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Why do we need a Petrov post?

Why do we need a Petrov post? Pastors' answers

7 2018 June LJ cover – Зачем нужен Петров пост?
Tags: Religion, Christianity

Petrov's post began. It's no secret that even some church people treat him with prejudice. And really, how to reconcile with a very long summer post, which falls on the season of holidays and vacations, when you especially want to go to the barbecue with your family, taste ice cream and other things?

The murmur testifies to our slickness

Priest Dimitry Shishkin:

"Humility is one of the most important commandments. Let's not forget this, speaking of Petrov as well. The church commanded us to fast now - and thank God! Moreover, this post is not heavy: fish are allowed on certain days, and vegetables are ripe, berries, fruits, all kinds of "green herbs" ... So with joy and reverence we will accept the call for fasting as a call to renew life, to the joy of transformation in Christ !! Then everything will become easier, then all other regulations and rules will be a kind and easy help in achieving the main goal - unity with God. And complaining, complaining and dreaming about "how it could be", it does not suit us, because all this testifies not to wanting to be with Christ, but about our dagger which is worthy of tears, not indulgence and pleasures. It's all about determination: we will cast aside doubt, we will accept obedience - and everything will become easy. Fasting is not a hindrance to true joy, but a good means of achieving it. May the Lord help us to know the sweetness of abstinence and the fruits of the Spirit that flow from it!

Priest Demetrius Shishkin
Priest Demetrius Shishkin

Petrov fasting is our unity with the apostles

Priest Valery Dukhanin:

- I remember that once I was also knocked down: "Oh, again this post Petrov. Again, infringement in food will have. " But then I saw that if you take a physical component, then in the summer around so many berries, vegetables and fruits that you eat - I do not want. And why then eat meat in the summer? Where do you need so much energy, if it is so warm?

I asked a lot about the life of my parents who came from a simple village. Earlier in the summer, in general, meat was rarely eaten, because there were no refrigerators, but meat was saved for winter. In the summer they worked a lot, but little meat. And now we want our life to be a solid supermarket: "take whatever you want," "eat whatever you want." How quickly our soul crashes! ..

In the Church, everything is arranged wisely. Divine services and prayers, fasts and holidays - everything is distributed so that it gives a uniform load, allows you to harmoniously enter into the spiritual life. For a long time without posts we can not.

In the summer we are careless. Petrov post reminds: "Do not relax, remember the spiritual"

Summer brings with it not only rest, but also the temptation of carelessness. I want to relax, to afford myself all kinds of comfort. If you stay in this state for a long time, then the temptation will take you by surprise. Therefore, for Orthodox Christians, Petrov's post is a certain signal: "Do not relax, remember the spiritual."

Petrov fast includes us in the number of apostles, disciples of Christ, who through prayer and fasting created the Church. The apostles fasted - we fast. Feel your unity with the disciples of the Lord - it's so cool! Petrov fasting is our unity with the apostles, who spent their whole life in abstinence and spiritual work. Refusing to fast, we are in some ways fenced off from the Church, we isolate ourselves in our foolish desire to eat and have fun.

Priest Valery Dukhanin
Priest Valery Dukhanin

If you have not learned to abstain, then you will never learn self-control. If you do not learn self-control, you will not be able to control yourself and build relationships with others. Everything is interconnected in the spiritual life. Without fasting, prayer will not be the same, and it is impossible to overcome temptations. Under the yoke of passion and incontinence you will feel one discontent, and no joy.

Petrov fast, of course, is not an obstacle to go on nature with his family. In the end, instead of shish kebab, you can cook on the grill and fish dishes. And is it food? Happiness is not in shish kebabs or in ice cream. Live communication, the joy of spending time together - that's what many lack. No fasting does not stop us from being with our loved ones. But the most important thing: when the soul is with God, then any earthly joy becomes even more joyful. Promote this, including posts.

Even physiologically, the Apostolic post is easier to bear

Priest Roman Savchuk:

Fasting is not an obstacle to rest, but the instrument of observing a reasonable measure in it

"Indeed, we, people closely connected with the world, sometimes find it difficult to combine the rhythm of church life with the external order of things. However, from the point of view of the external conditions, Petrov's post seems to me very appropriate. It's no secret that in summer we tend to relax and want to relax. In part this is a natural need of the human body. On the other hand, it is during this period that we should be especially careful that relaxation does not cross the permissible limit. "Resting" from prayer and worship is like resting from breathing and loving. In this sense, the Apostolic post, I think, should not be perceived as an obstacle to rest, but as an instrument by which a Christian can observe a reasonable measure in it.

Priest Roman Savchuk
Priest Roman Savchuk

Finally, Petrov's post is one of the most "justified" in our natural and climatic conditions. It is during this period that nature provides us with a significant variety of fruits, which is inaccessible to the Great and Christmas fasts. Therefore, even physiologically, the Apostolic Post is often easier to bear.

Yuri Puschaev
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