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FIFA asked to show less often the beautiful cheerleaders in the stands

FIFA asked to show less often the beautiful cheerleaders in the stands

July 12 2018 LJ cover – ФИФА попросила реже показывать красивых болельщиц на трибунах
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The head of the Sustainable Development Department of FIFA, Federico Addiţi, asked the television companies that broadcast football matches to pay less attention to the beautiful fans during the direct inclusions from the World Cup.

If before FIFA struggled mainly with manifestations of racism in the stadiums, now the organization said that they will eradicate sexism, since this is a more burning problem, and the beautiful cheerleaders on TV prevent it from being solved, writes Ridus.

Especially from sexism during football tournaments suffer journalists who find it difficult to work in the crowd of flushed men. In particular, the British newspaper The Independent reported about journalists from Brazil, who organized a whole campaign to combat sexual harassment from fans.

Addiaki called the position of the organization "normal evolution", reports

Recall, at the first match of the Russian national team, one of the most beautiful cheerleaders of the World Cup was recognized Natalia Nemchinova. Later the media mistakenly they recognized her as an actress for adult films.

Alina Nazarova
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