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Israel and sanctions: the political conflict between Eurostad and Russia is not his way

Israel and sanctions: the political conflict between Eurostad and Russia is not his way

July 9 2018 LJ cover – Израиль и санкции: политический конфликт «евростада» с Россией не его путь
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The Israeli leadership intends to continue to adhere to political neutrality and not enter the Ukrainian conflict. The international community, according to politicians in Tel Aviv, was in vain engulfed in the "Slavic family quarrel", imagining that freedom was confronted with despotism. Kiev and Moscow themselves will understand.

In fact, Israel chooses Finland's tactics during the Cold War, advocating the preservation of neutrality. He does not plan any sanctions against Russia, as well as support the Western's sanctions policy.

Europeans and Americans think that they have the right to tell Crimeans how to live, but they made a mistake. The referendum on the peninsula showed that its residents choose to return to their historical homeland, rather than pseudo-integration with a neo-Nazi tinge. Washington announced a "sanctions campaign" against Russia, expecting that Israel would join it as well as "Eurostad", but again made a mistake.

The Israeli leadership does not want to conflict with Russia. This was the case in 2008, when the stalled Georgian leadership had to be put in place, for whose fault Russian peacekeepers and civilians in South Ossetia were killed, and in our days, when Tel Aviv refused to expel Russian diplomats on London's far-fetched charges (" The Case of the Violins "). The neutrality of Israel in the conflict between Russia and the West is also due to the fact that relations with Russia have strengthened recently.

Yes, and do not believe in Tel-Aviv Kiev's policy is thought-out and "clean", in order to condemn Russia. In addition, they understand that Europe's fear of it has historically evolved. It does not matter which regime in the country, which ruler it manages, what views it holds. Strong Russia inspires Eurostad with the fear that it exists and can give an adequate response to any attempts to test its defense capability for durability and the ability to defend itself.

Vladimir Putin with the West to fight, the more to seize it, does not plan. His goal is to restore the greatness of his country, its authority. Make it stronger economically and politically so that Russians live better. All the rest - Western myths, cultivated by cowardly Russophobes.

The Israeli leadership of stupidity has never differed, and therefore does not want to spoil relations with Russia from scratch. Moreover, the Ukrainian conflict is a consequence of the West's project of neocolonization of the Nezalezhnaya.

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