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Heart Prayer. Church Prayer

Heart Prayer. Church Prayer

March 20 2018
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Heart Prayer

Only then prayer becomes a victorious weapon in invisible (spiritual) warfare, when it becomes real, that is, it will take root in the heart and begin to act continuously in it. From this moment it becomes an impenetrable, irresistible and impenetrable fence of the soul, which does not admit to it either the arrows of the enemy, or the passionate attacks of the flesh, nor seductions from the charming world. With her very presence in her heart, she suppresses invisible abuse.

Why do I inspire you: hasten to instill in the heart the action of prayer and take care that it was there in unceasing movement. For this is the same as saying: do so and without a struggle will be the winner, this is so Indeed, it happens. But as long as your prayer reaches such strength, the enemies will not give you rest, you and the minute can not do without the battle. Will prayer help here? Of course, and more than any other weapon of spiritual warfare. It always attracts God's help, and the power of God reflects enemies, only let it be zealous and devoted to the will of God. Its place is at the very beginning of confrontation with enemy attacks. This is how it happens: when attention, like a vigilant guardian, makes you aware of the approaches of enemies and will feel their arrows, that is, either passionate intentions or passions of passion will appear inside, zealous for saving the spirit, realizing in this an angry enemy matter, reflects it from the heart, not allowing it to penetrate, and almost at the same time internally rises in prayer to the Lord, calling Him to help. Help comes, the enemies are scattered, and the battle subsides.The Monk Nicodemus of the Holy Cross (64, 209).

Every prayer in which the body does not work, and the heart does not come to grief, is recognized as an immature fruit, because such a prayer without a soul(82, 254).

In the prayerful work of slaves there is no world of thought; there is no chaos of rebellious embarrassment in freedom(82, 268).

Pronounce the verses of your psalmography, not as if borrowing words from another, and do not accept the intention of continually multiplying the work of your prayer, so as not to lose all affection and joy in prayer, but speak these words in your prayer as if from yourself, with tenderness, with comprehension of meaning them, as truly understanding their business.Reverend Isaac the Syrian (82, 269).

"Pour out your heart before Him" ​​(Psalm 61, 9). God with a soul that loves Him, talks simply, and in conversation He does not need. For he does not speak to the ears, but to the heart, and therefore to the soul who loves Him, gives such a wonderful language, which does not say anything, but God hears his verbs.

This was the language of Anna, the mother of Samuel, about whom the Word of God says: "Her mouth was just moving, and her voice could not be heard" (1 .1, 13). What a marvelous gesture of speech? What kind of silent conversation? However, God heard Anninu pray so prayerfully, how she would cry out loud to Him. The same we see on the prophet Moses. He led Israel from Egypt and entered the parted sea, saw Pharaoh and all his strength chasing after their tracks. In this case, not only the mouth of Moses, but his heart was restrained. He did not utter a word with his mouth, but listen to what God says to Moses: "Why do you cry to Me?" (Ex. 14, 15). God is a miracle worker! Moses is silent, and You say to him: "Why do you cry to me?" Of course, God heard the words of the heart of Moses, which were more loud than the words of the mouth of the whole people.

Let it be impossible for the inner fervor of the spirit to manifest itself through some external signs, as, for example, it is almost impossible that tears do not flow from a strong heartbreak or sighing open up; moreover, the external signs of pious entreaties can be useful to the excitement of others, especially when prayer is performed in the general assembly, but for all that the heart before the body let's kneel its knees; the heart beforehand, let it be lifted up to God; heart before eyes, shed tears; the heart before clothing, let it tear; heart before speech, and talk.

We must pray with attention, and with our hearts more than with tongue, so that these unpleasant words are not spoken about us: "These people are approaching me with their mouths, and they honor Me with their tongue, but their heart is far from Me; but vainly honor Me "(Matthew 15, 8). We saw that Moses had such a heartfelt prayer ... O prayer, which so closely connects man with God! Here is a living prayer example! We must be amazed by shame and shame when we think about our prayers. How many before us we will decompose books, how many words will be spoken, how many hypocritical sighs, how many nimble obeisances - and with all these actions we do not feel in ourselves any crushed blow! We read many prayers, yes, as if their soulless body would pronounce or for a few hours the language that had been set. We want God to heed our prayer, when we do not listen to it ourselves. This prayer is truly turning into sin. So, one must pray with the heart more than with the tongue.Plato, Metropolitan of Moscow (105, 309-313).

Jairus, at all, having fallen at the feet of the Savior, publicly prayed to the Lord about the healing of his daughter and was heard. The Lord, without saying anything, immediately got up and went to him. On the way to Jairus, a bleeding wife was healed, of course, not without prayer from her side, although she did not cry out and did not fall down at the feet of the Lord; she had a heartfelt prayer of faith. The Lord heard and healed him. Here everything was done in secret. Bleeding with his heart turned to the Lord; The Lord heard this cry of the heart and granted the petition. This wife and Jairus have essentially one prayer, although it is possible to distinguish certain degrees in them. Such prayers, full of faith, trust and devotion, are never heard.

They say sometimes: "I pray, I pray, but my prayer still does not hear." But take the trouble to get up to the measure of prayer without fail - and you will see why it is not heard. Whether you are in a prayerful position, like Jair, or in a simple, ordinary, like everyone around, like bleeding, - when a real prayer will arise in your heart, she will undoubtedly enter the Lord and worship Him. The whole point is how to reach such a prayer. Work - and you will reach. All the rites of prayer are designed to make the prayer-books in such a measure of prayer, and all who reasonably pass this prayer course reach their goal(107, 377-378).

The Lord gave a prayer common to all, combining in it all our needs, spiritual and physical, internal and external, eternal and temporary. But since in one prayer one can not combine everything about which one has to pray to God in life, after general prayer there is a rule in the case of private petitions about something: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you "(Luke 11, 1-10). In the church of God it is done: Christians all pray together for common needs, but each one personally sets out his needs and needs before the Lord. Together we pray in the temples according to the established ordinances, which are nothing more than the prayer of the Lord described and in different forms; and in particular at home, everyone, as he knows how, asks the Lord about his. And in the temple you can pray for your own, and at home you can pray with common prayer.

We only need to take care of ourselves: that when we stand on prayer, whether at home or in the church, we have in our souls a real prayer, a real conversion and the ascent of our mind and heart to God. As anyone can, let him do it. Do not stand like a statue, and do not mumble a prayer, like a typed machine playing songs. No matter how much you stand and how much you mutter, no. You have prayers, when the mind wanders and the heart is full of vain senses. If you stand on a prayer, you have adjusted to it, what is it worth to you and the mind and heart to attract here? And draw them, even if they persist. Then a true prayer will be drawn up and will draw the grace of God and God's promise to prayer: ask and it will be done, will be fulfilled. It is not given often because there is no petition, but only a petition.Bishop Feofan the Recluse (107, 358-360).

True prayer does not consist in words and pronouncing them, but the true prayer is "in spirit and truth" (John 4, 23). When we pray to God, we must stand before Him not only in body, but also in spirit; and to say a prayer not only with lips, but with the mind and heart; and not only to bow our heads and knees, but also our hearts before Him; and to Him we should erect our intelligent eyes with humility. For every prayer must come from the heart; and that the language speaks, the mind and the heart must be spoken. Therefore, nothing should be taught like this by true prayer. God looks at the heart, not our words, and hearkens to the sighing of the heart, and not to the verbal utterance. "Lord! teach us to pray "(Luke 11, 1).Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 1106).

The degree of our love for God we see with particular clarity in prayer, which is the expression of this love and is very correctly named in the paternal writings a mirror of spiritual progress(111, 257).

Prayer is primarily the fulfillment of the first and most important commandment(112, 93).

A man is made capable of the love of God from the fulfillment of love for his neighbor, and the state of aspiration by the whole being to God is raised by prayer(108, 518).

Prayer is an active expression of the love of a monk to God(112, 92).

Ascending to God with pure and frequent prayer, he earns living faith in God, sees Him and flies like a winged one, through all the vicissitudes and misfortunes of earthly life(111, 353).

By some progress (in prayer) there comes a sense of silence, humility, love for God and fellow man without distinction between good and evil, the patience of sorrows as a voyage and healing of God ... Love for God and fellow man, being gradually out of fear of God, is quite spiritual .. differs by the difference between an infinite human love in the ordinary state of her(108, 293).

When you feel dryness, bitterness, do not leave a prayer: for your expectation and a feat against heartlessness, the mercy of God will come to you, consisting in affection(109, 164).

The mind prays with words, the heart prays with tears. The heart will not mourn if it does not placate the words of prayer, does not draw the mind of close prayer, if the heart does not help it cry.Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (82, 414).

Church Prayer

Church prayers contain a vast Christian dogmatic and moral theology: a visiting church that is not inadmissible and carefully listening to its reading and singing can clearly study everything that is necessary for an Orthodox Christian in the arena of faith.Bishop Ignatius (Brianchaninov) (109, 181-182).

"You, when you pray, enter your room and, shutting your door, pray to your Father. Which is secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. "(Matthew 6, 6). God is everywhere looking at the purpose of the deeds. If you enter the room and shut the doors behind you, but you will do it by vanity, the closed doors will not do you any good ... The Lord wants you, before you shut them, expelled vanity and closed the door of your heart. For a completely good deed should always be free from vanity, and especially during prayer. If we wander with our thoughts everywhere without prayer, then when we begin to pray with the disease of vanity, then we ourselves will not hear our prayers either. If we ourselves do not hear our prayers and petitions, how can we hope that He will hear us?

They say: I can pray at home. You are deceiving yourself, my friend. True, you can pray at home, but you can not pray like in a church where so many fathers are gathered, where a unanimous voice rises to God. You can not pray this way when you alone call on the Lord how you can raise it when you stand with your brothers, for there is something more - the unity of many, the union of love, the prayers of the priests. That's why the priests are put, so that the prayers of the people, which may be weak, connecting with stronger ones, be carried to Heaven.St. John Chrysostom (115, 599-600).

"You, when you pray, enter your room and, shutting your door, pray to your Father. Which is secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. "(Matthew 6, 6). Well, should not I pray in the church? On the contrary! It should, only with pure intent, and not with the fact that people saw it. Because no place hurts us, but the inner location and purpose. Many, and secretly praying, do it in order to please people.Blessed Theophylact (115, 589).

Faithful Christians, having left all their affairs, flock to the church prayer without laziness and do not say this: we'll drench home. This prayer can not do anything without church prayer. As the house does not warm with smoke without fire, so is that prayer without the church. For the Church is called the earthly Sky, in it the Lamb, the Son, the Word of God is tempered, for the purification of the sins of the whole world, the faithful and people, trembling the words of God. It also preaches the Gospel of the Annunciation of the Kingdom of God, and the Acts of the Holy Apostles, and the Cathedral Epistles, and 14 of the Epistles of our Holy Apostle Paul, and the seven Holy Ecumenical Councils are honored. In the church, the throne of God's glory is covered with the invisible Cherubim and with the priestly hands the Divine Body and Blood are received and are given to the faithful people for salvation and for the purification of souls and bodies. And such terrible, and terrible, and glorious miracle of God, what is the church service, you want to replace your own singing with your house!St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow (115, 600).

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