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The foreigner frankly told us what the Germans need to learn from Russians

The foreigner frankly told us what the Germans need to learn from Russians

August 5 2018 LJ cover – Иностранец откровенно рассказал, чему немцам необходимо научиться у россиян
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A German journalist visited Russia many times and was shocked: he did not understand how in our country such a number of bearers of different cultures, religions and traditions could peacefully coexist, while Germany can not cope with the temporary influx of refugees.

A German citizen published a video on the platform Youtube, which recorded his impressions of the trip to Russia. Corresponding decoding of the editors of "PolitRussia" leads specifically for its readers.

"Many Russians believe in the power of nature. Maybe because Russian nature is so amazing. Natural religions say that Mount Elbrus has a special power. Siberian forests are the largest forests in the world. And these places always cause a longing for them. Lake Baikal is the largest, deepest lake in the world with fresh water. But I'm driving further east, to the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan is its capital. This is 700 kilometers from Moscow. People voted that this city on the Volga is the best for life in the whole of Russia. And so for the fourth consecutive time, and with a large margin from Moscow and St. Petersburg. It seems that there is a special clergy here. In the Kazan Kremlin there is a mosque next to the church. Peaceful existence of different religions sounds like a fairy tale. In Tatarstan, every second marriage is between a Christian and a Muslim. Where does this peaceful existence of religion come from? "The German journalist asks.

His question was answered in detail by the Mufti, the chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin.

"We have a correct understanding of faith. This remains from our ancestors. If an Orthodox person, then he has an icon on the wall, and a Muslim man has sat down, then he has a shamail on his wall. And we all understand - if there are problems, then they are the same for all of us. After all, if you turn off the light or water, we all have the same problem. Therefore, everyone realizes that we all live in the same common house, everyone has their own apartment, "the mufti said.

The Western press systematically accuses Russia of violating human rights. The last of the high-profile international scandals was the so-called "business of Skripal." According to the British officials, the Russian authorities allegedly poisoned a former employee of the GRU and his daughter with a chemical agent. However, London did not bother to back up all the allegations with a single proof. Moscow, in turn, denied involvement in the assassination attempt. British policy was supported by a number of European countries, including Germany, as well as the United States and Canada. However, the journey of a German journalist demonstrates the opposite view of Russian people and values.

"Kazan is the Islamic capital of Russia. But here too, more and more Orthodox churches are being built. The death of socialism also meant that there was no longer any state ideology. Many Russians have found a religion for themselves. Two out of three Russians now belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. Also for the priest Constantine, the peaceful existence of religion is very important. I met with him after the service and asked the question: Does not his growth worry about the number of Muslims, "the German says.

The priest's question was answered by Priest Konstantin Kolyganov, head of the regency department of the Kazan Orthodox Seminary.

"No, it does not bother me. Tatarstan has always been the center of traditional Islam, and this Islam preaches love. We observe the construction of mosques. There are a lot of them in Tatarstan. But we are happy for our Muslim brothers and sisters, that they have such great faith and connection with their religion. People here feel that they are all Russians. This is the Russian people, although every nation has its own cultural traditions, and everyone knows it. Therefore, we live well together, since we are all Russians, "Father Constantine summed up.

It's not for nothing that the Germans ask themselves how it can be that different cultures and religions can so closely exist together, because they really can not understand this. Although the Germans are very pleased to use the arguments of religion to explain why it is so difficult for them to get along with other people, in reality, religion does not matter. For example, today the Germans explain the inability to exist together with refugees precisely the mismatch of religions. But these are all excuses, the reason is in the Germans themselves, and not the Muslim religion. Migrants in Germany, when buying housing, try to buy an apartment with fewer Germans or none at all. Each migrant has his own culture, religion, mentality. And let him not lead the best friends in this house, but it will be easier to live there. Long ago, before the refugees, the Germans could not get along with others - neither with the Turks, nor with the Italians, nor with the Russian-speaking ones. And although several decades have passed, as the Berlin Wall fell, the Germans still do not consider the brothers from the former GDR to be real Germans. For them there are they, and then all other people. The author of the video simply could not imagine that there is a place where different cultures and religions can live peacefully with each other until they have visited Russia. He was deeply surprised that this is really a reality, when so many cultures, religions and nationalities can live so peacefully together. After his first trip, he tried to explain it to the Germans, but he could not. Their only argument is - well, of course, Russia is so big that you can simply avoid each other. But their argument is utter nonsense, because in the cities of Russia people in high-rise buildings, on the contrary, live much more closely with each other than in Germany. Yes, and it is very simple to compare all people only by their religion. For example, the Turks in Germany. With them at times it is better to work together and live in the same house than with any German. The Turks themselves are ashamed now for the refugees, who are now massively arriving in Europe and Germany. The author comes to the conclusion that Russia and Russians need to learn more about the Germans. Although something can be learned only when you begin to understand this.

Dana Kiseleva
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