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Daily confession of sins

Daily confession of sins

25 May 2018 LJ cover – Повседневное исповедание грехов
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Often when dealing with people you hear the following phrase: "I did not commit any serious sins - I did not kill, I did not commit adultery, I did not steal - and as for everything else: whether empty talk, condemnation, cruelty, lack of prayer - these are the sins of us all. They are as inevitable as the morning of the next day. " Such arguments are very dangerous, since any division of sins into grave and conditionally permissible leads to spiritual relaxation.

Even the smallest spot on a snow-white sheet of paper will be noticeable to the naked eye. It is the same with our soul. Any, even the most insignificant, from our point of view, "violation" remains on it, until it is washed with tears of repentance. And the more such specks gather, the darker the soul becomes, perceived from the cradle of Baptism pure and undefiled.

In one famous parable is spoken of a monk, to whom the wicked offered a choice of three sins: fornication, murder and drunkenness. If the monk voluntarily agrees to perform one of them, then the devil will never tempt him again. The monk accepted this condition, but before choosing the sin that he committed, he tried to assess the harm of each of them in order to choose the least evil.

Monk I thought about yourself so:

- Human kill - fearfully, for it there is и itself by himself great evil, и deservesmortal executions as by God's the court, so и by civil.

- Complete fornication, shame, ruin the to of purity body - it's a pity, и vilelyto become unclean not who has cognized more this filth.

- To revel in same one time, it seems, небольшой sin, for human soon sobered upsleep. So, will go я, I'll get drunk, that devil more not oppressed me, и peacefully я will liveв desert.

И here, anger his needlework, he whiskey в city и, sold his, has entered в tavern и reveled.

On Satanic action It happened him converse с some shameless иadulterous woman. Being enticed, he fell с her. When he committed с hersin, has come husband that women и, outpost sinful с wife, started his beat, а he, recovering, started fight с the husband и, overcoming his, killed.

Thus, way, hermit committed all three sin: fornication и murder, starting сdrunkenness. What Sins he sober was afraid и abhorred, those he boldly committed drunk иthrough it ruined their perennial works.

There are no trifles in the spiritual life. Each of our actions, each of our thoughts, entails some sort of consequences. Every morning when we get out of bed, we enter the field of invisible battle, in which our weaknesses are used against us. Beginning with the morning prayer, which often boils down to absent-minded reading of the prayer rule, and throughout the day, spent just as absent-mindedly and inattentively, we repeatedly make the same mistakes. An unkind look at the man who accidentally touched us in transport, a rude word involuntarily torn off at this moment from our language - all this and many other things we even do not even notice, since all this has long become the norm of life.

Lived-was dove, который constantly changed jacks. Him was unbearable unpleasant, acute smell, proceeding for these nests. Как-that he bitterly complained on itthe old, experienced pigeon.

The one all listened to и сказал: «Revert attention: therefore, that you constantlyyou fly over of jacks в nest, nothing not is changing: smell, который you sointerfere, is coming not for nests, а for you of».

"Prayer should serve us as a reminder every evening of what we did not manage to change in ourselves by the past day"

In the evening rule there is a prayer for the daily confession of sins. It lists the sins that we commit constantly. So it lasts from day to day, from year to year. Is this an excuse for our actions? I think no. This prayer should serve us as a reminder every evening that we did not manage to change in ourselves the past day.

Attentive prayer can not help but be accompanied by a hearty affliction about every sin mentioned in it. Only such a judicious attitude towards oneself, and not attempts to self-justify, can allow us to gradually, step by step, reduce our personal list of "insignificant misdemeanors". In this article, I would like to focus only on some of them, so firmly entrenched in our minds.

Broken Prayer

One monk, defeated scattered prayer, с bitterness pronounced:

- Jesus, if You everywhere, that as so turns, that я constantly find myself morewhere-that?

They say that unspoken prayer is the lot of saints. Does this mean that we, when starting to communicate with God, should not try to do this with attention and reverence? Only a constant exercise in prayer work can give the skill to a concentrated prayer, reflecting in our attitude to it our real spiritual state. After all, as a rule, absent-minded prayer is a sign of a scattered life, in which there are no precisely scheduled tasks and landmarks.

Got up human on evening rule. Began читать Prayer, but so as behind daytired, that villages on chair. Prayer all equally not was going. Unexpectedly came from a bell вDoor - it neighbor, back с Fishing. Were standing they и hours two conversed о volume, on thatthat caught и as у it pecked.

When conversation have completed, human again back к prayer. First he readrule standing, а then - again sitting down. Force-that after all stand on prayer у it again notIt was!

"If we ask God for humility, then we also ask for the emergence of situations in which we will have the opportunity to show it"

The Lord calls us to pray constantly. It is difficult to do this in worldly life, but it is possible. After all, prayer is not limited to the rule established by the Church. It can be expressed not only by certain right words and petitions, but also by their every minute incarnation. To achieve such a prayer, manifested in specific cases, you can carefully monitor yourself. If we ask in humility God's prayer, then we also ask for the emergence of situations in which we will have the opportunity to manifest it.

Некий human prospil monk:

- Who you taught pray?

The one said:

- The demons.

- Как demons?! ..

- Yes so! They me boroli different with thoughts, а я for them fought back prayer.


Recognize yourself as a cruel hearted person.

- How so, I work from morning till night for my family, help friends, give alms. Do I have a rough and hard heart? This is how I reason when I say this sin in prayer. But, when I start to dig deeper, I remember that I did not help a woman with a stroller get into the trolley bus, did not help the old woman coming from the market to bring her bag to the stop. There are a lot of such simple situations, and they can be connected not only with the provision of banal physical or material assistance, but a usual kind word that warms the soul of a smile.

How often do we have to grumble at the injustice that prevails in this world, and how little is needed at times, so that it becomes at least a little less.

On street in winter human had seen stripped и hungry the child.

Human got angry и с indignation addressed к God:

- Why you you allow it? Why You nothing not doin for it unfortunatebaby?

В answer he heard:

- Я which-that undertook: Я sent him you...

У архимандрита Иоанна (Крестьянкина) есть «Слово о малом доброделании». В нем идет речь о важности именно таких «малых» хороших поступков. "Surround yourself, people, yourself, gird up with the small deeds of good - a chain of small, simple, easy, nothing worthy of good feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. Let us leave it big and difficult, it is for those who love it, but for us who have not yet fallen in love with the great, the Lord has prepared with His mercy, poured out a little love everywhere, like water and air. "

You need to change the world with yourself. If there is not yet love for our neighbor in us, we can do the works of this very love, and not ask rhetorical questions about the origin of evil and injustice.

- Jesus! Ну why so lot lies, violence, wars, deaths, depravity?! – askedpeople God.

- You not Like all it?

- Of course, no!!!

God said:

- Then not Do it!


Once the novice asked Abba Dorothea how not to fall into condemnation. In response, he heard:

- If you say "my brother lied" - you will tell the truth. But if you say "my brother is a liar," you condemned him.

To feel the line that separates the reasoning of sin from condemnation, one must have spiritual experience and spiritual knowledge. We, living in the world, can hardly consider ourselves to have achieved such a state. It is too easy to condemn a neighbor without even noticing it. And we do not need any serious reason for this - there would be a person, but there is an excuse.

One family couple moved live в new apartment.

In the morning, barely waking up, wife looked out в window и saw neighbor, котораяhung out on drying laundered linen.

- Look, what filthy у her linen- said it his husband.

But that read newspaper и not drew on it no attention.

- Probably, у her bad soap, or it quite not knows how wash. Must would her teach.

И so any time, when neighbor hung out linen, wife was surprised to, what itfilthy.

В one beautiful morning, having looked в window, it cried out:

- О, do! Today linen clean! Probably, has learned wash!

- Yes no, - сказал husband- just я today got up early и washed window.

It is much harder to notice dirt in the window of your own soul, but this is the surest means not to fall into the sin of condemnation. Learning to see in each person a ray of light, and not a darkness of darkness - is very important. It is important first of all for ourselves.

- Father, why you sad? - prospil pupil у starets.

- People forgot how see the truth. Three times я showed three of you white clothing сdirty blemish. И asked: that you you see? Dirty spot- говорил each ofyou. И nor one not guessed reply: white cloth.


Verbosity, empty talk, profanity - all these are different sides of one sin, connected with inability (unwillingness) to curb their language. This sin is inherent in all of us. Even when we are silent, we sometimes mentally say such speeches and use such conversions that you are amazed. The fact that silence is gold, we all know. But how hard it is to hold back when someone is discussing something with you.

The word is a very dangerous tool, capable not only of encouraging and energizing, but also injuring or destroying someone else's life. Avoiding useless verbosity can only be with a careful and careful attitude to everything that is spoken, inextricably linking it with soul-searching discretion.

One human prospil Socrates:

- Know, that me сказал о you is yours friend?

- Billeting, - stopped his Socrates. - Before the as say me that-that, proseytheir words through three sieve. first sieve - sieve truths. You sure, that that, that youI heard, true?

- No, я just I heard it.

- Second sieve - sieve kindness. You do you want say me о my another one that-thatgood?

- No, On the contrary.

- The third sieve - sieve benefits. Me really useful hear that, that youdo you want me say?

- I think, that no.

- Hence, в volume, that you do you want me to tell, no nor truths, nor kindness, nor benefits? Why then it speak?

The list of such sins, involuntarily committed by us, is great enough. It includes not only absentmindedness, cruelty, idle talk, idleness, disobedience, jealousy, delicacy, rancor, but also such incomprehensible ones as mingling, bad-breeding and covetousness.


Meshing is a passion for things. In one of the monastic statutes it is said that monks should not have in their cells any superfluous things, since this passion is a kind of money-love. In our day, this sin is most clearly manifested in such a phenomenon as shopaholism.

Господь, обращаясь к Своим ученикам, сказал: «У кого две одежды, тот дай неимущему, и у кого есть пища, делай то же» (Лк. 3, 11). Вещи сами по себе не являются чем-то греховным, греховной является страстное отношение к ним.

once thieves they said a certain old man:

- Мы came pick up all, that is в your cell.

The one said:

- Children my, take all, that wish.

Then they have taken в cell all, that can, but hidden pouch, и are gone. Butold man ran behind them, screaming:

- Children my, you forgot pouch, take his!


Felting is also associated with a passion for enrichment, done in an unjust way. Ambition is a disease that seeks for its satisfaction any means, including the use of official position, authority, kinship and friendship.

Came one day в монастырь one very influential human. He brought с By yourselflot Gold и asked Abbot give out gold brothers.

Настоятель him said:

- Brothers not need в This.

But since brought was very an important special и convincingly requested about performancehis desires, that presbyter proposed him put box с gold coinsat entrance в церковь, а brothers сказал, that that, whom they Need, let will takemoney of drawer. But none of brothers not only not touched к coins, buteven not looked up on them.

Then old man сказал nobleman:

- God accepted the yours offering - podi, give gold beggars.


Любостяжание выражается в страстном попечении о приобретении имущества, превышающего требуемую для жизни меру. Апостол Павел причисляет этот грех к идолослужению: «… никакой блудник, или нечистый, или любостяжатель, который есть идолослужитель, не имеет наследия в Царстве Христа и Бога» (Кол. 3, 5).

Jesus, preaching to the people, said: «See, beware covetousness, for lifeman not It depends for affluence his estates. И сказал them parable: у one richman was good Crop в field, и he reasoned himself с by oneself: "That me делать? Nowhere me assemble fruit my". И сказал: "Here that do: break down barns myи will build большие, и collect there whole bread my и all good my, и I will say soul my: Дears! A lot of good is у you on many year: be at rest, eat it, drink, have some fun" But Godсказал him: "Insane! В this night soul your will take у you; whom same will getthat, that you prepared? " So бывает с тем, кто собирает сокровища для себя, а не в Бога богатеет» (Лк. 12, 15-21).

The Lord does not expect from us some incredible feats associated with climbing the cross or betraying ourselves for believing in torture and death. All that is required of us is an attentive attitude towards our life and to the little things that form our Christian dispensation. It is this daily work on ourselves, manifested in every concrete act, which is the guarantee of our spiritual growth, the guarantee of our salvation.

Sergey Sazhin
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