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Learning Love

Learning Love

August 8 2018 LJ cover – Научиться любви
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Peace in the Soul

Every day, one or another test falls for the health of our soul. Sometimes, a colleague or someone from family members makes a remark, wanting to get out of themselves - for us it means: we need to watch the heart more closely. All around gossip, but for us it's an excuse to keep silent. A driver who drastically overtakes on the road; a woman that pushes forward at the checkout; a rough neighbor ... Each such case is an opportunity not to succumb to temptation and to climb up the spiritual ladder.

Meeting temptations and trials with a peaceful heart, we receive healing from the ailments of the soul, we temper it. Surrendering - we remain in the fetters of sin, which captivated us even during the fall of our forefathers. If we refuse to go on about temptations, we will be awake and rebel against them, then we will notice that in the moments of struggle in the soul Christ Himself settles, filling it with joy and peace.

Habit, distant from God

If we constantly complain about how we are treated unfairly, we will never come close to the image of the Savior, who accepted death from His enemies. We need to make every effort to God, try not to complain and love those who do not love us. Enduring suffering, Christ turned to His Father, so we, when we want to say something with vexation, must first look at the cross.

The habit of complaining we trample suffering as a necessary measure on the path of unity with God

The habit of complaining leads the heart into confusion and diverts from the true path, weakens zeal and hinders the attainment of peace, holiness. The habit of complaining, we trample suffering as a necessary measure on the path of union with God. Complaining, we arbitrarily chained ourselves to the ground and deprive of the joy that usually visits us when we surrender to the caring hands of the Lord.

Charity and Love

Love is not an act done out of a sense of moral duty. Love is something that binds ours, the visible world and the divine world, closed from our gaze. One world is temporary, another is eternal, and both are created by God. In temporal life we ​​prepare ourselves for eternity. Two of these worlds are held in charity and love.

One can observe all canons and statutes to the smallest detail, have a huge legacy of traditions and traditions, but if there is no charity and love in us, we are completely poor. The Lord Himself promised that He would judge us on business at the Last Judgment. The fulfillment of the law is not in pharisaical correctness, but in love. If the Orthodox faith is limited to us by the length of the services, by observing all the charters and fasts, we have truly achieved nothing.

Mercy is a reflection of our love for God: through this love we become sensitive to the suffering

If we do not show mercy and compassion to all, then we commit a terrible crime in relation to our faith, and, having presented ourselves before God, we will have nothing to say. If we are looking for power, leadership, we praise others, the absence of love will serve us in condemnation.

Mercy is a direct reflection of our love for God, and it is thanks to this love that we become sensitive to all who suffer, are sick, suffer mental and physical suffering. Christian charity is clearly derived from love, it is actually a reflection of love.

How to learn love?

I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life (John 8: 12). Such an image of the Savior, the image left by Him, once again shows that He is the light of love and truth, the light that illuminates the world. These words also remind us that the same light lives in ourselves: So let your light shine before people, that they see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven (Matthew 5: 16).

How to Learn Love

The divine light, which the Lord speaks of, shines through our love - He Himself commanded to love himself not only as a neighbor, but even as an enemy.

Often in life there are people who do not like us, to put it mildly, that we have to start talking about how to love them ... How can we then fulfill the commandment of the Lord and love all without exception?

As Orthodox Christians, we honor the icons of the saints, knowing that if God is light, then the saints also show the same light. Also, when a deacon or a priest makes a temple censing during a service, they fumigate the incense of all people, as if recalling that every person is the image of God, and calling on all of us to remember this.

Compelling yourself to love your neighbor, pray, call on the Lord's help

If we see Christ Himself in every person, then in someone who does not like us for some reason, who, perhaps, offended us or something bad, who lacks kindness ... - and in such people we will be able to consider the image of God, Truly, dumbfounded by sin. Christ after all suffered on the cross for salvation and those who do not like us. God loves everyone, so we need to do the same.

But again, how to do it - to love everyone? Here, we just need the grace of the Holy Spirit. Like the apostle Paul, we can say that everything good that we create is created by Christ Himself. Love of enemies is perhaps the most difficult of all commandments, but with God nothing is impossible. Encouraging yourself to love your neighbor, pray, call on the Lord's help. Everything is done by the Holy Spirit, therefore, with God's help, we can do everything, even the commandment of holiness.

Hegumen Tryphon (Parsons)
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