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"Oh, these Russians ..." - foreigners about the flight of the first Greek to "space" on the Russian Mig-29

"Oh, these Russians ..." - foreigners about the flight of the first Greek to "space" on the Russian Mig-29

August 4 2018
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For those who have forgotten the school curriculum on geography, we recall that the stratosphere is a layer in the atmosphere starting with 11 kilometers and ending at 50. In the West, this height for commercial reasons is called "lower space", and in Russia, simply - "pre-cosmos". And it was in him, or rather in the lower part of it, that the hero of our material was to visit, the Greek - Gregory Alexatos. In this case, according to the very "air traveler" after him, he became "the first Greek to conquer the cosmos".

Previously, Gregor, for a long time was looking for opportunities to fulfill his dream, but not a single NATO aircraft gave it to him, but the Russian company Mig - quite.

Its subsidiary structure "migflights" was just engaged in organizing such flights, and the Greek immediately agreed.

The flight of the daredevil was supposed to take place at an altitude of 18-19 kilometers, but it turned out that in the course of this Gregor still had a few to go through ...

In particular, before taking off at an airfield near Nizhny Novgorod, Aleksatos needed serious training and examinations, and then, being on the spot of the co-pilot, to become a "punching ball." The fact is that a professional Russian pilot holding the wheel of the domestic MiG, did not immediately complete his flight, but to "consolidate the obtained effect" thoroughly bashed his fond of a foreigner. Immediately after entering the "lower space", he dropped to 2000 meters and performed a whole series of different aerobatics - this is a barrel, and bends, and turns, and a knife, and a bell and others ... And only then - raced over a runway in 10 meters, Mig-29 triumphantly sat on the concrete.

In a word, his 2017 year, the Greek Alexatos remembered for a long time ...

But all these are words, and for the process itself in its best frames you can watch right here:

Translation of comments:

- "Russian combat aircraft, as always the best ??"

- "I do not cease to be surprised by MiG-29 ... It was created in 1977 year and at the same time, even being far from new, even giving way to a bit of modern western models, I always always work excellently! And this incidentally applies to all combat Russian equipment! Their planes, tanks and other weapons can overcome any operational difficulties and obstacles, and they will never let you down! And what about our countries? NATO countries like to boast of their technique and its glamorous appearance, but damn it, as soon as it comes to business, for some reason we ourselves buy weapons from Russians! Russian tanks for US forces in Iraq, Russian helicopters for the needs of America in Afghanistan and so on ... Yes, we even fly to the ISS, on their engines !! Here you have the real balance of power and parity ... When you need to show technique at exhibitions and in the cinema - we are the best, as soon as it comes to business, the queue lines up behind the arms of Moscow "
Gokhan Saglam

- "Mig-29 is one of the most reliable aircraft in the world!" I have always adored flying equipment from Russia! But this flight ... My God ... Gregor is just fine ... I would like to decide on this ... "
George Mavrides

"Russian military equipment is always on top. But most of all I am impressed by Russian people. I literally goose bumps on how much the first pilot of the plane was calm. It feels like it's an ordinary day for him - he's so confident and relaxed! Surely his wife will also meet her husband at home with ordinary words: "dear, but where were you today?" And he will just as calmly answer: "Oh, nothing special, just flew to the stratosphere ..."
Oh God, oh, those Russians ... "
Bradley S

Ruslan Khubiev [RoSsi BaRBeRa]
Courteous Russia
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