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Why is temple and temple prayer so important?

Why is temple and temple prayer so important? Pastors' answers

5 2018 June LJ cover – Почему так важен храм и храмовая молитва?
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Увы, поздней весной и летом храмы пустеют. После насыщенных дней Великого поста приходит духовное расслабление и... хлопоты по хозяйству. Для многих единственным временем для огородов остаются суббота и воскресенье. В отпуске, особенно в дальних странах, часто не найдёшь храм поблизости, а иногда и на него не остается времени из-за тех же хлопот... Вот и получается, что многие христиане пропускают не только всенощные, но и воскресные литургии, зачастую не понимая, какого сокровища сами себя лишают. Как донести до христиан, пусть и малоцерковных, мысль об особой роли храма в нашей духовной жизни? А есть ведь ещё и те, кто говорят, что им «не нужны посредники в разговоре с Богом», что «храм у них в душе» и пр.

If the "wretches" will see us in the fire,
they too will want to come to the temple

The priest Sergiy Begiyan:

- Why do you need a temple? Everything is very simple. Because at home you will not commune. And the Communion is life, this is the breath of an Orthodox person, this is the only light in the darkness of our life, the wharf during a storm, peace, peace and love, reigning in the heart. If a person does not have this understanding, then he does not need a temple either. Liturgy is the heart of the world. It beats and lives. Therefore, either you are in the temple and in the liturgy, and then the Divine Grace fills you, or you are outside of everything, in chaos. I do not know how to bring this to people. During the whole period of my priesthood, I realized that words have a small weight, and by no means they preach people into the temple and keep the person in it. I think that all of us, both priests and "faithful" laymen, simply have to live earnestly, earnestly serve God, earnestly partake of the sacrament, strive to the temple for the liturgy, like revelry at the springs of water (Psalm 41, 2). If the "witches" see us such a fire, they probably want to come to the temple not only for holy water or a consecrated egg. They will want to know where this fire comes from and what it is. And when such a person expertly learns deep prayer, cordial affection, the joy of Repentance and the blessedness of Communion - he will not go anywhere from the temple.

Priest Sergiy Begiyan
Priest Sergiy Begiyan

Show that faith is joy, freedom and grace

The problem is that often in the temple we are alone, and outside its walls - others. The problem is that it seems to many that fulfilling the commandments means being a sad bore who has disowned everything from everything and regards everything around as sin. I do not know about you, but I constantly come across such Orthodox people. And if I knew about Orthodoxy from them - and my foot would not be in the church. Show that faith is joy, freedom and grace. A man of little faith, not participating in the sacraments lives in a sinful darkness. What is the use of showing him different shades of his darkness? You show him the light of Christ. How to do it? Well, certainly not notations, moralizing and reproaches. Share the warmest thing that God has received in the temple. How to do it - the Lord will teach. Sometimes enough and cheerful words, and smiles, and moods. Well, in general, it's a secret.

The temple is a place where Divine love
touches the person searching for her

Priest Sergiy Begiyan
Priest Roman Savchuk

Priest Roman Savchuk:

- The question of the role of the Church in the spiritual life is probably one of the most painful religious issues of our time. It has already become a good tradition, criticizing the church's way of life, to hide behind a soapy phrase about "God in the Soul". In fact, this is nothing more than religious self-deception. The man, not wanting to take care of his soul, simply dismisses this topic with a convenient excuse. Why is it impossible for a normal spiritual life without the Church, participation in temple prayer? It seems to me, when answering this question, it is important to realize two important points.

To reject temple worship is to reject God who is looking for us

The first is objective. It is that by rejecting the Church in which the Revelation is realized about the salvation of the Lord of humanity, we, as it were, make God silent. More precisely, such a position means that God is somewhere far away, and He does not address the person in any way. His appeal to us is not at all important or necessary - we ourselves know what and how we should do better to organize our own spiritual life. This is nothing but a challenge to the Creator, who cares about humanity. This is the trampling of the Divine love, expressed in the economy of our salvation and the grace-filled help on the path to Him, which is accomplished in the Church. The temple is a place where Divine love, clothed in visible and accessible forms for sensory perception, touches the person searching for it. To reject temple worship is to reject God who is looking for us!

The second point is subjective. It consists in the fact that a person can not objectively evaluate his inner state and the quality of spiritual life. We are prone to all sorts of self-deceptions in this area. From this point of view, temple worship and church regulations are necessary for us so as not to plunge into the abyss of subjective sensuality and self-deception, far from reality. That is, this salvation from the harmful delights, which is a spiritual suicide.

Prayer presence in the temple -
pledge of blessing in our everyday affairs

Priest Demetrius Shishkin
Priest Demetrius Shishkin

Priest Dimitry Shishkin:

"The temple is not only the place of the special presence of God, but also the place of our mutual fellowship with Him. The liturgy is translated from Greek: common cause. And this common spiritual thing, this common prayer and service can not be replaced with anything. That is why it is important to treat the church services with reverence and fear of God, the main of which is the evening service on Saturday (as the church day starts from the evening) and Sunday Liturgy. It is noteworthy that, in general, in relation to the time of the whole week, these few hours of reverential presence in the temple are very few. The problem is that we do not understand often, we do not realize the importance of this presence and therefore do not want, we do not seek it, but, on the contrary, we treat it as an annoying and painful necessity. That's why we are looking for excuses and excuses ... But in fact the prayerful presence in the temple these days is not only an introduction to the higher, Divine life, but also, if you can say so, a pledge of blessing in our affairs of everyday life, which are resolved cheerfully and more sporo- , if these matters are preceded by a careful Sunday prayer in the temple. And if the person was also preaching and receiving communion - so what else could be better! Rejoice in the Lord, keep Him in your heart, in words and deeds, and do all your works in a divine way, without fuss. This is the norm and order of a good Christian life.

As for the fact that the temple of a man in the soul - this is true only when a person tries to live in a church. And an integral part of the church life (with the exception of objective obstacles) is a joint temple prayer.

What the temple gives,
it is comprehended only on personal experience

Priest Valery Dukhanin
Priest Valery Dukhanin

Priest Valery Dukhanin:

- In our life there is one fairly clear law: if you want to get something, you have to go where it is given. You can read books at home, but get education in schools, colleges and universities. It is possible and at home to engage in physical education, but seriously develop their body in the gym. You can learn a foreign language while sitting at home and using a self-instruction manual, but it is more effective to attend lessons, or even better - to immerse yourself in a language environment where you will directly learn the real experience of speaking.

The temple is a spring of living communion with God

The temple is a place where the centuries-old experience of communicating with God reigns. In our private prayers, we are trying to break through to Heaven, and in the temple Heaven itself is revealed to us. The temple is a spring of living communion with God. The thirst of the soul is satisfied only here.

Repeatedly I noticed on my own how you come to the temple absolutely exhausted, morally exhausted, emotionally exhausted, it seems, there are no forces. But - you become at the throne, you utter the first cry, the soul delves into the divine service, and everything new comes. Emotions, negative thoughts and feelings go away, fatigue disappears, and by the end of the service it becomes easy and easy. Temple worship heals and resurrects. The temple is the open gate to Paradise, and earthly problems are often solved here.

One of our parishioners told about her friend who never went to the temple, and now she had a tumor in her head. Our parishioner invited her: "Let's turn to God. Let's go with me to the church for worship. " They came to the All-night Vigil, prayed all the service, anointed with holy oil. It turned out that after this a sick woman went to another examination, and the doctors said with surprise that they do not see any tumor in her. But she did not even know about healing. But the Lord has given her such mercy, urging him to become closer to the Church. After that, she began to regularly confess and receive communion. This case shows that in the temple there is an abundance of the grace of God, capable of granting us any good.

Of course, we are not going to the temple for the sake of the earthly benefit. May your body not be healed, but the main thing is that the soul be healed so that it will be freed from the yoke of sinful passions. It is in the temple that our soul gains true freedom, joy, and scope. The temple gives as much as it is impossible to enumerate, but it is comprehended by everyone in their personal experience.

Prepared by Yuri Puschayev
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