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Humility is the garment of the Godhead

Humility is the garment of the Godhead

July 11 2018 LJ cover – Смирение есть одеяние Божества
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Very often it happens. Here come: my father, my daughter did. The priest says: yes, they did not do anything to her. But they do not believe him. Some grandmother will say - and a man will believe; He trusts all stupidity, but the word of truth does not. This is an amazing human property. Or say to a person: you want to be healthy - fulfill the commandments of God, go on Sundays to the temple, pray to God, keep fasting, take Holy Communion of the Holy Mysteries, study the Holy Scripture. And the Lord will heal your soul, and then, you see, your body will begin to heal with the soul. Everything is simple and clear. But no, he will not believe it. And tell him: find three rat tails, crush, an infusion of alcohol, three times through your left shoulder, and at twelve o'clock, but not in Moscow time, but in London, drink - and you will be healthy. And will do. You say: go to the temple, communion. No, I need to go to the grandmother for ninety-five thousand kilometers, and only she will save me. Why is that? Absolutely clear, simple words: here is Christ, we partake of the Holy Christ's Mysteries, unite not with some miracle-worker, not with a great magician, not with a healer, but with God Himself. What can be higher than this? No, he still needs something.


It is quick and simple to sin, but to restore what is lost is very long. And this is just what man does not want. It is much easier to go somewhere far away from the far end of the earth or drink some water. Here, sit in front of the TV, close your eyes - and all, no effort, no soul, no body. On the contrary, relax, close your eyes, sleep well. There is no work required. And in the Church it is required: keep the commandments, cut off your thoughts, do not want to pray - pray, do not understand anything in the Holy Scripture - read it anyway, you want to lie down at home on a day off - no, you have to go to the temple. The Middle Needs - means, it is necessary to help. Someone asks for money - we must give it. How much work! Of course, very few people go for it, because a person has radiated, is only looking for a favor, he is looking for benefits only for himself and therefore loses the most important thing.


A very important virtue for us, sinners, is patience. Anger suffocates you - be patient. You want something, but you do not, envy torments you - be patient. At someone else's zaryshsya, I want to sneak - do not do this, bear it. I want to chat quietly. I want to eat - do not overeat, tolerate, eat as much as you want. I want to turn on the TV - do not turn it on, bear it. I want to sleep - no, do not sleep, get up, pray. I do not want to get up right away when I wake up, I want to lie down - no, be patient, get up. And so in everything. Only in this way will we gradually cultivate patience. As a Russian proverb says: "The Lord endured and told us to."

And why do we need patience? The fact is that it educates the main virtue: humility is born from it. The whole world is indignant at the Russian people, and as soon as they call him: slaves, and they can not be built forever, and they live worst of all, and they will not be stirred by anything. Why are Russians so? Because God loves Russia and gave a lot to her. How much fell to the lot of our people, few people still had to suffer. That's why this quality was brought up, humility: and, nothing, and so well - such a complacent attitude to external, material life. Everybody wants our people to plunge into business to make everything boil, but he does not need it, he does not want this, he wants for his soul. But God was taken away from him, and now he is suffering, he is stuck between drinking and debauchery and does not know where he should go. That's the trouble.

And here is a long patience gives rise to humility. And humility is the garment of the Godhead. If we reach humility, we will achieve salvation, because God only gives grace to the humble. And the attainment of the grace of God - this is the Kingdom of Heaven that has come to us in power.

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov
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