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Putin introduced a new mechanism of influence on officials

Putin introduced a new mechanism of influence on officials

7 2018 June LJ cover – Путин ввел новый механизм влияния на чиновников
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For almost 300 minutes of a direct line Vladimir Putin answered a lot of various questions - from everyday to conceptual. But for the first time in the course of the line, the form has become almost more important than the content - because the new format for its implementation marked an important mechanism for reforming the management class.

On 16 straight line Vladimir Putin came not alone - in the videoconference format, all the highest nomenclature of executive power took part in it. There were vice-premiers and ministers, governors and heads of state corporations. Before the conversation began, we were briefly shown monitors with a few dozen "windows" - with on-duty governors and ministers.

All the years of the direct line continued complains that, here, the president manages the country in a manual mode, solves the problems of the regional, and even the local level. It was not just fair reproaches - because one of the main senses of its conduct was precisely the training of managers of different levels to communicate with the people, reaction to claims and claims. Ministers and governors were to see how to talk with people. Search for solutions, take responsibility or find those who do, explain the reasons for decisions already made or the impossibility of implementing what is being offered.

This Putin has been engaged in almost two decades - not on air, but in the life of the country's leader. But also on the air of the "Direct Line", too.

And now he decided to combine the two formats - his meetings with ministers and governors and answers to questions in a straight line. It turned out more than instructive and interesting.

Why did this happen just now? Because an important stage in the renewal of the elite has come to an end - it is still far from what the people and Putin would like, but it is fully capable of responding to what has been said and done. The renewal of the governor's and management corps has been going on for the last few years - and even now there are not enough even those who were governors in the zero years.

At the same time it is clear that for both experienced and novice such a format of communication is unaccustomed. It's one thing to report to the president at meetings or to communicate with him one-on-one, and quite another - to answer questions live on the whole country. Putin is able to publicly explain his position. But ordinary officials, even high-ranking officials, often do not easily - or they just do not know how. But the requirement to listen to people, talk with them, intelligently respond to their claims all these years was one of the main points that the Kremlin gave all levels of nomenclature.

And now, with the appearance of a new format for a straight line, the risk of showing its incompetence or, worse yet, detachment from the people has grown many times - after all, talking with people will be in the eyes of the president and with his participation. And Putin has a very good sense of falsehood - and most of all does not like being lied to. And when they lie in public ...

Therefore, it is no accident that from the very beginning of the line Putin several times said about the need to increase the personal responsibility of officials. He, in fact, appealed not to the television audience, but to those who were at the conference call with his "stake" in the Gostinnyi series:

"It is necessary to personify responsibility. Personal responsibility should be absolute - we do not have time for swinging. "

And this is a double responsibility - to people and to the president. Yes, people elect the governor - but remove him from office, in case of loss of confidence, the head of state. However, in order to earn Putin's trust, the head of the region should not obsequiously assent to him, not to promise to fulfill everything - but to really work with people. And to respect them, to see in each little person a particular individual. Therefore, Putin, always stressed politely in talking with people, so jarred the word "her" from the ustom governor, who promised to meet with the mother of three children, asking about the allocation of free land to many children. "Not" her ", but with Natalia Alekseyevna," the president corrected him.

At the same time, Putin does not play populism - he does not want demonstrative flaws, he does not go about calling for a global purge. In general, the bureaucracy does not demonize - because of the experience of working with it, it knows that it is already becoming different. Yes, slower than everyone would like, but it becomes.

Therefore, he refuses the populist demand for repression -

"We should not resort to extreme measures that were in the 30 and 50-s. We need to liberate people so that they maximize their creative potential. Only free people can do this. We are able to do this. But we must concentrate on our site. I know, there are many problems. Their solution is difficult. But we will do this if we are together. "

At the same time, Putin does not minimize the challenges facing the country - comparing the situation with the same 30, he stressed that although there is no direct threat of war, but there is a threat to the very existence of Russia:

"Security seems to be secured, and for the long term. We have huge territories, trained people, there are resources. But if we lag behind in technological development, we will not provide the pace of economic growth, the introduction of new technologies, if we can not connect the country with new roads, if we do not develop infrastructure, if we do not pay attention to education and health care, then we can fall behind irrevocably. This will challenge our sovereignty. "

Leading the country into a breakthrough, Putin will, relying on the people - and the management class that he forms.

All-Russian selector conference, a fly with the president and the people - whatever name remains from the current direct line, it is clear that we saw a new tool for managing the nomenclature. Moreover - a new tool for governing the country. Such "tripartite" meetings are now sure to become a tradition - they can even be held more often than once a year, for example, by making thematic (education, housing) or regional (within the federal districts). Instead of a regular meeting on the development of the Far East or unemployment problems in the North Caucasus, it will be possible to hold a direct line with President Putin on these topics. The personal responsibility of officials after that will grow very noticeably - as well as the speed of solving many problems.

Peter Akopov
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