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What is prepared by Donald Trump

What is prepared by Donald Trump

July 10 2018 LJ cover – Что готовит Дональд Трамп
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When from the rotating screws of the presidential helicopter the captain fled from the honor guard, Donald Trump picked it up and put it on his head.

Thierry Meissan analyzes Donald Trump's actions aimed at abandoning US imperial policy based on what historical events he takes as an example (the constitutional compromise of 1789, the examples of Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon) and how his policies are perceived by his supporters. But the president does not intend to copy the past, his task is to stop serving the interests of the transnational ruling class and develop the national economy.

This article is a continuation of the article by Thierry Meissan "Comment se positionne Donald Trump? "(How Donald Trump positions himself), Voltaire Network, 19 May 2018


In 1916. During World War I, Lenin in his book "Imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism" gave an analysis of the causes that led to the collision of empires. In his work he expressed the following idea: "Imperialism is capitalism at the stage of development when monopoly power and financial capital prevailed, the export of capital became of great importance, the division of the world between international trusts began and the division of all the land between the largest capitalist countries ended."

The facts confirmed the logic of concentration of capital described by Lenin. In one century, it led to the creation of a new empire - America (not to be confused with the American continent). As a result of mergers and acquisitions, several multinational companies emerged that gave birth to the global ruling class, which every year gathers for get-togethers in Davos (Switzerland). These people do not serve the interests of the American people, and they are not necessarily American citizens, their goal is only to maximize their profits, using the US federal government as a tool.

Donald Trump was elected president for his promise to restore in the country what preceded capitalism - the "American dream" based on free competition. However, based on the statements of Lenin, such a return is impossible, however, the new president chose this way.

The imperialist essence of the capitalist system is expressed by the doctrine of the Pentagon, formulated by Admiral Arthur Tsebrowski: henceforth the world is divided into two parts. On the one hand, these are developed and stable countries, and on the other, countries that have not yet been embraced by imperial globalization and, therefore, doomed to unrest. Since 2001, they are constantly destroying the "Big Middle East", and today they are going to do the same in the Caribbean.

It should be noted that the Pentagon perceives the world on the basis of the concepts of such anti-imperialist thinkers as Immanuel Wallerstein, Giovanni Arrighi or Samir Amin.

Trying to find a solution

Thus, Donald Trump's goal is to invest transnational capital in the US economy, while the Pentagon and the CIA are forced to work for national defense. To this end, it must withdraw from international trade agreements and dissolve intergovernmental organizations that uphold the old order.

Terminate international trade agreements

In the early days of his mandate, President Trump announced the US refusal to participate in the agreement on a trans-Pacific partnership, which had not yet been signed. This agreement was part of the strategic plan for China's isolation.

For lack of opportunity to withdraw the signature under such agreements as the North American Free Trade Agreement, he began to dissolve them by introducing various customs duties that violated the spirit of the agreements, but not their letter.

Reorganize or dissolve intergovernmental structures

We have repeatedly mentioned that the UN is no longer a forum for peace, this organization is just an instrument of American imperialism, which is opposed only by a few states. This was in the days of the USSR, when the policy of "empty chair" was conducted, and it revived again after August 2012

President Trump directly opposed the two main imperialist instruments of the United Nations: peacekeeping operations (they were replaced by observation missions originally provided for by the Charter) and the Human Rights Council (whose only task is to justify the humanitarian wars of NATO). The first he deprived of financing, and in the second the US stopped participating. However, he lost the election of the head of the international organization for refugees, thus leaving a free field for international human trafficking. Thus, he does not intend to destroy the UN at all, but wants to rebuild it so that it fulfills its original function.

Recently he torpedoed G7. This summit, originally conceived as an exchange of views, since 1994 has become an instrument of imperial domination. In 2014, it also became an anti-Russian tool if we take into account the Anglo-Saxon strategy known as "localize the fire," that is, to avoid a world war by expanding the empire to the borders with Russia and isolating it. At the summit in Charleroi, he tried to show the confused allies that he was not their ruler, and that they themselves should worry about themselves.

Finally, after trying to use France to undermine the European Union, he turned to Italy, where he sent Steve Bennon to create an anti-system government with the help of American banks. Rome united with five other capitals against Brussels.

Invest in the real economy

With the help of taxes and customs duties, which are difficult to conduct through Congress and which are most often set by decrees, President Trump forces large companies to return their factories to the country. This is what determines the economic growth, and this is the only thing that the press recognizes to him as a credit.

However, it is too early to establish a victory over financial capital. The latter continues to flourish outside the United States, pumping out national wealth all over the world.

Rebuild the Pentagon and the CIA

Of course, this is the most difficult task. In the elections for President Trump, military, but not the highest officers and generals, gave their votes.

Donald Trump entered politics immediately after the events of 11 September 2011. He opposed the official version of these events. Official statements have always amazed him. While Presidents Bush jr. and Obama reiterated their desire to end jihadism, in fact, during their mandates, there was a sharp increase in jihadism and its spread around the world, and it came even to the establishment of an independent Islamic state on the territory of Iraq and Syria.

That's why, after assuming office, President Trump surrounded himself with officers who enjoyed authority in their armies. For him it was the only choice and to prevent a coup d'etat, and to implement the reform that he had planned. Then he gave the military carte blanche in everything that concerns tactical operations "on the ground." Finally, he does not miss the opportunity to confirm his support for the armed forces and intelligence services.

Having deprived the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of the CIA of their seats in the National Security Council, he ordered them to end support for jihadists. Gradually, Al Qaeda and the DAES began to lose their positions. Today, this policy finds its continuation in the south of Syria, where the US has stopped supporting the jihadists. The latter are no longer created by private armies, but only by separate groups used to conduct point-based terrorist attacks.

Acting in the same vein, he made it clear that he would refuse to dissolve NATO, if the latter, in addition to the struggle against Russia, would agree to adopt an antiterrorist function. And now he states that NATO does not have eternal privileges, as it was demonstrated with the issuance of a special visa to the former secretary general. But the most important thing is that he begins to undercut her anti-Russian orientation. He is negotiating the termination of Alliance military exercises in Eastern Europe. In addition, he issues administrative acts that testify to the refusal of the Allies to invest in collective defense. Thus, he intends to undermine NATO when it considers it possible.

But this moment will come when, at the same time as the degradation of international relations, Asia (North Korea), the Greater Middle East (Palestine and Iran) and Europe (EU) will finally see.


  • President Trump is not at all as "unpredictable" as he is considered. On the contrary, it acts deliberately and logically.
  • Donald Trump is going to carry out a restructuring in international relations. However, such changes are contrary to the interests of the international ruling elite, and therefore can be implemented immediately and completely.
Thierry Meyssan
Voltaire Network
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