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The Russian world between Neopaganism and Orthodoxy

The Russian world between Neopaganism and Orthodoxy

24 May 2018 LJ cover – Русский мир между неоязычеством и Православием
Tags: Orthodoxy, Religion, Russia, Ukraine

I want to say a few words about the dangerous spreading of paganism in the Russian world and about the unification of Nazi neo-pagans in the struggle against Orthodoxy. This is confirmed by the fact that, despite the extremely tense relations between Russia and Ukraine, the Nazis living in these countries perfectly find a common language and, fighting against the Russian Orthodox world, believe they are doing a common cause. Its goal is the destruction of the Divine community of our people and the isolation of ethnic groups on the basis of pagan.

Here is what the Ukrainian historian Kirill Galushko writes: "Recent years in Ukraine have become popular in the national-patriotic political camp, among collectors and entrepreneurs from" black archeology, "to lead the Ukrainians from Trypillian culture - the early agricultural culture of the Eneolithic era, that is, the copper-stone century.

In Russia, among the same category of people, the theory of the ancient "Hyperborea" in the north of Russia is popular, which created a world civilization in the era of the glacial period, that this is the very first and real Russia, and the birthplace of Nordic Aryans "[1].

It's strange that such ideas are broadcast by people who call themselves Christians

But it is especially strange that such ideas are sometimes broadcast by people who call themselves Christians. These are those who neglect the purity of Orthodox confession, the Tradition and experience of church life. About such Scripture says, as people who have a form of godliness, the strength of his renounced (1Time 3, 5).

Indeed, recently I have had occasion to communicate with serious and established people who consider themselves Orthodox, but in their judgments they constantly evade neo-paganism and occultism. All these demonic opinions are mixed with the true faith exactly to the extent that, without violating the false sense of one's "rightness" in the person, at the same time it is hopeless to spoil the purity of his thoughts. And it is precisely because of the nature of these people - who have reached a certain position in society, confident and active - to convince them of the fallibility of these opinions is very difficult. These people, most likely, will not become Nazis, but they too can not be good sons of their Fatherland, patriots and "collectors of Russian lands", because their spiritual life is upset. And without the Orthodox, integral and collected inner life of those whom we conditionally call "princes" and the powers that be, it is impossible to organize our common Russian life, no matter how much one would like to believe in the opposite.

They say that if a person peers into the abyss, the abyss begins to peer at him. The same can be said about the mythical ancient civilizations, looking at them in search of some special, extraordinary, mysterious "truth" has become especially fashionable in recent times. But if the very fact of the existence of these proto-civilizations remains questionable, then attempts to find the spiritual truth in their imaginary "fragments" are undoubtedly deadly. Because these fantastic ideas about the great and powerful ancient worlds, the culture and development of which infinitely exceed our modern achievements, all these fantasies, with the indispensable occult-esoteric fleur, leading the person away from the actual knowledge of the truth, namely, awareness of his fallen state and necessity the repentant transformation of life, and from reality - apparently inspired by the spirits of wickedness under heaven. The antiquity here only fogs and, as it were, gives meaning to these charming dreams of the ancient great and mysterious sages and titans, the carriers of the secret knowledge that the Lord said at the dawn of Christianity: Everything, how many they came before me, are thieves and robbers 10, 8).

As a child, I dreamed of surviving until the day when ... they will break our house, because I wanted to see where the mysterious steps lead. This interest aroused in me a family legend. We lived in the old district of Simferopol, in the communal yard. This place - the Old Town - was just formed on the site of the ancient Tatar settlement of Ak-Mosque, near which in the late 18th century Simferopol was founded. But even before the Ak-Mosque people lived on this place, and the life of this settlement goes into the depths of not even centuries, but millennia. We had a small front garden in which, long before my birth, my father's brother, Uncle Kostya, planted a plum. A couple of years, the plum began to wither, and it was decided to dig it. But when his uncle began digging it, his pick fell into a void, and it became clear that the roots of the plum also sprouted into this emptiness, which turned out to be the remnants of some ancient buildings and buildings. Maybe it was a cellar or a cellar, I do not know. They found an amphora, ancient steps carved into the rock (the ones that went under our house, built, as I understand it, in place of the ancient manor). And they found half of the altar, it seems, Scythian, because the then special on this issue - Professor PN. Schulz - sent his staff to our front garden, and they worked there for several days. This story, told later, made an indelible impression on me. And my main dream was not even to see where the steps go, but to become an archaeologist. But I, alas, was a hopeless treetnik, it was difficult to remember the dates, names of places and surnames, and no university even shone close to me, so my dream remained unrealized.

But not only this story with excavations influenced me. Its immediate participant, Uncle Kostya himself was fascinated by archeology, and when he became a military topographer, he was one of the first to discover and "decipher" the outlines of settlements belonging to the so-called Trypillian culture on the territory of present-day Ukraine. He even wrote several scientific papers on this subject and became a freelance correspondent for the USSR Academy of Sciences. But somewhere in the middle of 1980-x, my uncle "suffered". He armed himself with a "biolocation framework" and became "mind and spirit" to sink, as it seemed to him, into the very deep antiquity from which the feet of modern neo-paganism grow, so immersed that it was no longer possible to pull it out. Uncle became the herald of all that esoteric nonsense about the ancient civilizations, which is now so popular in the broadest circles of the neo-Pagan community around the world. He began to think that with the help of the "framework" he could find out where the deposits of fossils or traces of ancient civilizations are located ... But, worst of all, he began writing about this to the higher-level "profile instances". A couple of times, even one of the wealthy people risked "investing" in his uncle and checking his information, especially about the deposits of precious metals, but, as one would expect, all his "revelations" were just a demonic fun over an unhappy man who fell into a deep delusion. And the fact that the uncle was not put into a psychiatric hospital is just a happy coincidence for him, and speaking in church language is the mercy of God. The time has come when it was already possible to talk and broadcast anything and anything to anyone to fool around. Than the uncle and is engaged till now, despite of more than old age, with frightening seriousness and solidity.

This demon is unchanged and only awaits the opportunity to master the interest and attention of the broad masses

I always felt sorry for my uncle, because he is a sincere person, carried away and even believing, but his faith, alas, is refracted in a prism of excessive pride, and God, as we know, resists the proud. It is clear that he draws information from the "information field of the earth" through all the same biomarkets, and eventually came to the conclusion that he achieved the highest degrees of initiation with his "prayers" and energy works, so he stands among those few elected, spiritual atlantes, on which the world holds. Sadly that's all. And, looking at everything that is happening in Ukraine, watching how the ancient proud serpent rises from the myths of Trypillia's "proto-Ukrainian culture", how an insanely pagan national idea is created, comparing these processes with what was happening in Nazi Germany, so , which, alas, happens in our youth environment, with the revival of interest in the "great" pagan and, without fail, national-mythical grandeur - you understand that this demon is unchanged and just waiting for the opportunity to master the interest and attention of the broad masses.

And perhaps this is only when Christians cease to be Christians, renounce, not in words, but in deed, on the power of God, depart from the Church and understand the true worth and vocation of man. When they become partakers of a terrible lie, they are not able to understand and realize the bitter lessons of the past when the same demon threw communities of people into a terrible charm, the result of which were innumerable suffering, and ultimately - collapse and shame.

May God preserve us from such unconsciousness, from inattentive life, from neglect of the Spirit of Christ, which, and in which only for us is really good and national (in the best sense of the word) creation.

[1] Galushko K.Yu. Ukrainian nationalism: an educational program for Russians. K: Tempora, 2010. C.18.

Priest Demetrius Shishkin
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