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On the day of the Holy Trinity, teaching to all who wish to save the soul, things immortal

31 May 2018
Tags:Religion, Christianity

If you are careful about this virtue, you must still have awe of God ... and not depart from the Grace of the Holy Spirit, in us who lives. And if we remove the Holy Spirit from ourselves, then we will necessarily fall into the hands of the enemy of our salvation, which draws us to the same place where he himself lives, that is, hell hell.

The Holy Scripture points us to one of the original virtues, it is called: sensible silence. If it is useful to everyone in general, then for the monastics in particular. And therefore St.. The fathers said: every virtue should be started from the language; If any man does not hold his tongue, then do not seek for this virtue, for his soul is devastated, the whole spirit of piety has evaporated. It is better to fall from the height than from the language ... It is not for nothing that the Holy Church forces us to repeat every day throughout the year, and even in the Great Lent sings among the temple: "Set, O Lord, the keeping by my mouth and the door of the fence about my mouths." Why? Therefore, firstly, that we do not sin so much and so much as with language; because, secondly, that extreme moderation and caution in words is not only a high virtue Christian, but also the best way to a wise and happy peaceful life, both in society and especially in monastic life.

"If anyone does not sins in a word," St. The apostle Jacob, that man is made, he is able to curb the whole body. " Language is fire, as the same Saint calls it. Apostle, - instantly flares up, and before you have time to recover, it scorches someone, either reproachfully, or slander or condemnation and insult. Language - uncontrollable evil: that we bless God the Father, and the same cursed man. From the same mouth comes a blessing and an oath. But the word of God thunders at those: "For every word of the idle, even if the people will rehearse, they will give a word about it on the Day of Judgment. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away, "says the Lord.

Keep your tongue at a time when you are greatly upset by the upset, and you will prevent a quarrel, perhaps cruel and dangerous, quench the enmity, perhaps, long-term and never-ending.

Accustomed to idle talk, will the desire to pray pray? Where will the good word of prayer come from when his tongue is accustomed to pouring out empty and idle words? Keep your tongue when neither time nor place allows you to entertain, for example, in the temple of God, and you will not find, at least before others, your extreme frivolity and unreason, protect yourself from the grave sin of insulting the Shrine and the greatness of God, and you will not bring a fatal temptation to the soul of a brother or sister.

So, is a man ever seen the days of good in his life? "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips, do not say flattery." And first and foremost, raise your mind to God and lift up your heart to Him: may He guard your hearing from empty and soulful conversations, May he guard your soul from the dreams and thoughts of the wicked, May your heart keep in the fear of God, let your mind ripen your sins and not condemn your brother or your sister, but keep your language from every word of the idle, the people will be rewarded with the word on the Day of Judgment.

"God, keep my mouth and the fence door about my lips!"

So, with care for this virtue, one must still have the awesome fear of God, that is, have a constant extreme fear, so as not to offend the greatness of God, either mentally or in word, and deed not to anger His goodness with us, and not to withdraw from Grace St. The Spirit in us who lives. And if we remove the Holy Spirit from ourselves, then we will necessarily fall into the hands of the enemy of our salvation, which draws us to the same place where he himself lives, that is, hell hell.

But may the Lord God deliver us all from such misfortune, which we should resort to Him for help in the work of salvation, remembering His words: "Yako without Mene can not do anything good and saving."


3 / 16 June 1935

Shiarhimandrite Kirik (Maksimov)
Russian Athos
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