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Knight's move: "Russia once again left the USA at the broken trough"

Knight's move: "Russia once again left the USA at the broken trough"

3 2018 June LJ cover – Ход конем: «Россия вновь оставила США у разбитого корыта»
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Chinese media on three types of the latest Russian weapons, demonstrated in one week.

In March 2018, the historical speech of Vladimir Putin so stunned the Western world that up to the present day no one could have imagined that this was only the beginning ... On that day (1 March), the head of state not only managed to put in place the arrogant West, but also showed to the whole world, that even such strategically important information can really be hidden from the special services of "collective America".

In order to fully appreciate the stupor of our geopolitical partners, and why they all these months stubbornly could not believe in the reality of what is happening, it is necessary to remember that it was the military secrets of other states that have always been the object of close attention.

In this regard, to realize the fact that the West with a devastating account lost not only the battle of innovative weapons, but also an area in which, after the collapse of the USSR, it ruled almost undividedly, it was for him akin to punishment. And to assume that after a couple of months, Russia will deal another blow, especially beyond their capabilities.

However, just the other day, the analytical Chinese edition of "Haigzhian" in an editorial article stated: "Moscow is invisible to all, once again left Washington at the broken trough. The new weapons of Russia once again shocked the Western world. "

"Let's go through the facts," the Chinese press suggests. "Only in the last seven days did Russia manage to demonstrate three samples of the latest deadly weapons at once. In particular, it conducted a trial launch of a unique ground-to-air missile of the S-500 complex. To understand the breakthrough, let's say the following - the target was hit at a distance of 480 kilometers! In the United States, they immediately stated that the range of these missiles is "the largest in the history of such complexes," and their power "surpasses all known missiles of the same class."

But the main blow "under the breath," according to Chinese experts is not even this, but that Russia, as a country that adopted hypersonic weapons, was the first to demonstrate the means for its destruction. In other words, Russia has literally demeaned the US military, who not so long ago declared that they are defenseless against hypersonic weapons, have no analogues of such missiles, and for many years will not be able to create full-fledged means of protection.

And suddenly this: after testing the complex, the Russian side goes out to the public and says that the S-500 missiles can intercept drones, military aircraft and, attention, hypersonic missiles.

In addition, "by the end of this year, Russia will commission 14 new intercontinental ballistic missile systems" Yars "," adds the media. "They are able to carry from eight to ten divisible warheads (from 15 to 25 tons each), with a maximum range of up to 11 thousand kilometers. But more importantly, the missile is equipped with the latest means of bypassing air defense systems, which allow "Yars" to reach any point of the globe. "

Also, at the end of last month, there was another seemingly insignificant event. However, in fact - it was also a strategic and technological breakthrough:

"22 May, with the Russian nuclear submarine" Yuri Dolgoruky "for 20 seconds, four missiles of the" Bulava "series, with a range of 9100 kilometers, were fired with one salvo. To understand this event, "- write the Chinese media, - experts from the US conducted scrupulous calculations and the conclusion was disappointing - the power of this volley was equivalent to 160 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. And all this in the aggregate means that the Russian army is not only ready, but also capable of inflicting a blow from the sea, destroying all the key areas of the north-eastern American coast. "

Many events in the modern world pass by ordinary people. And this is not surprising, because countries have their own language of communication. However, if you translate the words of Russia, told her in 2018 year, the US, then they will sound like this: "Whoever comes to us with the sword will come, that count, no longer exists."

Hubiev Ruslan
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