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Woman: created from a man's rib?

Woman: created from a man's rib?

July 2 2018 LJ cover – Женщина: сотворенная из ребра мужчины?
Tags: Religion, Christianity

"Explanatory dictionary" with Yuri Pushchaev

The widely held view that in the Bible God created a woman from the rib of Adam, is not entirely accurate. Rather, it is too narrow and does not cover all the possible meanings of this narrative. After all, if you look directly into the Hebrew original of the second chapter of Genesis, which deals with the creation of man, and then in its ancient Greek translation (the famous Septuagint dating back to the 3-2 centuries BC), one can see that this fragment can be read in different ways. The meaning of it is really voluminous and complex. So, in the Synodal translation of this passage of Scripture the following is said:

"And the Lord God caused a deep sleep on a man; and, when he fell asleep, took one of his ribs, and closed that place with flesh. And the Lord God made a wife from a rib taken from a man, a wife, and brought her to a man. And the man said, Behold, this is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she will be called a wife, for she is taken from her husband. Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife; and there will be one flesh "(Genesis, 2, 21-24).

In the Hebrew original, the word "rib" is the word "whole", which is translated into Russian not only as an edge, but also as a "face" and "side". The same thing is in the ancient Greek text. There is used the word ἡ πλευρά (pleura), which is also translated into Russian not only as an edge, but also as a side, side, edge or edge of something. In military vocabulary this word was used, for example, for the flank of the army.

Thus, we see that a woman is created from such a "rib" of a man that is a separate side of a human being, or even a half of it. Recall, by the way, that the Russian word "sex" is etymologically derived from the word "half".

It is also interesting that in the Greek text of this fragment it is said that God brought Adam not literally a deep sleep, and "ecstasy" is a way out of himself, ecstasy, ecstasy. After all, the Greek ἡ ἔκστᾰσις (ekstasis) means exactly this, literally - the output, state or being outside of oneself. And the passage can be read and so that Adam fell asleep after "this way out of himself."

It turns out that it was as a result of the out-of-the-way that a woman was created from before that single person. Thus the person in a state of ecstasy does not see, how there is a division of floors. Man and woman in this sense will forever remain a mystery to each other.

It is also noteworthy that a person himself determines that "this is bone from my bones and flesh from my flesh; she will be called a wife, for she is taken from her husband "(Gen. 2, 23). After all, Adam used to give names to all animals and birds before, as if he defined them by name as they should be. And in the next, third chapter of Genesis, he gives the name and "to his wife: Eve, for she became the mother of all living" (Gen. 3, 20).

In general, the theme of women in the church's understanding - an object, of course, exciting and truly inexhaustible, so much has been said about it. You can recommend here an interesting and detailed text of the deacon Andrei Kuraev "Man and Woman in the Book of Genesis."

Here, following our usual method in the "Explanatory Dictionary" (reliance on the meaning and etymology of the words themselves), we note two fundamentally important points. First, the fact that the Hebrew word "intact" and Greek ἡ πλευρά mean not only an edge, but also a side or a face, shows that a woman, a woman's nature, is one of the inalienable aspects of a human being. Contrary to the famous and not too elegant joke "a woman is a friend of a person", one can say that a woman is a friend of a subhuman. In the sense that only with it a man becomes a man, a man. On the other hand, the creation of a woman from a man speaks of their closeness and half-heartedness. It's like two separate halves, put opposite each other, to learn love.

Secondly, the meaning of this word and how the rib allows you to bring the female beginning with the heart, because the heart is located under the ribs, next to them. That is, the feminine part is the half that represents primarily the sensually emotional life of a person. In contrast to it, the masculine person personifies primarily the rationally-volitional side of the human being.

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