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Russians celebrate the Day of Russia

Russians celebrate the Day of Russia

12 2018 June LJ cover – Россияне отмечают День России
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Russians on Tuesday celebrate one of the country's youngest public holidays - Russia Day, which traditionally hosts festive events throughout the country; Russians on this day are waiting for concerts, free tours and fireworks - from the Red Square will be distributed about 500 volleys.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin on this day will traditionally present state prizes to scientists and artists, as well as passports to schoolchildren who have become winners of the Olympics and competitions.

history of the holiday

The Day of Russia is one of the youngest public holidays in the Russian Federation. Its history dates back to 1990, when the first Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Russia. It proclaimed the primacy of the Russian Constitution and its laws.

After 2 year, the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation issued a decree on conferring the date of adoption of the Declaration of the status of a holiday (non-working) day, after 2 by the decree of the Russian president, this day was declared a state holiday of Russia. To call the day of adoption of the Declaration familiar today, the Day of Russia invited 12 June 1998 President Boris Yeltsin, referring to his compatriots on central television.

And yet the official name - Day of Russia - was fixed for the holiday only in 2002 year. Then came into force the new Labor Code of the country, in which new holidays and days off were prescribed. For the first time, the festivities timed to coincide with the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration took place on Red Square in 2003.

What is celebrated on the Day of Russia

The Day of Russia is a holiday of freedom and independence of our Motherland, national unity and common responsibility for the present and future of the country.

On this day in all Russian cities there are mass actions, patriotic flash mobs, concerts, regattas, cycling, motocross and other events.

Also on the Day of Russia in the Kremlin, the president of the country traditionally presents state awards.

In addition, 12 June in many cities of Russia is celebrated a local holiday - City Day, which is timed to the Day of Russia.

Salute on the Day of Russia

In the evening 12 June traditional festive salutes and bright fireworks are traditionally arranged in Russian cities. 2018 is not an exception. For example, in St. Petersburg, the festive fireworks will be held June 12 in the water area of ​​the Neva from the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Start at 23 hours.

In Moscow, fireworks will be launched from many sites, but an hour earlier - in 22: 00. By the way, 13 June in the capital will also be a festive fireworks display on Red Square - in honor of the opening of the World Cup.

Happy Holidays!

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