak and live in peace

For the love of God: thank you! Our Lord, who gives us so many gifts for life, say: thank you! For what we can accomplish and this little experience - to say a few words, and in general we can hear, talk, think, speak and live in peaceful circumstances, and that we have so many talents. If you look now, then in the kitchen your plate is turned on and you are preparing food for it, there are plenty of food in the fridge and so many good things around - how many gifts do you have in life!

It is impressive that in our era, on all days, TV shows recipes for all kinds of dishes, give people the opportunity to learn all the new culinary inventions and secrets, which means if we think carefully that we have somehow secured all the vital necessities and now we have a luxury start . A luxury that speaks of the multiplication of our possibilities, that is, it is something beyond everything: one more recipe plus all the others and one more, and this time with some wonderful ingredient. For example, find ginger - who in Greece knew about ginger several decades ago, who knew about some eastern, Indian spices?

And all this means that we have something to eat, we even have food, and we already enjoy it. And we do well. That is, what do we do well? The fact that we make our life more beautiful, richer, more pleasant, sweeter, more beautiful. After all, if a person does not have a piece of bread or a plate of food, some kind of spicy soup, beans, fried potatoes or eggs, if you do not even have these products, then where do you look to buy a bunch of food and cook for these recipes?

But only you are used to it, you take it for granted, it's natural that you have all this, and you start to want something else: "I want to try this food!" I want more! "And you are not satisfied with the small, which you have and which is not small: it is not small, but very large.

You are not content with the health that you have, but when you lose it or something shakes, you naturally say right away: "How good it was before! How I felt wonderful and did not understand it! How many gifts from God I had, but I did not appreciate them! And how then, when my head was not sick and there was no dizziness, I did not appreciate this, as I did not notice that my head is healthy and does not hurt a bit! "

Thank you!

And you remember how well you slept, but thought it was something monotonous and even suggestive. And he never felt the desire to glorify God, to thank Him, that this gratitude, this peace, happiness, peace of the soul, joy would come out of you, and you would say: "Praise God! I have food, I have a bed, there is peace, peaceful thoughts and conscience, I sleep and I'm happy with everything! "You did not understand this.

But then, when insomnia begins, when you just do not know where to get away from the headache, you start saying: "My God, give me just a day so that my head does not hurt me so badly, and I'll thank you warmly!" It's like those little souvenir who hang on icons - copper, gilded or silver things, on which it says: "Thank You!" For something that God gave you, for the miracle that you did in your life - such is Thanksgiving .

So, today and I want to do this - to say thank you from myself.

If I can conduct this conversation and transfer with you, then, therefore, I do not suffer now, nothing threatens me, I have freedom to speak, freedom of speech, we have a democracy, and I'm not in danger. That is, I will give you an example: if we lived in post-revolutionary Russia, we could not say these words, we could not say them. I would immediately go to jail. That is, today what I do if the priest of that era, a priest (that was holy people!) Looked at it, they could not say this, but we, sinners, are talking today. These saints could not then speak, because any reasoning on the spiritual topic, about God ended in prison, hard labor, forced labor, torture, torment, suffering. And I can talk. And this is a great thing.

And you have a radio, you're sitting, and we can talk with you. Do you have a radio - this is also not a matter of course: your mother, grandmother, grandfather, they all had a radio then so that they could listen to such conversations? So God has given us great gifts in life. And we do not understand this, we take it for granted. For how much, if you sit down and ponder, you should say thank you!

And one more thing. Now you are free to switch the wave and say: "I do not want to listen to you, I'm tired already, I do not want to listen to these words." And again you are free. Is not this a great gift, that no one forces you to listen violently to something that you do not like? You choose, you decide: you want to listen - you listen, you do not want - you switch the transmission, listen to the other. Do whatever you want. You are free. Is not it great?

I say this because your mind often focuses on some unpleasant things and for you there is always something wrong, something is missing, you complain about something and you can not understand that if you approach it differently to your life, that is, to look at it differently and the field of vision of your soul will change, you will realize that you should be very pleased with many and joyful. This is your discontent means that your soul does not focus properly and constantly looks at what it lacks, what is not so, what is bad, what is not in your life. In fact, you have plenty of happy opportunities that God gives you, opportunities and gifts, but only you do not understand them, you do not appreciate them, you do not rejoice with them.

And what do you focus on - complaints? At the murmur? On the fact that everyone is guilty before you?

How do they talk about the camera, "focus"? That is, where do you aim, what are you focusing on - complaints, resentment? At the murmur? On the hardships, on the fact that everything is in some way in front of you to blame?

You will say: "In the end, what is the theme of this program?" Yes, nothing - that's what our topic is. That's it. How to look at what is happening in my life, even to a small and insignificant, in order to understand that it is not something insignificant, but gifts.

You have many gifts. Is that what you are doing now? You pour yourself some water? This I say, because one person told me: "I listen to you in the kitchen, I drink coffee, water and cook for food." And the water you drink, where did you get it? From the tap, huh? Is there water in the tap today? There is. And you take it for granted that the water should flow from the tap, that it should always be so that you drink it as long as you want. Yes, but still close the faucet sometimes when you do not use water, do not waste it, because so much water is wasted!

Thank you!

If you remember the old days (I found it, though not like an old man, but found it in the village where I grew up), there used to be a water column in the central square, and people went to her with cans and buckets, collected water and carried them home . Then not everyone had a column home where water would flow at any time and we would have clean water when and how much you want. And they appreciated water. Do you appreciate it? No, you, again, do not appreciate it and only come to the indignation when an ad appears on the door of the entrance that "in connection with the repair, there will be no water tomorrow from 6 to 11 hours of the morning."

And how do you react to this? "But what is it? Well, just bound and tied! How can I not have water? I can not turn on the washing machine! Well, how long will this continue? "Well, that's understandable: you are indignant. Well, when the water goes, what then? "Well, finally went! Throw it all, she went! "And so it should have reacted -" she went "? Should not you have been happy?

Well, when will your mind learn to rejoice so that you allow this joy to fill all your soul so that, like a drop of oil, falling on a cloth, it creeps in all directions, turning into a stain, and in you a "spot" of huge gratitude that would spread out for you and you would say: "Oh, water has gone! When she was, I did not understand this. And then I was left without water for a couple of hours and immediately realized that without water I like without hands! What a joy it is that she went! I can drink it again, prepare, wash and wash the floors with clean water. "

And notice: you do the cleaning and you do not wash with water to water the garden and flowers, but clean, which you can drink. And before this was not. And today in the countries of the third world there are people who do not have clean water.

Once I was returning from Mount Athos and, in anticipation of an evening train to Athens, visited the exhibition "Doctors Without Borders", and there were photographs taken by them in Africa where they went. And on one of them was a small child who drank water from a dirty source, because it was hard for him to reach a clean source, and he did not know that there was a difference between them. A little such baby. And it was written that many people died from whole families because they took water from dirty, contaminated sources and drank. And all this was not centuries ago, but now, in our time. And we do not know anything about that.

Something happened to your mind, and you're wrong about things, do not appreciate them

Well, now I felt that a wave of gratitude is coming from you? So you want to say: thank you? Well, of course, you can not do it by force: you do not want to thank. And I understand you: you can not forcibly thank. What shall I say to thee? Do not want to - so do not want to. But still think about this a little, namely, that you live in an environment of gifts, but only with your mind something happened, and you do not value things correctly, you do not appreciate them.

If you give a gift to a woman, give her some expensive piece of jewelry, and she stare into your eyes with a stony expression, cold and indifferent, will not you say that something is wrong with this woman? You will say: "It does not touch her! I give her such a gift, so expensive, does she not understand this? "So we are just like this woman before the Benefactor of our life, God, in view of the gifts He gives to us through nature, in nature, but we do not understand this.

And how many more gifts we have! If you think about them, then stop whining. You have so many things. You have a mind, and you think. You begin to understand this, when one of your friends goes insane, then you begin to be baptized and say: "My God, keep me in a solid mind!"

You will understand this even now, when you think that you can walk, talk, sit. You are sitting? Are you sitting right now? So glorify God for what you can sit!

I said this once in school to children, and they asked me:

- For what?

- Praise God for being able to sit and not experiencing pain!

And I did not invent this, I read it in the book of Elder Paisius, where he says that he himself gives such advice: "Thank God that you can sit! I realized this when I had cancer of the colon and I could not sit down anymore. When I went to bed, tossed in bed, looking for a comfortable position, but could not find it, because, no matter how I turned, it was always painful. And then I realized that when I was sitting on my little bench, penechka or stone, wherever, it was God's blessing. And I never appreciated it. I thought that being able to sit - it's understandable by itself. "

Today I'm telling you about great things. I'm not telling you about higher theology: I do not know how to talk about high matters, but I know that these simple things can trigger the mechanisms of our soul and cause tears. And I think it's great - that your soul can become sensitive, the heart soft, fleshy, and not stone. That it from the stone became flesh [1].

We rush along the freeways, on which so many people worked, laying these concrete slabs in the heat and cold, but in the shower we do not feel that we should be grateful to them for it. Today I enjoy it, and some people struggled to make my life easier. But I never think about it. I drive along these freeways, I look forward to the road and I get nervous all the time because of something, I have anxiety, stress, and I'm in a hurry to catch it.

Somebody will say:

- Yes it's all sentimental, romantic and stupid! I beg you, do not say such things, because life is so cruel!

Yes, life is cruel, but if this cruelty of life does not make you more sensitive, in the end you will become extremely cruel. So what is the conclusion? What?

Today it's so easy to live, but it's not easier on the soul, we have everything, but we are again unhappy. But if you start to say thank you for everything in life, you will always have a lot of reasons to be pleased. That's what I wanted to tell you today. Look, for what you can say thank you!

Thank you!

Elder Paisii says that when he was on the Sinai mountain, where he had been working for several years, there was no drinking water. It was necessary to go far on foot, half an hour, to the rock with which water oozed, and even then not always. And he says: "It was necessary to walk for half an hour, and when I turned off behind the mountain, I saw from a distance: whether the rock shines in the sun. If it was shining, it means that the water was, and if not, it meant that it was dry and the water did not drip today. And when I saw that she was dripping, oh, you can not imagine how happy I felt! "

One cup of water can make you a source of happiness. Have you thought about it? Have you ever felt happy that you are drinking a bowl of water? Never. You - maybe, and yes, but I'm speaking in principle.

Elder Paisius continues: "I carried her to my cell and shore, so that I could not blurt out the drops, because she dripped very poorly. Then he moved to Mount Athos, where there are springs with clean water, and got used to it, and they became something for me to take for granted. And then I found out that I had lost that gratitude, the joy that I experienced because of the bowl of water. "

Last time I told you a case when an elder was eating a biscuit with a tomato and thanking God that he was eating a biscuit with a tomato. You know, it's very important - how do you feel about what is happening in life. I do not know if you will agree with me. This is a matter of thought, that is, how you look at things. If you start to look at what is happening in a negative way, with a murmur, indignation, then everything will seem terrible to you, but if you look with good intentions, philosophically, then everything will become a source of joy and rejoicing.

Look now, what did Starets Paisii think about, sitting with this tomato and a handful of biscuits. He said to himself: "Behold, I am in the Holy Mountain, in the bosom of nature. And others live in the city, among the harmful fumes. O my God, I thank Thee! I live in a house ... - And what did he have? One wail, and that very poor, extremely simple, no mosaic inside, no carpets, no parquet, only logs fastened together. Extremely poor and meager environment. But, despite this, he said: - I have my own house, no hiring you, nothing. And people are racking their brains: how to find a house to rent it and pay rent, pay for children, for school, all sorts of expenses. And I have so many brothers around, and everyone says hello, they help me, they say: "Good afternoon! Bless you! God bless! "People in the world do not have any friends, live in one cooperative house and do not communicate with each other. "He was thinking about different things like that." - God made me a monk, helped to believe in Him, to love, and people do not know what to believe in, they are completely confused. I sleep peacefully at night, but someone does not have sleep, "- he thought about such things.

And suddenly he cried, holding a tomato and a small cracker in his hands. And then a man came in and saw it, but the old Paissy hurried into the house to wipe his eyes. And the visitor said to himself: "Ah, he hides something! Elder Paisii is engaged in something suspicious! As soon as he saw me, he immediately went inside! Who knows what he is doing here ... "

"And the other did not understand why I went into the house. And I just did not want him to see me as I was, touched, "the elder said.

You choke on the thoughts that make you see everything in black. I can not imagine, why are you doing this? I do not understand. You seemed to set a goal in front of you in life - constantly thinking about the unpleasant, seeing all the back of the neck and in gloomy tones. They say to you:

- You have a house!

And you:

- Well, what, what is? But there is no such and such!

- But you have the same house! Does he have everyone? Do you pay for renting it? No. He is yours? Is yours!

But you do not appreciate it again. And even if you rented a home - can anyone afford to rent a house today? And you do not appreciate this, you do not understand.

With your discontent, you challenge God, challenge life itself

Do you know what you're doing now? You seem to say, "My God, I do not distinguish Your gift, I do not understand it, I do not appreciate it!" And you challenge God, challenge life itself, that He takes this gift from you - not out of vindictiveness, but because he sees, that this gift did not reach its goal. If the gift that God sends to make you more sensitive, gentle, grateful, humble, happy, does not make you so, why do you need it then? And God says:

"Bring it back and leave it here." Bring it here, I'll take it away from you for a little while. Not that I did not want to give it to you: I want to give you others also, - but you can not keep small. How can I give you much?

And do not think that because you have little or, on the contrary, much, you will be happier. The aching aching with many, but happy and calm is also with the small. This is what the holy apostle Paul says: "I have learned to be pleased with many, and small. And in deprivation to be, in abundance to enjoy. I am happy with everything. I find good thoughts, bring them to myself and do not cry "(see: Flag 4: 11-12).

So stop crying. Learn to thank God, even for what is going against your desire.

How can we reach that level when one person said: "Thank You, God, that I have cancer"? Now we do not thank you for having health. And how can you thank for the fact that you have cancer?

Another one said: "Thank you, God, that I'm sick!"

"Why did you say that, you're sick?"

- Yes, but the disease, you know, how much I learned? I learned patience, love, humility, prayer, lack of memory, hope, faith, the memory of death, the hope of a resurrection - I learned all this from cancer. Is this not a gift?

And the questioner looked at him. He himself has everything, he bursts with health, but his soul suffers from despondency. Do you know what it's like to be healthy and defeated? Do you know what it's like to have everything and not know what's wrong with you and what you lack and constantly complain about life?

(The end follows)

[1] See: "And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit in them, and I will take from their flesh their heart of stone, and I will give them a carnal heart" (Ezekiel 11: 19).

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos)
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