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The staff policy of the White House is terrifying

The staff policy of the White House is terrifying

August 14 2018 LJ cover – Кадровая политика Белого дома внушает ужас
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In the US administration, another scandal with dirty underwear and vile details. A former employee of the White House, named Omarosa, releases a book with memories of her work at Trump, but makes a mistake - is put under criminal prosecution. The horror, however, is not this - it is that such people in general can get to work in the White House.

Юристы администрации США изучают возможность принятия уголовных и запретительных мер в отношении бывшей сотрудницы Белого дома Омаросы Маниголт-Ньюман, которая тайно записывала на диктофон свои разговоры с президентом США Дональдом Трампом и его помощниками. На записи, которую Маниголт-Ньюман передала телеканалу NBC, слышно, как она и глава аппарата Белого дома Джон Келли обсуждают ее увольнение.

According to the former employee of the Trump administration, the conversation was recorded in the so-called White House situation room, which is protected from external listening and where secret reconnaissance is conducted. To make any recording equipment in this room is prohibited, emphasize the lawyers of the White House.

Комментируя ситуацию, пресс-секретарь президента Сара Сандерс подчеркнула, что Маниголт-Ньюман проявила «откровенное пренебрежение к американской национальной безопасности», а ее хвастовство своим поступком по телевидению лишь подтверждает отсутствие характера и добропорядочности. Лично Трамп назвал Маниголт-Ньюман «жалким человеком». А сама она в своей книге припечатала президента еще обиднее – «расист», страдающий от «психической болезни».

It seems that there are all signs of censorship, violations of freedom of speech and information turnover. It is obvious that the black lady was fired, and now she is seeking justice by the methods available to her. But this is a deceptive impression. The question to which we are to answer is how such people generally fall into the highest state positions in the US and how this threatens humanity.

Omarosa They are Manigolt-Newman - a woman of severe destiny. She was born and raised in Ohio in a dysfunctional area and in the appropriate family. Her father Thomas Manigolt Sr. (another version of the reading of the name - Mongo, it's about the descendants of the francophone part of Louisiana, and the heroine of this story always demanded to call herself on television simply Omarosa - for brevity) was killed in disassembly when the girl was only seven years old . Her older brother, Thomas Manigolt, Jr., was shot under similar circumstances in 2011. These circumstances should have forever closed Omarace's way into the situation room of the president of any country in the world, but in the United States there are other orders and other approaches to the personnel policy in the sphere of security. There, a black, piercing teledive, self-created ambiguous career, trained journalism at Rayen's school and studied the Bible at the Paine Seminary, everywhere the road is open. She's a self-made woman - the embodiment of a Negro and at the same time feminist dream.

In 1990-ies, Omarosa actively pursued a political career, working in the office of Vice President Al Gore. What did people think in the Trump administration, recruiting an ex-employee not even Clinton, namely Gore, who at times surpassed his boss in all aspects of liberalism? Even Omarosa's former employer, Mary Margaret Overbee, who was in charge of public relations at the peak of Gore's struggle against "global warming", publicly stated that it was her "main personnel mistake" and "worst employment for her whole life."

After Omaros was kicked out of the White House for the first time, she took part in NBC's "Candidate" TV show (another possible translation of the title is "The Beginner", The Apprentice), which Donald Trump not only sponsored, but also periodically led, for which he deserved the star on Boulevard in Hollywood. Over the past month, this star was repeatedly defeated by anti-Tramp activists, but Protmatskie responded with several new ones. As for the show itself, it is a typical entertainment for TNT and STS channels: participants eat each other (American TV has a special term for such shows - dog-eat-dog) in order to achieve a prestigious and highly paid vacancy, at the same time drowning competitors. On Russian television there are direct analogues - the franchise of this product.

Omarosa consistently won several franchises, moving from one to another until she got to the All-stars Celebrity Apprentice, which was also personally led by Trump (this is something like a major league for the participants of "House-2"). Along the way she appeared in Celebrity Big Brother, that is, in the analogue "Behind the Glass", where she became famous due to exceptional bitchiness. In addition, Omarosu repeatedly accused used the so-called n-word, «word-on-the letter 'n' is-impossible-to say," that is, nigger.

And in July 2016, at the congress of the Republican Party of Omaros, was led by the African-American Movement in Support of Donald Trump, and after the victory of the patron in the election, he became one of his assistants in public relations (there are a dozen of them, and each is highly specialized). Once again, a girl who f ** cking nigger through the word, is responsible for "public relations". It was supposed that she would deal with African-American problems - the hard fate of the inhabitants of the ghetto, even in the fifth generation of those who, in the main, were engaged in banditry and in the Internet. But at the first public event in the almost native New Orleans at the meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists (this is the official name) provoked a scandal. Omaros was invited "on the profile" - to the section where the problems of families, who lost their relatives and friends in gang warfare, were discussed. But she refused to answer questions about her family and began to talk about the political views of President Trump, causing screaming, scuffling and almost shooting.

A couple more illustrative details. On official papers on the White House letterhead addressed to various Negro public organizations, she somehow subscribed as "Honorable Omarosa Manigolt," although she does not have a Protestant clerical dignity. In addition, she still claims to be "the only African-American woman in the White House."

In general, it's like Olga Buzova appointed as an assistant to the president on youth issues.

What did the president's security department expect from a girl who brought several participants of the show "Behind the Glass" to a nervous breakdown with the beating of these same glasses? Obviously, she will definitely write down her conversation about the conditions of her dismissal and will definitely arrange a pod at the end.

Самый неоднозначный эпизод в жизни Омаросы связан с трагической смертью ее жениха – действительно выдающего киноактера Майкла Кларка Данкана, номинированного на «Оскар» за роль в культовой «Зеленой миле» по Стивену Кингу. Этот человек огромного роста (195 см) и чудовищной физической силы ушел в шоу-бизнес после убийства в 1997 году Ноториуса Би-Ай-Джи, начальником охраны которого был и чудом при этом выжил. И вот этот гигант падает от сердечного приступа в возрасте 55 лет в собственной спальне на супружеской кровати.

Omarosa, according to her confession, rose to the bedroom after Duncan, suddenly realized that he was breathing intermittently, and began to make him resuscitation, that is, to press on the chest. And when, for reasons of blatant inconsistency of weight categories, it did not work, she began to "pray to God like she had never done before" instead of calling 911. In the end, she still called there, but after two months in a coma, Michael Duncan died. Subsequently, La Toya Jackson (Michael Jackson's sister) at one of the TV show sessions directly accused Omarosa of the murder, or at least in facilitating the death of her fiancé.

In April 2017, Omarosa married a radical Protestant pastor from Florida, John Allen Newman. He is a registered Democrat and political activist, worked in the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson in the distant 1980-ies, and Nat Glover - the first black sheriff in the history of Florida. Despite such a background, the ceremony was held first at the Trump Hotel in Washington, and then smoothly moved directly to the White House, where the table was laid for 39 persons. The happy bride began to post tweets, and then the security service first harbored evil, because the Tweets Omarosa went against not only the notions of ethics (which you are in the FIG of the fighter for the rights of the inhabitants of the ghetto, when you wear a dress for 70 thousand dollars, and the banquet is on in the presidential residence?), but also with the rules of national security.

Order a wedding table in the residence of the US president - it sounds simply wild.

When in December 2017-th Omaros was still fired from the White House, it was rumored that the Secret Service had avenged her for everything she had suffered from the telly. However, representatives of the most Secret Service denied that used physical force, accompanying Omarosu (it's kind of like scratching and cursing all the same f *** cking nigger'ami) outside the presidential residence. And the conflict with the use of the press began because of Omarosa's statements that she resigned herself, and was not fired for being unfit for work. To prove this position, she gave the well-known TV presenter Chuck Todd recordings of talks with John Kelly about the terms of surrender.

In such a situation, I want to sincerely support the leadership of the White House in its desire to punish Omaros. Although, of course, they are fools themselves, since they recruit characters of this kind, and then expect loyalty from them and observe the rules of decency, not to mention the norms of national security.

В стране, в которой персонаж из шоу «За стеклом» становится советником президента, может произойти все, что угодно. Это не «социальный лифт» для «бедняжки из гетто», это глупость в угоду толерантности и погоне за рейтингами. Дело даже не в том, что девушка из гетто навсегда останется девушкой из гетто, а в том, что предел конкретной Омаросы – это «Дом-2», только в настолько же скандальной среде ей может быть комфортно. Теперь даже благодетель Трамп, который вытащил Омаросу под софиты и втащил во власть, для нее «расист». Она про него теперь отвратительные гадости рассказывает.

At the same time, there are few claims to the Secret Service itself. They had no right to search the presidential aide at the entrance to the situation room. There is a "regime of full trust" - if you are in a team, then you are by definition your and expect from you this kind of podlyankov no one will. There is a question precisely to the personnel system that Omaros, a character so caricatured, made on the political Olympus, that it is even difficult to imagine him - the viewer will say "do not believe".

Возможно, эта история окончательно убедит Трампа и его ближайшее окружение в том, что потакать рейтингам и политической корректности – себе же вредить. Омароса уже написала скандальную книгу о своей работе в Белом доме (если это можно назвать работой) и наверняка будет капитализировать этот факт своей биографии во славу баптистского сообщества Флорида и Демократической партии США. Тут уже не важно – в ситуационной комнате она что-то записывала или в коридоре, событие уже свершилось. Незачем обезвреживать бомбу, которая уже взорвалась. А вот начать рассуждать в духе классических кадровых критериев пока еще не слишком поздно, иначе ведь и до человеческих жертв дело может дойти.

Eugene Kroutikov
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