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Finnish journalist: "Russia has already won the World Cup, because it changed the minds of millions of foreigners"

Finnish journalist: "Russia has already won the World Cup, because it changed the minds of millions of foreigners"

20 2018 June LJ cover – Финский журналист: «Россия – уже победила на ЧМ, ведь изменила мнение о себе у миллионов иностранцев»
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"FM-2018 in Russia surpasses the most daring expectations!" - Finnish journalist Sebastian Buckman, who personally visited all the first games in our country, commented enthusiastically about his impressions from the mundialia. "I saw with my own eyes how 65 thousand people after the game in the stadium literally disappeared into the subway, without creating any traffic jams, problems, or confusion. Against this background, even the notorious German precision and punctuality is fading, the Russian World Cup is so well organized. "

New "stadiums", "good-natured" and "hospitable" smiles, "service", "convenience and comfort for every foreign fan" - so, according to the Finnish edition of HBL, the world championship taking place in Russia looks like.

"If the splashing sea of ​​joyful fans were now asked if their attitude to the Russians and their country had changed, they would have answered without hesitation:" Yes, for the better! ""

In the opinion of the author of the column, who watches the game from the heart of eleven "football" cities of the championship: "The mighty Russian machine was turning into full power!".

"Since coming to the East," says Buckman. "Absolutely everything in Russia goes without a hitch."

Like many other Western media in the last week, the Finnish press was in a difficult situation. Personally staying in the "terrible state", they were faced with the total collapse of Russophobic stereotypes, and therefore the journalist of HBL was forced to sum up this laconic result:

"Russia, contrary to expectations and external pressure, has demonstrated itself only from the best side. She managed to make it so that the fans and guests of the state can only relax and immerse themselves in the world of delightful football. "

"The mundial in Russia seems to be Putin's grand victory," finishes its review with the Finnish media. Foreigners "feel at home", according to the passport of the fan, "you can travel free of charge throughout the country" to leave the Russian Federation and go back does not need a visa, everything is inscribed in English, everywhere "English-speaking volunteers are ready to help," and cities and stadiums " is guarded by an entire army of professional law enforcement officers dressed in camouflage, and all this gives every fan a feeling of calm and confidence in this country. "

The tournament has just begun, but it is already possible to state the main thing - the organization of the World Championship in Russia exceeds all expectations, and it seems to be a grand victory for our country.

Ruslan Khubiev [RoSsi BaRBeRa]
Courteous Russia
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