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Will the West apologize for the slander of "Russian doping"

Will the West apologize for the slander of "Russian doping"

April 27 2018 LJ cover – Извинится ли Запад за клевету о «российском допинге»
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The main witness of accusations against Russia in using doping Grigory Rodchenkov refused some of his statements - and this in itself is a sensation and scandal. According to the myth of the "state support system" of doping in Russia, a colossal blow was struck. But what does this mean for the whole system of demonization of Russia, accepted today in the West?

On the website of the Sports Arbitration Court in Lausanne, the motivating part of the acquittal of this instance in the case of the Russian skier Alexander Legkov was published. Earlier, he was deprived of the gold medal won by him at the Games in Sochi in the ski marathon at 50 km - and in January at the meeting in Lausanne fully justified. And now it became clear why. And it turns out that the "Legkov case" is important not only for him personally, but for tens and hundreds of other Russian athletes, and for all Russian sports in general.

During the hearing of the Legkov case, the testimony of Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory and the chief informant of WADA, who left the US several years ago, was received. It was on the basis of his testimony that the most scandalous decisions of WADA and the IOC were made. In particular, the Russian team was not allowed to the Olympics-2018. And now it became known what he told and did not tell Rodchenkov in Lausanne in January this year.

At hearings in court Rodchenkov said that he never gave a doping cocktail of his development, codenamed "duchess" to Russian athletes and did not see that he was used, nor did he see that athletes or coaches received instructions on using a cocktail. These words directly contradict all that he claimed so far. When he was asked to name the exact composition of the "cocktail duuces," he said that he would need five minutes to explain - and eventually refrained from answering.

Also Rodchenkov said that he had never seen a Russian athlete give in specially prepared "clean" urine or that Russian athletes somehow manipulated their doping tests. Following Rodchenkov from his previous conclusions refused to Professor Richard McClaren - head of the independent commission WADA, the author of the report on the use of doping in the Russian team:

"In my report, I did not say that certain Russians participated in the doping scheme. Only said that they could participate. This does not mean that they violated the anti-doping rule. "

What can I say? What is the first confirmation that the doping scandal was simply part of the anti-Russian hysteria in which Rodchenkov deliberately lied, distorted and exaggerated? Well, yes - and so what? The fact that, undoubtedly, doping was used in Russian sports (as in all other great sports powers), the scale of its use and the uniqueness of Russia as a violating country were deliberately inflated, all sane people in our country understood this way.

And what changes the fact that Rodchenkov backs up - now that Russia has been rinsed and branded for several years when we were not allowed to enter the Olympics in Pyeongchang? Someone before us will apologize?

Of course not. Because it's not about doping. The point is in the general line for demonizing Russia, which the West has intensified since 2014.

Yes, we have not been left unattended before, but after the Crimea, the accusations have simply begun.

What is Russia's fault now? Allegedly in two chemical attacks - own in English Salisbury and troops of Assad in the suburbs of Damascus. Neither there nor there is no evidence. Moreover, according to the Syrian episode, there are already confirmations of the opposite, that is, that these organizations connected with the British special services played staged scenes with screams about "chemical attacks". But who cares? No one. Sanctions against Russia in connection with the Skripal case are taken, a blow to Syria is inflicted. Further, in a few years or months, let any evidence of Russia's innocence and involvement of the Western special services come to light - everything, the train left.

Because all these accusations arise against the background of the general demonization line of our country. For years, false accusations are built up, one piled on another - and behind this mountain of lies an ordinary western philistine should not see anything real. Remember? Putin blew up houses, tore up Chechnya, planted an outstanding businessman Khodorkovsky, killed Politkovskaya, took out billions to the West, strangled free speech, seized the Crimea, assists Assad to kill Muslims in Syria.

All this is a monstrous lie. But this is what the West has been talking about for years, accustoming to the idea that a bloody tyrant rules in barbarian Russia. And in recent years, the theater of the absurd has surpassed itself - Putin and Russia are now accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Western countries. It all began with the United States, where we allegedly influenced the election of Trump, and continued with Great Britain, where Russia played Braxit. And then some absolutely absurd "Russian tracks" were found all over Europe, and so that even there was nothing to show.

However, only those who do not know the history can be surprised at such groundless accusations. We are dealing with the repetition of what the West has said about Russia for centuries. In the XIX century, the tsars were accused both of despotism inside the country, of humiliating the freedom-loving Poles, and of interfering in the internal affairs of Europe. And even in the Soviet years, communist Moscow was even declared a felon of hell - after writing off all its internal contradictions to its "hand".

Indeed, indeed in the same Europe the whole of the twentieth century was a very serious struggle between the left and the right. And if the left, as a rule, focused on Moscow, then the right after 1945-go to Washington. However, no one accused the Americans of interfering in the internal affairs of the West. On the contrary, propaganda trumpeted about how these insidious Russians are undermining the countries of democracies from within.

At the beginning of the 90, when the USSR fell, many secrets were revealed. In particular, that the Americans staged terrorist attacks, dumping them on ultra-left organizations, for example, the "Red Brigades". And that, when a couple of decades later the truth about the Operation Gladio surfaced (within the framework of which the Western special services operated), did this somehow affect the perception by the same Europeans of their history during the Cold War period? What, now they know that the United States, not the USSR, was engaged in terror? No, we are still convinced of the opposite - after all, this is taught in schools and Hollywood films are being shot about it.

Lies about Russia are piled up in the West for centuries. It is not about the authorities, let alone the peoples, that are the forces that guide the ideological and geopolitical agenda in the West and for which Russia is an unacceptable, dangerous and harmful structure. Due to its lack of control, power and ambition, our country will always interfere with those who want to rule the world - and therefore they will fight with us by all available means. Deterring and surrounding, isolating and demonizing. Regardless of what system and ruler we will have. Ivan the Terrible, Nicholas II, Stalin, Brezhnev, Putin - all of them were portrayed as a threat. The West as a whole or its individual peoples, human rights and peace throughout the world.

Why? Because the Russians in the West view are not exactly people.

It seems strange to us, but the dehumanization of us in the same USA has become so profound that the famous words from the song that "the Russians also love their children," were told by Sting in 1985 for a reason.

Can we make the West stop demonizing us? Can we demand from the West at least to be honest with us - not to slander, not to invent frank lies, not to give out white for black? Of course not. For them we are strangers, and strangers are not a sin and deceive, especially since "everyone knows how dangerous and unprincipled these Russians are".

But this does not mean that in return we must learn from the West cynicism and double standards - because in this case we will cease to be Russia and ourselves. We can only one thing - not to be in the relationship with the West once again credulous idiots, that is, get rid of the complex of sycophancy and imitation. And call everything by their names - liars are liars, and enemies are enemies.

Peter Akopov
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