Today: 26 September 2018
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There is a razdering of the West, or "MORE SANCTIONS, GOOD AND DIFFERENT"

There is a razdering of the West, or "MORE SANCTIONS, GOOD AND DIFFERENT"

August 11 2018
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The World Championship on sanctions continues: the winner is the one who will impose the most. The US State Department declares: "Sanctions will affect 70 percent of Russia's economies and 40 percent of its workforce"

According to the recent Secretary of State of All America, a chevalier of the Order of Friendship of Peoples, comprehensive sanctions are aimed at improving relations with Russia. Apotheosis of friendship, apparently, will be a full-scale war.

The European Union, however, does not lag behind. Trumpu recently threatened that if US sanctions against Russia harmed European companies, the EU would impose sanctions against Russia, which would damage American companies.

From Moscow everything seems to be no less vivid and exciting. The main topics of news releases of the central mass media:

1) Why sanctions will not bring Russia harm, but will only benefit?

2) How to survive the sanctions ?!

Sanctions for the "elite" of the Russian Federation - a bottomless bowl of all kinds of charming in its immediacy, charming decisions:

For example - feeding food products to cattle is a great idea! I imagine a scene: a collective farmer is sitting, chewing a loaf, and watching as pigs weave from the trough a mixed fodder from salami with mozzarella filled with Beaujolais and Merlot ...

After the last decisions in the US, domestic officials - a new brainstorming attack - are feverishly searching for what they should not import from the US. As luck would have it all: iPhones, villas, airplanes, yachts ...

Russian business and sanctions are another soap opera. They say that because of the sanctions, Potanin has lost more than 2-x billion dollars? If I say "poor thing", will you believe in my sincerity?

In fact, if the West really wanted to scare the Russian self-styled elite, it was enough for him to threaten the most terrible anti-Russian sanction: transfer money from the Western accounts of the oligarchs to Russian accounts of pensioners. Here, at the same time, all-elite panic and nation-wide glee would begin .... But the tasks of the West are different, they have no relations to Russia.

In the countries of the "golden billion", the anti-Russian exer- cises have become tools for solving internal problems. Attempts by Russia to draw attention to themselves, cause "our Western partners" a genuine irritation: "Do not bother! Not before you now! Do not you see, serious boys understand ... "

Keep it up, "serious boys!" You will find a lot of interesting things!

My opinion, which does not change with 2014 - nobody so tirelessly, around the clock and persistently does not work on the re-industrialization of the Russian Federation, as "our Western partners", no one more than they are fighting for the elimination of Russia's disproportionate dependence on the euro market. That is, sanctions are a very necessary and timely kick for the turn of Russia in the right direction.

The collapse of the USSR and the Russophobia of the suburbs created the prerequisites for such a reversal, and we must honestly admit that if there had not been this disintegration and if this Russophobia had not existed - Russia would still be carrying the affiliated non-fraternal nongovernmental parasites that, like all parasites, will never love their sacrifice, for it is for them a fodder, and what respect can there be for the feed?

Moreover, the Nebriens themselves, who had broken into embraces to the Anglo-Saxons, found themselves in an unfamiliar role for food. Do the food from the non-Anglo-Saxons filigree-colonial experience will not drink. The feed now prides itself on being a feed and even agrees to pay for getting on the dinner table to the owners. In the Baltic States, for example, the export of slaves to the metropolis is ideally organized at the expense of the servants themselves. The Baltic non-elite in their loyalty was surpassed by Negroes, who were exported from their historical homeland by force, and at the expense of the slaveholder.

With Russia, as always, everything went not according to plan. The pit, excavated "for Russians by our Western partners," Russia has adapted to the trench and now, in response to the tolerant euro-proposal to reconsider, impudently offers to re-tell. This behavior discourages.

Attempts to "tear to shreds" or at least to crock lead is not the place where it was planned. Any restriction and any problem initiated by the West forces the unwieldy Russian bureaucracy to raise their ass and solve the problem through internal reserves and available local resources.

In a word, "our Western partners" and nebriyya, in a single burst of cursing the USSR and rejoicing at its collapse, cursing Russia and dreaming of its collapse, themselves unwillingly, give Russia a civilizational chance. Even two chances! To get rid of spongers - Russophobes and at the same time - to get rid of euro-oriented export-import

Both tasks are quite worthy, having solved at least one, our generation will not be ashamed to retire, if it still exists. Well, if it works out. It would be necessary, that it turned out.

While it goes on tight. Like the grandfather of Lenin - "Step forward, two steps back!" .... The sin of friendship with the Anglo-Saxons hangs with weights on their feet and pulls back in 90. Nobody thought about the fact that the words: the west, the trap and the west - are the same roots? Those who did not think, can not understand the paradox, why Russia has never lived as badly as during the time of friendship with the Anglo-Saxons. Friendship with the Anglo-Saxons is the most terrible sanction.

The sin of friendship with the devils .. that is, sorry, with "our Western partners" has to be redeemed, and not only by prayer. He called the Anglo-Saxons friends - get a minus one to karma and minus a trillion in the bins of the Motherland. Now we are practicing the whole world ... Penance is imposed for spiritual purification, sanctions - for material.

Although in fact - nothing has changed. Prohibited goods from Europe have to be bought directly from the manufacturer in China, Belarusian marimans are surprised by the fertility of Belarusian oysters and lobsters, and Rostov tractors beat world records to save diesel during the sowing campaign. 40 varieties of sausages and 60 varieties of beer are present. Well, that money is not enough ... In the USSR, they also did not have enough ...

And in these conditions, "our Western partners" have strange illusions about the imminent coming instead of Putin and his team, the new pliable Russian elites who will pay and repent around the clock. Why such optimism is decidedly incomprehensible.

I have to communicate fairly tightly with a new generation of citizens of the Russian Federation, which through 10 - 15 years will take the helm in their hands. So there are very few Koli-s-Urengoy boys among them. Far more than those who do not value Western values ​​in value, they do not intend to negotiate with anyone from "our Western partners".

I even aggravate, the most fighting part of the Russian youth is not so good about looking at the fat burghers as "guests from the East" and wondering whether they should follow in their footsteps whether to offer a quiet life to the West without any "caliber" surprises for the return of that miserable trillion, which was pumped out of Russia during the reign of the liberals? Why does it seem to me that they will succeed.

Sergei Vasiliev
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